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Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Sale: 14

Large Cents

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 21
Cat No: G 1822(8)

image (8) Diff incl 1822, 1826, 1829, 1830, 1835, 1840, 1844, & 1845 grades VG to VF a few w/ lt. impairments but others quite nice. Needs inspection. (Image)

Est. $130-155 SE

Opening US$ 165.00
Sold...US$ 170.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:44:39 EST
Sold For 170

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 22
Cat No: x350

image Meghrig 2-ring binder w/ Large Cent pages 1823-57 w/ (40) diff, marked retail $1050, expect some worn and/or cleaned, avg circ to F-VF (Image)

Est. $350-450 B

Opening US$ 625.00
Sold...US$ 625.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:45:15 EST
Sold For 625

Indian Cents

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 23
Cat No: 1867

image 1867 XF Detail but the planchet is porous from mild corrosion. (Image)

Est. $70-90 SE

Opening US$ 66.00
Sold...US$ 54.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:45:34 EST
Sold For 54

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 24
Cat No: 1871

image 1871 AU. This coin has a burnt-orange color which likely resulted from being dipped or lightly cleaned long ago. But it is still very attractive with full detail and would fit nicely in a high grade set. The 1871 issue is just as difficult to find in high grade as the more-heralded 1872, so this may be an opportunity for the Indian Cent enthusiast. Be sure to inspect this one. (Image)

Est. $280-350 SE

Opening US$ 370.00
Sold...US$ 370.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:45:56 EST
Sold For 370

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 25
Cat No: 1872

image 1872 VF Detail but this one is heavily corroded. It is fully discernable for a scarce issue, and can fill a hole in your folder or album. (Image)

Est. $50-65 SE

Opening US$ 54.00
Sold...US$ 54.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:46:47 EST
Sold For 54

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 26
Cat No: 1877

image 1877 VF perhaps better. Nice brown original. Lovely coin! (Image)

Est. $900-1,150 HWC-SE

Opening US$ 900.00
Sold...US$ 925.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:47:18 EST
Sold For 925

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 27
Cat No: G 1857(46)

image (46) Diff 1857 // 1909 circ grades in a Whit folder. Earlies G to VF, laters a bit better on the whole. Highlights incl 1867 VG & 1908-S F. Worth inspecting. (Image)

Est. $170-220 SE

Opening US$ 270.00
Sold...US$ 270.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:48:03 EST
Sold For 270

Lincoln Cents

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 28
Cat No: 1909S

image 1909-S VF+ mottled brown color. (Image)

Est. $70-85 SE

Opening US$ 86.00
Sold...US$ 86.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:48:43 EST
Sold For 86

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 29
Cat No: 1914D

image 1914-D Fine perhaps cleaned long ago now nicely recolored. (Image)

Est. $100-125 SE

Opening US$ 140.00
Sold...US$ 140.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:49:13 EST
Sold For 140

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 30
Cat No: 1931S

image 1931-S AU+ Brown. Nice even color. (Image)

Est. $74-95 SE

Opening US$ 76.00
Sold...US$ 76.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:49:32 EST
Sold For 76

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 31
Cat No: G 1909(68)

image Lot contains (18) 1909 VDB & (50) 1910 wide grade range (VG to BU) w/ most in the upper end. Quite a few nice coins in the mix. Inspect! (Image)

Est. $120-145 B

Opening US$ 220.00
Sold...US$ 220.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:50:06 EST
Sold For 220

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 32
Cat No: Set 1909(88)

image (88) Diff in a virtually complete set 1909 // 1940-S housed in a Whitman 9405 album missing only the keys 1909-S VDB, & 1914-D. The 1922-D No D is the "weak D" variety that does not have the strong rev. It is certified ANACS Good-4. Most other earlies are F or better with sev uncirculated; the laters (post-1922) are mostly XF/AU coins. A few slightly impaired here and there but this is still one of the best Lincoln Cent sets we've handled in some time. Well worth inspection. (Image)

Est. $550-700 B

Opening US$ 625.00
Sold...US$ 625.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:50:49 EST
Sold For 625

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 33
Cat No: x800

image Binder w/ (299) Lincoln Cents, in 2x2s or flips, marked by owner w/ year, condition and retail values totaling abt $2600; mostly 1909 to 1950 plus a few later incl 1971 10% shift strike error; incl (4) 09 VDB and numerous 1943 Steels, VG to UNC, minor duplication (Image)

Est. $800-1,000 B

Opening US$ 925.00
Sold...US$ 925.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:51:43 EST
Sold For 925

1c Groups / Collections

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 34
Cat No: Collection

image Binder w/ (136) cents in 2x2s or flips, owner marked by year, condition and retail values totaling about $2200, incl (13) Flying Eagle 1857-58, the rest Indian Heads1859 to 1909, conditions range from Good to XF, gen light duplication (Image)

Est. $600-800 A

Opening US$ 430.00
Sold...US$ 430.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:53:03 EST
Sold For 430

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 35
Cat No: Collection

image Group of Half and Large Cents in flips or 2x2s in binder, (8) half cents: 1804-06, 1808-09, 1825, 1829 & 1832, VG and better; (54) large cents 1794 to 1856; also (4) diff Connecticut Coppers; gen F to VF as marked w/ retails totaling abt $3800 (Image)

Est. $2,000-2,500 A

Opening US$ 1,550.00
Sold...US$ 1,550.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:53:38 EST
Sold For 1550

Three Cent Pieces

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 36
Cat No: 1852 Silver

image 1852 Silver (Type 1) easy XF perhaps better. Possibly dipped at one time still very nice. (Image)

Est. $80-110 SE

Opening US$ 100.00
Sold...US$ 100.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:54:01 EST
Sold For 100

Shield Nickels

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 37
Cat No: 1868

image 1868 MS60+ well-struck and very attractive. (Image)

Est. $130-160 SE

Opening US$ 145.00
Sold...US$ 145.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:54:27 EST
Sold For 145

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 38
Cat No: G 1866(4)

image (4) Diff incl 1866 Rays VG+, 1869 XF, 1882 XF+, & 1883 VF w/ multiple die cracks. Nice group! (Image)

Est. $125-150 SE

Opening US$ 135.00
Sold...US$ 140.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:54:53 EST
Sold For 140

Liberty Nickels

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 39
Cat No: 1885

image 1885 probably VF detail but once heavily corroded. A restoration effort has been made on the coin. Inspection recommended. (Image)

Est. $150-240 SE

Opening US$ 175.00
Sold...US$ 175.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:55:33 EST
Sold For 175
Sale No: 14
Lot No: 40
Cat No: 1886

image 1886 AG. Perfectly original, but the obv is a little weak on the right side. The rev rim is almost complete. A hole-filler, but a nice one. (Image)

Est. $64-80 SE

Opening US$ 76.00
Sold...US$ 76.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 16:56:29 EST
Sold For 76

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