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Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Sale: 21

Medals & Tokens
Franklin Mint & Related

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 184
Cat No: x800

image The Wizard of Oz 50th Anniversary, complete set of (12) silver rounds held in wooden display, showing characters and scenes from the movie; each round is 2 oz. .999 fine silver; only 1,000 of these sets were produced in 1988-89 by the Liberty Mint (Image)

Est. $800-900 L

Opening US$ 575.00
Sold...US$ 575.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:54:29 EST
Sold For 575

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 185
Cat No: x7500

image Scarce complete set of The Danbury Mint "United States Silver Ingots," one per state, issued 1972-73, each 2500 grain sterling silver ingot measures 2x1x0.5" kept in nice wooden display case; 50 ingots w/ abt 241 ounces ASW; not often offered as the complete set (original papers not included), found online with retail price of over $12,000! VF (Image)

Est. $7,500-9,000 OVERSIZE

Opening US$ 6,100.00
Sold...US$ 6,100.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:54:59 EST
Sold For 6100


Sale No: 21
Lot No: 177
Cat No: GAR Service Medal

image GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) veteran's gold service medallion (.209 ozt of 14k or 18k gold.) The inscription reads: "Presented to Comrade John Miller by Post No. 17 G.A.R. for 12 years gratuitous service as Quartermaster of The Post." Probably awarded about 1900 for service to a post with members comprised of Civil War veterans. We have not ascertained the fineness of the gold, but the medal likely contains between .123 ozt and .159 ozt of pure gold. The historical significance adds a marked premium. (Image)

Est. $200-250 B

Opening US$ 200.00
Sold...US$ 200.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:50:10 EST
Sold For 200

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 178
Cat No: x200

image Group (7) bronze medals produced by the U.S. Mint; all are 3" except for the 2 1/4" John Paul Jones; incl Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln - Indian Peace medal, FDR and JFK Inaugural; ea in original packaging (Image)

Est. $200-300 B

Opening US$ 155.00
Sold...US$ 155.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:50:32 EST
Sold For 155


Sale No: 21
Lot No: 179
Cat No: x80

image (109) various tokens in 2x2s, incl tax, coin club, stores & corporations, patriotic, transport, Masonic, more; also a boxed set by Fleetwood w/ (39) covers w/ medals for all presidents up to Reagan; (Image)

Est. $80-100 L

Opening US$ 68.00
Sold...US$ 68.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:50:46 EST
Sold For 68

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 180
Cat No: Collection

Small accum of various tokens, incl presidents and US history, space, US States, Franklin Mint, 500th anniv Columbus "Caravel Collection," US Mint pewter set of America's First Medals, more

Est. $140-160 B

Opening US$ 66.00
Sold...US$ 66.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:51:10 EST
Sold For 66

Tokens & Medals

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 181
Cat No: x90

image Abt (100) items, mostly tokens & medals, with a few Canada Unc sets and flattened souvenir pennies; noted replica anicent and modern coins, Hilo dollar, 1994 Alaska Mint coins, Israel medals, good luck, badges, telephone tokens, more (Image)

Est. $90-110 B

Opening US$ 96.00
Sold...US$ 96.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:52:08 EST
Sold For 96

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 182
Cat No: Collection

image Selection (60) medals & tokens, variety of types incl Medallic Art "National Safety Council" and Indiana state seal & GR Clark; National Philatelic & Numismatic Expo Copernicana 500 (Canada); 1966 Horticulture from Normandy; Diamond Jubilee ANA, Chicago Fire centennial, Lindbergh/TWA (1974), race track token; also some lucky charms, Masonic, political, anniversaries & Americana, etc; interesting group (Image)

Est. $120-140 L

Opening US$ 74.00
Sold...US$ 74.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:52:39 EST
Sold For 74

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 183
Cat No: Collection

image Accumulation of medals and tokens, both in original boxes/packaging or in 2x2s filling a red box; large amount are related to American Revolution and history, or presidents; incl US Mint pewter set of first medals, medals from Franklin, Danbury or Medallic Arts w/ presidents, Bicentennial events and the like, others related to states (MN, CO), also some older transport tokens, a small German 1817 silver medal for 3rd Reformation Festival in Frankfurt, Jimmy Carter inaugural, official US Mint Bicentennial medal in silver, a few medals w/ ribbons, more; good selection w/ no duplication (Image)

Est. $350-450 B

Opening US$ 310.00
Sold...US$ 310.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:54:01 EST
Sold For 310

Transportation Tokens

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 186
Cat No: x500

image Binder of (405) transport tokens in 2x2s, IDed by city & state; from cities large & small across the land, from Honolulu to Sheboygan to Rome (NY) to San Juan (PR) to Fairbanks to Logan (UT) to Memphis to Des Moines; a large number from New York and New Jersey; also a few other types of tokens and a couple of foreign; great variety, gen F-VF (Image)

Est. $500-600 L

Opening US$ 310.00
Sold...US$ 310.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 17:55:34 EST
Sold For 310

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