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Germany and German Colonies
   Alliance Berlin\Bund/berlin (8)
   Allied Occupation Special Feature\All.-bes.-besond (1)
   Allied Occupation\All.-bes (2)
   Allied Occupation\Alliierte Besetzung (4)
   American And British Area\Bizone (31)
   American/british Zone Compulsory Surtax Stamps\Biz (1)
   Army Postal Service\Feldpost (7)
   Baden (2)
   Bavaria\Bayern (4)
   Berlin (20)
   Berlin Se-tenants Horizontal\Berlin-zusammendrucke (2)
   Berlin Wholesale Goods\Berlin-engrosware (1)
   Bremen (1)
   Democratic Republic\Ddr (30)
   Dt. Local Issue Apolda\Dt.lokalausgaben Apolda (1)
   Dt. Local Issue Fredersdorf\Dt.lokalausgaben Frede (1)
   Dt. Local Issue Niesky\Dt.lokalausgaben Niesky (2)
   Dt. Local Issue Wasungen\Dt.lokalausgaben Wasungen (2)
   Empire\Deutsches Reich (39)
   Federal Republic Of Germany Se-tenants Horizontal\ (1)
   Federal Republic Of Germany Se-tenants Vertical\Bu (4)
   Federal Republic Of Germany Stamp Booklet Panes\Bu (8)
   Federal Republic Of Germany\Bund (22)
   Federal Republik Of Germany Stamp Booklets\Bund-ma (1)
   Field / Island Post\Feld/inselpost (3)
   French Zone Baden\Frz.zone Baden (4)
   French Zone General Issues\Frz.zone-allgemeine Aus (2)
   French Zone Rhineland-palatinate\Frz.zone Rheinl.- (1)
   French Zone Wuerttemberg\Frz.zone Württemberg (4)
   French Zone\Französische Zone (4)
   Gdansk Special Feature\Danzig-besonderheiten (1)
   Gdansk\Danzig (4)
   German Colonies Cameroon Forerunner\Dt.kol.kamerun (1)
   German Colonies Cameroon\Dt.kol.kamerun (1)
   German Colonies German East Africa War Mails\Dt.ko (1)
   German Colonies German East Africa\Dt.kol.deutsch- (1)
   German Colonies German Southwest Africa\Dt.kol.deu (3)
   German Colonies Karolinen\Dt.kol.karolinen (2)
   German Colonies Kiautschou\Dt.kol.kiautschou (3)
   German Colonies Marshall Islands\Dt.kol.marshall-i (3)
   German Colonies The Mariana Islands\Dt.kol.mariane (4)
   German Colonies Togo British. Occupation\Dt.kol.to (2)
   German Colonies Togo Stamp\Dt.kol.togo-stempel (1)
   German Demokratic Republik (east Germany) Postal S (1)
   German Demokratic Republik (east Germany) Service (2)
   German Demokratic Republik (east Germany) Special (1)
   German Demokratic Republik (east Germany) Wholesal (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Alexanderstadt\Dt.bes.ii (3)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Dunkirk\Dt.bes.ii.wk.dün (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Generalgouvernement Loca (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Generalgouvernement\Dt.b (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Ghetto Post Lodz\Dt.bes. (2)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Lithuania / Local Issue (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Ostrava\Dt.bes.ii.wk.mäh (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Pernau\Dt.bes.ii.wk.pern (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Pleskau\Dt.bes.ii.wk.ple (2)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Salonici\Dt.bes.ii.wk.sa (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Sudeten Territory Karlov (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Sudeten Territory Libere (1)
   German Occupation Ii. Ww. Zara\Dt.bes.ii.wk.zara (1)
   German Plebiscite Area Allenstein\Dt.abstimmungsge (1)
   German Post In China Petschili Provisional Arrange (1)
   German Post In Morocco\Dt.post In Marokko (3)
   German Post In New Guinea British. Occupation\Dt.p (1)
   German Post In New Guinea\Dt.post In Neuguinea (2)
   German Post Offices In China\Dt.post In China (3)
   German Post Offices In The Turkish Empire\Dt.post (2)
   German Reich Airmail 1912\Dt.reich-flugpost 1912 (1)
   German Reich Germania Advertisement Se-tenants\Dt. (1)
   German Reich Se-tenants Horizontal\Dt.reich-zusamm (2)
   German Reich Special Feature\Dt.reich-besonderheit (1)
   German Reich Stamp Booklet Panes\Dt.reich-heftchen (3)
   German Reich Stamp Booklet\Dt.reich-markenheftchen (2)
   German Reich Wholesale Goods\Dt.reich-engrosware (1)
   German Reich\Dt.reich (47)
   Hanover\Hannover (1)
   Local Post\Stadtpost (1)
   Locals & Carriers\Lokalausgaben (1)
   Lübeck (1)
   Oldenburg (1)
   Propaganda Forgeries Ww I\Kriegspost,propagandafäl (1)
   Propaganda Forgeries Ww Ii\Kriegspost,propagandafä (4)
   Prussia\Preussen (1)
   Saar (22)
   Saxony\Sachsen (1)
   Ship´s Mail\Schiffspost (2)
   Soviet Zone Postal Stationery\Sbz-ganzsachen (2)
   Soviet Zone Special Feature\Sbz-besonderheiten (7)
   Soviet Zone\S B Z (34)
   Soviet Zone\Sbz (31)
   Wuerttemberg\Württemberg (4)
   Zeppelin Mail (by Sieger)\Zeppelinpost (n.sieger) (2)

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