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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. Sale: 1209

United States
Revenues: First Issue Imperforate Multiples

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1518
Symbol: BL
Cat No: R1a

image 1c Express, Imperforate (R1a). Block of four, large to ample margins, neat Mar. 11, 1863 manuscript cancels, small corner crease at top right, still Very Fine, ex Joyce (Image)

$ 700.00

Openings not Provided

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:22:49 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1519
Symbol: BL
Cat No: R5a

image 2c Bank Check, Blue, Imperforate (R5a). Block of 17, 4 x 4 format with extra stamp at bottom left, rich color, cancelled by multiple strikes of Manhattan Life Insurance Co. Aug. 27, 1863 circular datestamp without manuscript cancels, reinforced crease between top two and bottom two rows is in large part broken but does not affect the designs and the block is still intact, Very Fine appearance, the Curtis census records only three larger multiples but each is either rejoined or repaired, ex Cunliffe, Scott Retail as four blocks of four (Image)

$ 760.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 150.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:23:36 EST
Sold For 150

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1520
Symbol: BL
Cat No: R9a

image 2c Express, Blue, Imperforate (R9a). Block of twelve, Positions 51/95, large to huge margins, neat 1864 manuscript cancels, Extremely Fine, Scott Retail as two pairs and two blocks of four (Image)

$ 420.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 325.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:24:07 EST
Sold For 325

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1521
Symbol: BL
Cat No: R24a

image 5c Certificate, Imperforate (R24a). Block of 12, large margins, Feb. 14, 1863 manuscript cancels, few light creases, Very Fine appearance, this is the largest recorded multiple, one other block of twelve is recorded but it is reconstructed, ex Cunliffe and Curtis, Scott Retail as blocks of four and pairs (Image)

$ 570.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 250.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:24:28 EST
Sold For 250

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1522
Symbol: BL
Cat No: R25a

image 5c Express, Imperforate (R25a). Block of 72, huge margins to just in at top including significant portion of adjoining stamps at right, each with neat manuscript cancel, bottom rows show additional 1865-dated cancels, radiant color, few faults including creases with minor splitting, few edge tears, still Very Fine, this is by far the largest recorded multiple, the next largest is a reconstructed block of 60, ex Weill Brothers Stock and Curtis, Scott Retail as blocks and pairs (Image)

$ 3,480.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 1,300.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:24:54 EST
Sold For 1300

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1523
Cat No: R32a

image 10c Bill of Lading, Imperforate (R32a). Horizontal and vertical strips of five, first with large margins to full, second with large margins to touched on a couple, rich colors, neat manuscript cancels, Fine to mostly Very Fine, Scott Retail as pairs and singles (Image)

$ 1,340.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 425.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:25:15 EST
Sold For 425

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1524
Cat No: R33a

image 10c Certificate, Imperforate (R33a). Vertical strip of four, ample margins to clear, pretty shade, unobtrusive manuscript cancels, light horizontal crease between pairs, overall Fine-Very Fine, ex Turner and Cunliffe (Image)

$ 1,700.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:25:55 EST
Sold For 600

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1525
Cat No: R43a

image 25 Bond, Imperforate (R43a). Strip of four made from rejoining the left strip of three and the right single, the rejoining occurs slightly into the right stamp, March 2, 1863 manuscript cancel, hole punch on left stamp and a few small faults, otherwise Fine, the largest recorded multiple, there also exist an intact block of four and a reconstructed block of four, Scott Retail as two pairs (Image)

$ 1,500.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 190.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:26:38 EST
Sold For 190

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1526
Cat No: R47a

image 25c Life Insurance, Imperforate (R47a). Horizontal strip of five, large to ample margins all around, bright color, light manuscript cancels, trivial crease at top and a faint vertical crease between second and third stamps that ends in a tiny tear, Very Fine appearance, this is the largest recorded multiple and the only multiple larger than four, ex Joyce and Cunliffe, Scott Retail as pairs and a single (Image)

$ 350.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 475.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:27:23 EST
Sold For 475

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1527
Symbol: BL
Cat No: R48a

image 25c Power of Attorney, Imperforate (R48a). Block of four with wide bottom sheet margin showing outline of plate, other sides ample to touched at top left, pastel color, 1863 manuscript cancels, Very Fine (Image)

$ 500.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 110.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:28:08 EST
Sold For 110
Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1528
Cat No: R50a

image 25c Warehouse Receipt, Imperforate (R50a). Horizontal strip of four, ample margins to clear at right, rich color, 1863 manuscript cancel, Very Fine, Scott Retail as two pairs (block of four catalogues $1,200.00) (Image)

$ 500.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 375.00

Closed..Oct-23-2019, 11:29:01 EST
Sold For 375

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