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Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Sale: 14

Foreign Currency

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 361
Cat No: Collection

image WW accum (275) banknotes, incl Russian Empire, South Russia (Civil War), German Notgeld, post-Soviet countries, Hungary and smaller amounts from all over Asia, Latin America; also a few US checks or documents; ranges from worn to crisp UNC (Image)

Est. $150-200 L

Opening US$ 210.00
Sold...US$ 210.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 20:15:34 EST
Sold For 210

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 362
Cat No: x200

image Assortment (44) WW banknotes in currency pages, some VF or XF but many are crisp UNC (inventory incl); noted Belize Krause #67d; Germany 44b, 97b; Singapore 46a Unc; France 151i Unc; USA Series 2009 $2 (2) Unc; Northern Ireland Ulster Bank £5 #335c Unc; GB all Unc #369c, 377b (3 in sequence) 382a, 392a, 395 plus several Armed Forces notes of 2nd to 6th Series incl some pairs in sequence; more incl China, Vietnam, Netherlands, approx Krause value $376 not counting FV and Armed Forces (Image)

Est. $175-225 LE

Opening US$ 200.00
Sold...US$ 200.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 20:16:06 EST
Sold For 200

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 363
Cat No: Collection

image Large stash (100s) of WW currency, sorted in baggies by region Asia, Americas, Europe and Africa; wide selection of countries, some minor dup, expect faults and worn up to crisp UNC (Image)

Est. $200-300 B

Opening US$ 825.00
Sold...US$ 825.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 20:16:39 EST
Sold For 825

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 364
Cat No: x200

image Better British Empire notes: Bahamas 50¢ UNC Krause #26a, $1 VF #35a, $3 UNC #28a; Hong Kong 1971 $10 UNC #182g; Malaya 50¢ XF #10a; Bank of Scotland 1979 £1 UNC #111d and 1972 £5 UNC #112b; Clydesdale Bank 1981 £1 UNC #204c; total Krause CV $403 (Image)

Est. $200-250 SE

Opening US$ 120.00
Sold...US$ 120.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 20:18:08 EST
Sold For 120

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 365
Cat No: Collection

image Accum & small stock (100s) of WW notes in plastic pages, incl pre-WWII China, Hungary, Germany Inflation, West #13e, Greece, France, Netherlands Indies #93, Algeria, British Forces, Austrian Notgeld, Yugoslavia 48-49, 64-66, Mozambique, Paraguay, Peru, others; dup x1 to x10 (Image)

Est. $500-600 A

Opening US$ 575.00
Sold...US$ 575.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 20:19:00 EST
Sold For 575

Literature and Supplies
Numismatic Reference

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 366
Cat No: x80

image Mainly a numismatic library of abt (15) volumes incl a few miscellaneous supplies. Much of use incl Authoritative References on several series, a 2017 Mega Red, Bowers tome on US Paper Money, Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection by PCGS, plus sev more. Inspect this lot for a better look. (Image)

Est. $80-110 L (2)

Opening US$ 52.00
Sold...US$ 52.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 20:19:21 EST
Sold For 52
Numismatic Supplies

Sale No: 14
Lot No: 367
Cat No: Collection

image Accum various supplies, incl brand new Capital Plastic Proof set holders (40) black, (21) white and (7) red; large accum of plastic tubes of various sizes, most previous used so some labels affixed; brand new Harris State Quarter Collector set (2); several loose Capital Plastic holders for individual Classic coins, plastic sleeves, blue PCGS holder trays; also abt (90) empty coin folders, mostly Whitman from old style to modern, plus some Littleton, some brand new, others gently used; worthwhile accum of usable & saleable supplies (Image)

Est. $150-200 L (2)

Opening US$ 86.00
Sold...US$ 86.00

Closed..Dec-17-2020, 20:19:45 EST
Sold For 86

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