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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. Sale: 1209

United States
Essays, Proofs and Specimens: 1870 thru later Issu

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1045
Symbol: TC
Cat No: 156TC4

image 1c Black, Trial Color Proof on Card (156TC4). Bottom imprint block of 12, intense shade, Very Fine, Scott Retail as blocks of four without premium for the imprint (Image)

$ 195.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 250.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:12:39 EST
Sold For 250

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1046
Symbol: TC
Cat No: 156TC4-166TC4

image 1c-90c Continental Bank Note Co. Issue, Atlanta Trial Color Proofs on Card (156TC4-166TC4, 179TC4). Complete set of 12 denominations in all five colors, including the 5c (Scott 179TC4), all have large margins, brilliant colors


The Atlanta trial color plate proofs on card were prepared for display at the 1881 International Cotton Exposition in Atlanta. Only one sheet of 50 in each color was printed. The sheets were somehow acquired by James A. Petrie of Phillipsburg, New Jersey, at the close of the exposition (along with the 1869 invert card proof sheets). Petrie claimed that he rescued the proofs just before they were to be burned. They were cut up into one set of blocks of eight, two sets of blocks of four, pairs and singles. These are often offered either by denomination or in other smaller groupings. It is difficult to assemble the complete set. This Extremely Fine set is one of the choicest we have encountered (Image)

$ 3,195.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 3,250.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:13:21 EST
Sold For 3250

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1047
Symbol: TC
Cat No: 157TC1a

image 2c Deep Rose, Large Die Trial Color Proof on India (157TC1ah). 61 x 64mm on original card, exceptional depth of color, Very Fine, a rare large die trial color proof, we have not offered another example since we last sold this proof in 2003, ex Dr. Burrows and Liberman (Image)

$ 850.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 400.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:14:49 EST
Sold For 400

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1048
Symbol: P
Cat No: 158TC5-159TC5, 185P1

image 1873-79 Bank Note Issue Proofs. Blocks of four of Nos. 158TC5 and 159TC5 Atlanta Trial Color Proofs in black, large margins to close at left of 3c, Fine-Very Fine, only two blocks of four of each are reported, No. 185P1 Large Die Proof on 126 x 198mm card with full die sinkage, brilliant color, fresh and Very Fine, also an interesting group of six American Bank Note Company stock die proofs, each mounted on manila card, including Declaration of Independence, portraits of Washington (five, including one surrounded by seated liberty, another of Washington at Trenton going into battle on horseback), each with different die no., few small flaws, Fine-Very Fine group, some of which were used on obsolete banknotes (Image)

E. $ 400-500

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 225.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:15:22 EST
Sold For 225

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1049
Symbol: PBL
Cat No: 162P3

image 12c Blackish Violet, Plate Proof on India (162P3). Block of 24, large margins including sheet margin at left, mounted on card and so free of the flaws often found on this fragile paper, deep rich color, Very Fine and choice large multiple, ex Finkelburg, Scott Retail as six blocks of four (Image)

$ 1,350.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 375.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:15:58 EST
Sold For 375

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1050
Symbol: TC
Cat No: 163TC2

image 15c Webster, "Goodall" Small Die Trial Color Proof on India (163TC2). Complete set of five colors, approximately 29 x 33mm with the Dull Red slightly larger, deep rich colors, Very Fine, in 1879, President Albert G. Goodall of the American Bank Note Company, successor to the Continental Bank Note Company, ordered sets of small die proofs for display purposes, these originate from that order (Image)

$ 3,000.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 1,500.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:16:25 EST
Sold For 1500

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1051
Symbol: PBL
Cat No: 190P3

image 30c Full Black, Plate Proof on India (190P3). Bottom right "American Bank Note Company" Imprint, plate no. 405 and half arrow block of 14 on original card backing, large margins, small India paper faults along top edge, appears Very Fine, extremely rare with only four examples recorded by Essay-Proof specialist James E. Lee, the only way to identify that an India plate proof is from the American Bank Note Co. printing is if it is part of a plate block, this India paper proof is listed in Scott as a single and a block of four but is unpriced, the plate block of 14 is unlisted (though the equally rare 190P4 is priced at $4,500.00), with 1973 P.F. certificate as 165P3 (Image)

E. $ 750-1,000

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 750.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:17:18 EST
Sold For 750

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1052
Symbol: P
Cat No: 206P2/209P2

image 1c-10c 1881-83 Issues, Small Die Proofs on Wove (206P2, 208P2, 209P2). Each on original gray card backing from a Roosevelt presentation album, fresh and Very Fine, only approximately 85 sets were produced (Image)

$ 600.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 300.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:18:00 EST
Sold For 300

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1053
Symbol: P
Cat No: 209P2a

image 10c Brown, Panama-Pacific Small Die Proof on Wove (209P2a). Bright color, fresh and Very Fine, very rare as only 3-5 were printed, ex Finkelburg, with 2011 P.F. certificate (Image)

$ 2,500.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 1,700.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:18:44 EST
Sold For 1700

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1054
Symbol: TC
Cat No: 210TC4

image 2c Rose Lake, Trial Color Plate Proof on Card (210TC4). Block of four, brilliant color, Very Fine, Scott Retail as singles (Image)

$ 560.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 425.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:19:11 EST
Sold For 425
Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1055
Symbol: P
Cat No: 219P4-229P4

image 1c-90c 1890-93 Issue, Plate Proofs on Card (219P4-229P4). 12, including two shades of the 2c, counted here as 219DP4 and 220P4 but the former is a much lighter shade than the normal Lake, large margins throughout, fresh colors, Very Fine-Extremely Fine (Image)

$ 785.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:19:56 EST
Sold For 600

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