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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. Sale: 1209

United States
Essays, Proofs and Specimens: 1845 thru 1869 Issue

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1023
Symbol: E
Cat No: 114-E4a

image 3c Blue, Small Numeral Die Essay on India (114-E4a). Die sunk on 64 x 57mm card with full die sinkage, bright color, small rust spots near edge of die sinkage area are inconsequential, Very Fine and extremely rare in this color, this is the only example in Blue we have offered since keeping computerized records more than 25 years ago, ex Earl of Crawford (with his notes on back) and Finkelburg (Image)

$ 1,500.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 1,700.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 10:59:22 EST
Sold For 1700

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1024
Symbol: EBL
Cat No: 114-E6d

image 3c Green, Small Numeral, Plate Essay on Stamp Paper, Perforated 12, Grilled (114-E6d). Two multiples, first block of 12 with top National Bank Note Co. New York imprint, slightly disturbed original gum, some perf separations in selvage, Fine-Very Fine and rare with the imprint, second is a block of four, original gum, Fine-Very Fine, Scott Retail for singles with no premium for the imprint (Image)

$ 1,200.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:00:35 EST
Sold For 600

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1025
Symbol: EBL
Cat No: 121-E1s

image 30c Dull Red Violet, Burgoyne Plate Essay on Bond, Red Bands (121-E1s). Block of four, large margins all around, rich colors, fresh and Very Fine, an attractive multiple, ex Dr. Heimburger, Scott Retail as singles (Image)

$ 1,400.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 325.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:01:05 EST
Sold For 325

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1026
Symbol: P
Cat No: 114P1

image 3c Ultramarine, Large Die Proof on India (114P1). Die sunk on 63 x 58mm card with full die sinkage, National Bank Note. Co. imprint at bottom, deep rich color, Very Fine (Image)

$ 900.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 1,000.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:01:31 EST
Sold For 1000

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1027
Symbol: P
Cat No: 114P2a

image 3c Ultramarine, Panama-Pacific Small Die Proof on Wove (114P2a). 25 x 25mm, deep rich color, tiny translucency in top margin, typical light toning as normal with Panama-Pacific proofs, Extremely Fine and rare, it is generally accepted that 3-5 of each denomination were produced (Image)

$ 3,500.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 3,750.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:02:00 EST
Sold For 3750

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1028
Symbol: PBL
Cat No: 112P3-122P3

image 1c-90c 1869 Pictorial, Plate Proofs on India (112P3-122P3). Blocks of four, 15c Type II, all with large margins, excellent colors, a couple tiny flaws including 6c with light crease at top and 10c with tiny scuff, 15c small scissors-cut in top margin between proofs -- normal for these fragile India paper proofs and actually far better than usually encountered


1869 Pictorial plate proofs on India are particularly desirable as they were contemporary with the issue, rather than printed later (Image)

$ 3,830.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 1,800.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:02:42 EST
Sold For 1800

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1029
Symbol: P
Cat No: 112P4-122P4, 129P4

image 1c-90c 1869 Pictorial, Plate Proofs on Card (112P4-117P4, 120P4-122P4, 129P4). Complete set of ten values, 15c Type III, large margins throughout, bright colors, Very Fine-Extremely Fine set (Image)

$ 1,015.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 650.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:03:09 EST
Sold For 650

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1030
Symbol: P
Cat No: 112P4-122P4

image 1c-90c 1869 Pictorial, Plate Proofs on Card (112P4-117P4, 120P4-122P4, 129P4). Large margins, bright colors, Very Fine set, accompanied by original envelope in which these were given away (Image)

$ 1,015.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 800.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:03:57 EST
Sold For 800

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1031
Symbol: P
Cat No: 120aP4/129aP4

image 15c-90c 1869 Pictorial Inverts, Plate Proofs on Card (120aP4, 121aP4, 122aP4, 129aP4). Large margins, rich colors on bright cards


The card proof sheets of 100 of the four inverted high values of the 1869 Pictorial issue were prepared for and displayed at the Atlanta International Cotton Exposition in 1881. They were printed in response to the publicity surrounding the actual inverted stamps that began to appear in the 1870’s. The sheets were somehow acquired by James A. Petrie of Phillipsburg, New Jersey, at the close of the exposition. Petrie claimed that he rescued the inverts along with the trial color card proof sheets (the "Atlanta" trial color proofs) just before they were to be burned. For some years he tried to sell his find and in 1895 he began to advertise them in the philatelic press, finding no takers. In 1903 he sold them to James Ludovic Lindsay, the 26th Earl of Crawford, one of the great collectors of stamps, essays, proofs and philatelic literature at the turn of the 20th Century. In November 1915 the Earl of Crawford’s collection was purchased by John A. Klemann of the Nassau Stamp Company in New York. It was Klemann who eventually cut up the sheets. (Image)

$ 11,000.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 8,000.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:04:42 EST
Sold For 8000

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1032
Symbol: TC
Cat No: 123TC4-128TC4

image 1c-12c Black, 1869 Pictorial, Atlanta Trial Color Proofs on Card (123TC4-128TC4). Set of the single color proofs through the 12c in Black, large margins, Very Fine, Scott assigns a premium for Black above the other single colors (Image)

$ 1,050.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 425.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:05:47 EST
Sold For 425
Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1033
Symbol: TC
Cat No: 125TC4

image 3c Scarlet, Atlanta Trial Color Proof (125TC4). Large margins to in at bottom, radiant color, showing clear doubling of design at top, small scrape at top left, appears Very Fine, this is the only variety we have encountered on the Atlanta Trial Color Proofs and is one of only two we record (both with bottom margin in), it is unusual to find printing varieties as greater care was (supposedly) taken when striking proofs and essays, with 1991 P.F. certificate describing this as a partial double impression (Image)

$ 150.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 275.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 11:06:20 EST
Sold For 275

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