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Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Sale: 19

Foreign Currency

Sale No: 19
Lot No: 301
Cat No: Collection

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image Accum abt (100+) from stamp collection estate, interesting group of German Notgeld (about half the lot), Greece, German East Africa 1r 1916, South Russia 10,000r, Bahamas 1968 $1 crisp (Krause #27a $95), German Inflation, Canada $5 spendable, one from old China, more; well worn to Unc (Image)

Est. $125-175 SE

Opening US$ 370.00
Sold...US$ 420.00

Closed..Oct-14-2021, 19:00:04 EST
Sold For 420

Sale No: 19
Lot No: 302
Cat No: Collection

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image Small estate balance from a stamp & ephemera accumulator, incl (60+) paper currency incl several large size pre-1949 China, several US fractionals, German inflation, Canada shinplaster, AMG script Germany, more; baggie of mostly modern small change from GB, Italy, France and others; small group store and transport tokens, more (Image)

Est. $130-150 B

Opening US$ 170.00
Sold...US$ 170.00

Closed..Oct-14-2021, 19:00:36 EST
Sold For 170

Sale No: 19
Lot No: 303
Cat No: Collection

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image Selection (80) foreign notes, incl better Saudi 1976-77 1r, 10r, 50r, 100r (Krause CV $281) crisp but 50r w/ ink marks; Russian Civil War era, Mexico, Germany, Europe, set of Russian fraudster Mavrodi's MMM ponzi scheme notes; Notgeld incl rounds, more; some faulty, others moderately circulated to crisp (Image)

Est. $150-200 LE

Opening US$ 105.00
Sold...US$ 105.00

Closed..Oct-14-2021, 19:00:48 EST
Sold For 105

Sale No: 19
Lot No: 304
Cat No: Collection

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image Couple (100) notes accumulated over the months, incl AMG & military scrip, general worldwide, Japan used in China, post-WWII Germany, Russia, Hungary, couple Notgeld, several fantasy notes (training sample, Disney), worn shinplaster, France, GB 1984 £10 (#379c), Germany 20m Krause #185 XF, more; worn to crisp, good selection (Image)

Est. $150-250 B

Opening US$ 140.00
Sold...US$ 140.00

Closed..Oct-14-2021, 19:01:03 EST
Sold For 140

Sale No: 19
Lot No: 305
Cat No: x800

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image Interesting assortment several (100) WW notes, gathered by merchant marine during the 1930s-50s; most of the notes are worn but a good number still VF+ w/ a few Unc; some unusual places besides the regulars; noted France AMG 100fr Unc, US Military $1 note XF Series 481, Ukraine 55, Hong Kong 324b, Austria 1806 5g G, Indo-China 45a, Martinique 5A, Straits Settlements 6b, 8b, more; also Greece, Russian Civil War era (Krause #22, 39A, 81-83, 155, 201), Italy, Japanese Occupations incl high face values, German Inflation and some Notgeld, Austria incl Notgeld, Algeria, Lebanon, AMG (France, Germany, Italy, Austria), Trieste, Morocco, Bohemia & Moravia, British Military, Ceylon, North Korea, Mexican Revolution era, bond coupons (Russia, Greece), more; lots of interesting locals, provisionals and wartime material, with the conditions to match (many are worn); as gathered by a merchant marine, expect faults to VF+ (Image)

Est. $800-1,000 B

Opening US$ 725.00
Sold...US$ 725.00

Closed..Oct-14-2021, 19:01:46 EST
Sold For 725

Sale No: 19
Lot No: 306
Cat No: x1000

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image Probably around (3000) WW banknotes, some sorted by country but most not; spot checked and noted (100s) of 1930s-40s China as well as Japan, Japanese military in China, Jap. Occup of various countries, South Korea; also Western & Eastern Europe, Latin America, much WWI era Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, US & British military currency, more; of note Bahamas 1953 4/ VF (Kr #13a $90) and 1968 $1 crisp; Canada $1 "Devil's Face" circulated; some colonial; largest bundles of Jap Occup of Philippines and early 20th Cent Germany; a few damaged, most circulated with many crisp sprinkled throughout; a valuable lot for sure (Image)

Est. $1,000-1,500 L

Opening US$ 750.00
Sold...US$ 750.00

Closed..Oct-14-2021, 19:02:11 EST
Sold For 750

Numismatic Supplies

Sale No: 19
Lot No: 307
Cat No: Collection

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image Selection empty coin folders, appear new or like new: light brown Harco Coinmaster binders for Silver Eagles (w/ pages), General Currency and Mercury Dimes (no pages); dark blue Whitman Classic for Liberty Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes (2) and Franklin Half; dark brown Dansco World Coin Library folders for Mercury Dimes, Washington Quarters 1932-1998, United States Mint Sets and Peace Dollars (6) (Image)

Est. $80-100 L

Opening US$ 44.00
Sold...US$ 44.00

Closed..Oct-14-2021, 19:02:38 EST
Sold For 44

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