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H.R. Harmer GPN, Inc. Sale: 3031

Great Britain and British Commonwealth

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3053
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 121/129

image 121-22, 125-26, 127S-129S, 1932/36 6d-£2 'Roos, 10sh, £1, £2 "SPECIMEN" overprint (10sh w/o gum, £1-£2 l.h.); 6d NH, 9d single (l.h.) and gutter pair (one NH, one l.h.), 2sh NH, 5sh o.g., F-VF (Image)

CV. 60

Opening US$ 130.00
Sold...US$ 130.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:06:58 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3054
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 143

image 132, 1932 5sh Harbour Bridge, wonderfully well centered with full perfs all around, unobtrusive corner favor cancel, Very Fine and choice (Scott $275, SG 143, £200) (Image)


Opening US$ 160.00
Sold...US$ 160.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:07:45 EST
Sold For 160

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3055
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 141

image 141, 1932 1sh Dark green, Ash imprint block, NH, Very Fine (Scott $360 as singles; Brusden White 145za, A$750 as imprint block) (Image)

CV. 75

Opening US$ 140.00
Sold...US$ 140.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:08:04 EST
Sold For 140

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3056
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 179a

image 179a, 1949 £1 George VI, Thin paper, gutter pair, NH, Very Fine and choice (Scott $240 as singles, SG 178a, £140 as singles) (Image)

CV. 60

Opening US$ 80.00
Sold...US$ 80.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:08:21 EST
Sold For 80

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3057
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 182B var

image 182B var., 1941 2d Red violet, Perf 15x14, Watermark inverted, vertical pair, PO fresh, NH, Very Fine (SG 185w, £340 as singles) (Image)

CV. 75

Opening US$ 95.00
Sold...US$ 95.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:09:21 EST
Sold For 95

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3058
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 194 var

image 194 var., 1942 2½d Red, Imperforate, pair, unblemished o.g., NH, Very Fine and rare error missing from even the most advanced collections (SG 206a, £6,500) (Image)

CV. 1,500

Opening US$ 1,500.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:09:30 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3059
Symbol: img s
Cat No: D33

image J20, 1902 5sh Emerald, Perf 12x11, fresh color, l.h., Very Fine for these (Scott $475, SG D33, £450) (Image)

CV. 120

Opening US$ 150.00
Sold...US$ 150.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:10:07 EST
Sold For 150

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3060
Symbol: img s
Cat No: J23-28

image J23-28, 1906 ½d-6d Postage Dues, fresh colors, o.g., usual few nibbed perfs, F-VF, an attractive set (Scott $1,231, SG D45-50, £1,000) (Image)

CV. 200

Opening US$ 425.00
Sold...US$ 425.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:11:08 EST
Sold For 425

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3061
Symbol: img s
Cat No: D60

image J35, 1908 2sh Emerald, lovely color, large part light evenly toned o.g., Very Fine for these (Scott $1,050, SG D60, £1,000) (Image)

CV. 100

Opening US$ 275.00
Sold...US$ 275.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:12:30 EST
Sold For 275

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3062
Symbol: img s
Cat No: J62

image J62, 1936 6d Yellow green and rose, lightly struck cds, Very Fine and choice (Scott $500) (Image)

CV. 75

Opening US$ 130.00
Sold...US$ 130.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:13:06 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3063
Symbol: img s
Cat No: M1-7

image M1-7, 1946-47 "B.C.O.F. JAPAN" Overprints, full set plus M2a, M7a; also includes the 3d value with thin letters overprint, NH except M2, M7a l.h., F-VF (Image)

CV. 75

Opening US$ 120.00
Sold...US$ 120.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:13:52 EST
Sold For 120

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3064
Symbol: img s
Cat No: OB40

image OB40, 1915 6d Ultramarine, Small "OS" perfin, left matgin single, small h.r., fresh and Very Fine (Scott $450, SG O33, £425) (Image)

CV. 100

Opening US$ 95.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:14:12 EST
Sold For 0


Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3065
Cat No: 271E

image 271E, 1968 $1 Human Rights Year, Artist's Model Essay, of the finished design taped on art board, 159x102mm stamp image on 220x171 semi-transparent plastic with notches at the sides and crop marks, notation at top "Overprint All Wording In Black" at upper right with these elements pasted on, Very Fine and likely unique (Image)

CV. 250

Opening US$ 240.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:14:32 EST
Sold For 0


Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3066
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 140-51

image 140-51, 1920-21 ¼p-3sh Victory Issue, bright and fresh, o.g., l.h., F-VF, attractive set (Scott $182.35; SG 201-12) (Image)

CV. 60

Opening US$ 55.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:14:45 EST
Sold For 0

Worldwide Stamps and Covers

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3067
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 55-79

image 55-79, 1920-21 ¼p-1sh Tercentenary Issues, both sets complete (18 stamps total), all bright and very fresh, o.g., l.h., F-VF (Scott $264.25; SG 59-76) (Image)

CV. 80

Opening US$ 90.00
Sold...US$ 90.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:14:58 EST
Sold For 90

New Brunswick

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3068
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 1

image 1, 1851 3d Dull red, single and block of four tied on large insurance circular used to forward an enclosure (docketing on reverse) addressed to Fredericton by multiple strikes of "1" oval grill cancels, backstamped St John and Fredericton July 7, 1855, single with clear to full margins, block with margins (large on two sides) to just touching, refolded and some ironed vertical folds including one through the block and another just affecting the single; still Fine and very rare use of block on cover paying the quintuple rate; ex-Lichtenstein, Koh, Wilkinson, Hackmey (Image)

CV. 2,000

Opening US$ 3,250.00
Sold...US$ 3,250.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:15:56 EST
Sold For 3250

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3069
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 1b

image 1b, 1851 3d Dull red, Diagonal bisect, pair with good color and wide remaining margins, just tied by neat pen cancel of the Way Office Kingston, Kent on folded letter sheet addressed to Moncton, backstamped "W.O. Kingston. Kent N.B My 28 1860" plus two additional indistinct transit and arrival marks, Very Fine; this cover is the only known example of a 3d double bisect; ex-Banfield, Wilkinson, Hackmey; 1956 PF and 1976 BPA certificatesrnThe "Cents" issue had been released just eight days before this cover was posted except for a 5c value, the infamous «Connell» issue which had been prepared but not officially issued. Since there was no 5c stamp available to pay domestic letter rates until a supply of the newly ordered 5c Queen Victoria issue arrived, bisects of the 10c or remaining Pence issues were permitted. (Image)

CV. 1,000

Opening US$ 3,000.00
Sold...US$ 3,000.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:17:14 EST
Sold For 3000

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3070
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 1b

1b, 1851 3d Dull red, Diagonal bisect, together with 6d Olive yellow (Scott 2) tied by clear "21" grill to envelope addressed to Ireland from Newcastle (November 14, 1859 backstamp) to Dundroum and re-directed to Dublin with both arrival marks on front plus multiple transit backstamps, also "7½ Cy." in circle indicating full prepayment; bisect with two huge margins, 6d margins to just touched on one side, cover with two creases not affecting the franking; a Fine and rare cover to Ireland, ex-Argenti, Emerald, Wilkinson, Hackmey; signed Georg Bühler

CV. 600

Opening US$ 2,000.00
Sold...US$ 2,000.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:18:26 EST
Sold For 2000

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3071
Cat No: 1b

image 1b, 1851 3d Dull red, Diagonal bisect, in strip with two normal stamps, tied by "1" grill cancels to folded lettersheet addressed to Glasgow (Scotland), red "Pkt. Letter Paid Liverpool" partly tying the stamps, backstamped "St John Fe 11 1856" dispatch, Glasgow February 25 receiver cds, stamps with cut into to large margins, the entire somewhat "unfresh" with a crease through the bisect (the strip has been removed for ironing but not precisely replaced); Fine appearance, a rare use with only five covers to Scotland recorded incl two paying the ½ oz letter rate via British Packet and showing this franking; ex-Wilkinson, Hackmey; 1989 Greene Foundation certificate (Image)

CV. 500

Opening US$ 1,200.00
Sold...US$ 1,200.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:20:07 EST
Sold For 1200
Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3072
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 2

image 2, 1851 6d Olive yellow, just tied by blue grill "8" and additional straight line "Advertised 1 Cent" to envelope addressed to Brooklyn, New York, adjacent blue "New Brunswick" and red "Paid 10 Cents" (oxidized), backstamped "Chatham Mr 31 1854" dispatch and St. John transit, stamp well margined except just touched at two places on one side, cover with a small stain spot not distracting, still Very Fine and rare cover to the US showing the scarce ½d advertised letter fee for New Brunswick origin; ex-Dale-Lichtenstein, Koh, Wilkinson, Hackmey (Image)

CV. 400

Opening US$ 2,200.00
Sold...US$ 2,200.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 15:21:34 EST
Sold For 2200

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