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Sparks Auctions Sale: 30

Great Britain and British Commonwealth
Great Britain

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1944
Symbol: O
Cat No: 3/33

image Collection / Accumulation of Used Penny Red Issues, starts with a collection of 89 perforated Reds, each identified by owner by plate by number and plate position, then another collection of 46 perforated Reds, identified by plate number, then an accumulation of 74 imperforate Reds with a variety of postmarks, and finally a group of 10 perforated singles. Unchecked by us for better plates, etc and overall fine with faults to be expected, especially in the imperfs. All are scanned online. (Image)

Est $ 150

Opening C$ 120.00
Sold...C$ 120.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:16:58 EST
Sold For 120

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1945
Symbol: O
Cat No: 32

image 1870 1½d dull rose Queen Victoria, group of 52 used copies, mostly all with numeral duplex cancels and overall fine. Unchecked for plate numbers or watermark varieties, and catalogued as all cheapest. (Image)

Scott $ 3,380

Opening C$ 30.00
Sold...C$ 70.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:17:24 EST
Sold For 70

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1946
Symbol: O
Cat No: 108

image 1884 5sh carmine rose Queen Victoria, two used copies, each fresh with bright colour and with clean c.d.s. cancellations, one has an "K S & Co." perfin, very fine. (Image)

Scott $ 500

Opening C$ 10.00
Sold...C$ 85.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:17:51 EST
Sold For 85

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1947
Symbol: O
Cat No: 124

image 1891 £1 green Queen Victoria, used with oval registration datestamps from Gracechurch St. dated NOV.9.1892, fine-very fine. (Image)

Scott $ 800

Opening C$ 190.00
Sold...C$ 210.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:18:21 EST
Sold For 210

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1948
Symbol: O
Cat No: 142

image 1902 £1 blue green King Edward VII, used with part oval registration datestamp, fine. (Image)

Scott $ 825

Opening C$ 220.00
Sold...C$ 220.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:18:32 EST
Sold For 220

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1949
Symbol: **
Cat No: 179-181

image 1919 2sh6d, 5sh and 10sh King George V Retouched Seahorses, each mint never hinged and with sheet margin at left, from the Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Printing (each measures just under 23mm high), very fine and fresh. (Image)

Scott $ 1,050

Opening C$ 425.00
Sold...C$ 750.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:19:46 EST
Sold For 750

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1950
Symbol: O/*
Cat No: 179-181, 222

image 1919-34 Group of Mint and Used Seahorses, with #179 (two used and two mint hinged), #180 (unused with crease), #181 (used), #181 (unused, no gum) and #222 (mint hinged with crease). Overall fine to very fine. (Image)

Scott $ 1,205

Opening C$ 80.00
Sold...C$ 80.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:20:00 EST
Sold For 80

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1951
Symbol: **
Cat No: 249-251A, 275

image 1939-48 High Value King George VI Set of six, all mint never hinged, very fine and fresh. (Image)

Scott $ 487

Opening C$ 150.00
Sold...C$ 160.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:20:13 EST
Sold For 160

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1952
Symbol: O
Cat No: 1/124

image Group of Early Queen Victoria Used Issues, starts with #1 (very fine, with four margins, on piece with clean Maltese Cross cancel in red), #2 (with just about four margins, just touching at top left), #4 (a horizontal pair, cut into at left), #124 (very fine £1 green with clean 1896 c.d.s.), #108 and 109 (each nicely centered with c.d.s. cancels) and finally a 6d Inland Revenue issue (mint hinged and not counted in catalogue value). (Image)

Scott $ 2,895

Opening C$ 450.00
Sold...C$ 500.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:20:25 EST
Sold For 500

Worldwide Stamps and Covers

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1953
Symbol: O/*
Cat No: C95 footnote

image 1951 60f rose lilac Airmail Souvenir Sheet, Imperforate and Perforate, both mint never hinged and fresh, the perforated one has a natural gum skip at top (mentioned for the record only). The regular sheet was printed in olive green, and those in this colour were printed in small quantities and presented to exhibitors and members of the organizing committee of the Exhibition (see Scott footnote). (Image)

Scott $ 3,200

Opening C$ 350.00
Sold...C$ 400.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:20:41 EST
Sold For 400


Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1954
Symbol: **
Cat No: 870A-870H var

image 1939 Set of 13 Imperforate Reza Shah Pahlavi Souvenir Sheets of Four, each is mint never hinged, fresh and never hinged. Rarely seen. Rsv. (Image)

Scott $ 1,500

Opening C$ 350.00
Sold...C$ 350.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:20:59 EST
Sold For 350


Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1955
Symbol: O/*
Cat No: 93-95

image 1935 Group of Overprinted Seahorse Issues, Perforated 11 x 12, with a used 2sh6d, a used 5sh, a mint hinged 5sh and a mint hinged 10sh, all with watermark Large Crown and Script GvR, fine to very fine. (Image)

Scott $ 895

Opening C$ 170.00
Sold...C$ 170.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:21:50 EST
Sold For 170

Italy, Italian States and Colonies

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1956
Symbol: **
Cat No: 175, 176, 177a

image 1925-26 60c to 1.25l King Victor Emmanuel III, Perforated 11, mint never hinged, very fine. (Image)

Scott $ 257

Opening C$ 130.00
Sold...C$ 130.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:22:07 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1957
Symbol: **
Cat No: 1292 var

image 1979 2000L Italia, with Shifted Perforations and Printing, a mint never hinged single from bottom of sheet, with head, posthorns and shaded "LIRE" shifted up and left, horizontal perforations dramatically shifted down, very fine. Signed (Dr. Helmuth) Avi, and accompanied by his 2010 SBPV (Lugano, Switzerland) certificate. Sassone 1459b, €9,000. Rsv. (Image)

Est $ 500

Opening C$ 475.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:22:24 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1958
Symbol: **
Cat No: 1292 var

image 1979 2000L Italia, with Shifted Perforations and Printing, a mint never hinged block of four from top right corner of sheet (with inscriptions in margin) with head, posthorns and shaded "LIRE" shifted up and left, horizontal perforations dramatically shifted down, very fine. Signed (Dr. Helmuth) Avi, and accompanied by his 2010 SBPV (Lugano, Switzerland) certificate. Sassone 1459b, €36,000. Rsv. (Image)

Est $ 2,000

Opening C$ 1,550.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:22:37 EST
Sold For 0

Italian States

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1959
Symbol: O
Cat No: Sardinia #13var

image 1861 40l rose vermilion King Victor Emmanuel II Imperforate with Red Outer Line, a lovely used single, apparently from position 12, used on piece with Milan c.d.s. dated FEB.12.1861. Bright colour, signed A. Diena and very fine. Sassone #16D, €218. (Image)

Est $ 75

Opening C$ 30.00
Sold...C$ 30.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:22:50 EST
Sold For 30

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1960
Symbol: (*)
Cat No: Tuscany #23

image 1860 3 lire ochre Savoy Coat of Arms, unused (no gum) with large margins all around, lightly sulphuretted and very fine. A rare opportunity to acquire a major world rarity. Accompanied by a 1995 Giorgio Migliavacca (Pavia) certificate. Rsv. (Image)

Scott $ 110,000

Opening C$ 6,800.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:23:31 EST
Sold For 0

France and French Colonies
Ivory Coast

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1961
Symbol: E/P

image Group of Eight Elephant Fiscal Essay Proofs, all in imperforate lower left corner blocks of four, with values from 10 Francs to 20,000 Francs plus some undenominated as they are progressive proofs. Note some missing colours, missing security designs, etc. A rare group, very fine. Rsv. (Image)

Est $ 500

Opening C$ 325.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:23:43 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1962
Symbol: E/P

image 5 Fr. Elephant Fiscal Essay Proof with Inverted Security Feature and Denomination, from bottom of sheet, rare and very fine. Rsv. (Image)

Est $ 250

Opening C$ 225.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:23:54 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 30
Lot No: 1963
Symbol: **
Cat No: 1432,1631,3298

image Lot of Mint Never Hinged High Value Definitives, with 50x 310 yen, 46x 360 yen and 47x 500 yen. Many have gum varieties, including some that appear brushed-on, etc. Overall fine or better. (Image)

Scott $ 997

Opening C$ 140.00
Sold...C$ 140.00

Closed..May-25-2019, 09:24:29 EST
Sold For 140

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