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Corinphila Auctions AG Sale: 265

Brit. Colonies
Sale No: 265
Lot No: 417
image 1834 (Aug 21): Entire three page letter in German language, written by the missionary Zacharias Glitsch of the Moravian Church in the settlement of Hoffenthal, today Hopedale in Labrador to his brother Johann Caspar Glitsch in Sarepta at the Volga, Russia. Sent from Labrador with a commercial ship to Germany and further through forwarder to Herrnhut, Saxonia where it was despatched at the post office and transported via Berlin and St. Petersburg. The entire was struck on obverse with a framed "HERRNHUTH 20 Dec 34" despatch cds (thus four months after the letter was written), reverse with light "BERLIN 23 DEC." transit datestamp and framed "POLUTSHENO 1834 DEK. 18 VECHER" (received on Dec 18, 1834 in the evening) transit datestamp of St. Petersburg (Dobin 4.01). The entire shows a plethora of debit markings and the addressee had to pay finally '363' (kopek) noted on reverse.rnNote: The sender Zachrias Glitsch came to Labrador in 1822 and served churches in Hopedale, Nain, Okak, and Hebron during his 25-year tenure in Labrador, he died in 1857 in Herrnhut. In this letter he describes, that he is now for 11 months in Hoffenthal and he describes the unpleasant and even dangerous journey with an eskimo boat coming down from Okak (partial transcription included). Hopedale was founded as an Inuit settlement named Agvituk, Inuit for "place of the whales". In 1782, Moravian missionaries from Germany arrived in the area to convert the population. They renamed the settlement Hopedale (Hoffenthal in German) shortly afterward. (Image 1) (Image 2) (Image 3) (Image)

Opening CHF 1,500.00
Sold...CHF 3,000.00

Closed..Jun-08-2021, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 3000

Sale No: 265
Lot No: 418
image 1922 (Dec): 25 c. Booklet with blank on green covers, containing Admiral 2 c. green in two panes of six (Gi 247ab) complete, English text, some wear but very rare Gi = £ 600.rn (Image 1) (Image 2) (Image)

Opening CHF 220.00
Sold...CHF 340.00

Closed..Jun-08-2021, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 340

Sale No: 265
Lot No: 419
image 1929 (Jan 6): 72 c. Booklet with plain manila covers, with three panes of six 1 c. yellow-orange (Gi 275a), two panes of six 2 c. green (Gi 276a) and one pane of six 5 c. violet (Gi 279a), fresh and fine but for crack on back cover; nevertheless very rare and seldom seen Gi = £ 400. (Image 1) (Image 2) (Image)

Opening CHF 180.00
Sold...CHF 320.00

Closed..Jun-08-2021, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 320
Sale No: 265
Lot No: 4017
image 1844 (Dec 12): Entire letter from Quebec to Ellsworth, Maine, USA endorsed 'via Boston', struck with fine "♚ / PAID / AT / QUEBEC L.C." in red with double arc "Quebec / L.C." cds adjacent and prepaid 1/1d. The "Paid" deleted upon arrival and the cover charged '8c.' due in purple ink Gi = £ 160. (Image 1) (Image 2) (Image)

Opening CHF 100.00
Sold...CHF 200.00

Closed..Jun-08-2021, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 200

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