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H.R. Harmer GPN, Inc. Sale: 3031

Worldwide Stamps and Covers

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 1692
Symbol: img s
Cat No: crease

image 176-179B, 188, 190, 196-201, 201 mint (crease), others used with most a legible Puerto Principe cds (196 tied on piece), a few minor faults but generally Fine or better, many signed "RR" (Roberto Rosende), 177-179B 1982 Rosende certificates (Scott $1,790) (Image)

CV. 500

Opening US$ 1,300.00
Sold...US$ 1,300.00

Closed..Jun-16-2020, 18:25:59 EST
Sold For 1300

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 1693
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 180-81

image 180-81, 1898-99 3c on 3m Orange brown, Types I, II, setyenant pair tied on piece by Puerto Principe cds, Very Fine (Scott $500) (Image)

CV. 120

Opening US$ 425.00
Sold...US$ 425.00

Closed..Jun-16-2020, 18:26:21 EST
Sold For 425

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 1694
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 191

image 191, 1898-99 5c on ½m Blue green, lightly cancelled, fresh and Fine; signed Roberto Rosende and with his 1982 certificate (Scott $275) (Image)

CV. 75

Opening US$ 300.00
Sold...US$ 300.00

Closed..Jun-16-2020, 18:26:51 EST
Sold For 300

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 1695
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 226

image 226, 1899 10c on 10c Brown, Type I, horiz block of ten, fresh as the day it was printed with rich color and unblemished o.g., NH, Fine and attractive (Scott $700 as NH singles) (Image)

CV. 150

Opening US$ 325.00
Sold...US$ 325.00

Closed..Jun-16-2020, 18:27:42 EST
Sold For 325

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 1696
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 221/26

image 221/26, 1899 1c-10c Surcharges, set of the six different denominations each cancelled or tied by a target cancel on a registered philatelic cover to Germany, 3-line Havana May 30 1899 registry and boxed "R" handstamps, backstamped Wolfratshausen June 15, couple small tears in backflap, F-VF, accompanied by a cover to USA with #227-31 tied by Havana duplex cancels (Image)

CV. 100

Opening US$ 120.00
Sold...US$ 120.00

Closed..Jun-16-2020, 18:28:17 EST
Sold For 120

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 1697
Symbol: img s

image 223/226, 1899 2½c/10c Surcharges, two items; cover front addressed to Detroit franked with 2½c, 3c, 5c tied by lightly struck Military Station cds with an accompanying 5-line "Registered/ Mar 10 1899 PM/ Military Station No 27/ Matanzas, Cuba/ NYPO" handstamp; registered cover to NY City (via Havana) franked with 3c, 10c tied by Santiago double oval with accompanying 4-line "Registered/ Apr 6 1899/ Military Station No 1/ Matanzas Cuba", cover opened two sides and some small faults not affecting stamps, VG-VF (Image)

CV. 75

Opening US$ 350.00
Sold...US$ 350.00

Closed..Jun-16-2020, 18:29:10 EST
Sold For 350

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 1698
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 3

image 1899 Registered Cover to Germany, 2c, 3c, 5c (3), 10c Special Delivery surcharges tied by cork cancels on envelope addressed to Berlin, lightly struck Havana September 2, 1899 registry handstamp, "Von Ausland uber Bp 10 Verviers-Coln" registry label, backstamped "Hallensee 15.9.99," envelope opened at bottom, light vertical bend at right just affecting one of the 5c and the 10c values, Fine and attractive franking; a genuinely rare non-philatelic use of the special delivery issue (Image)

CV. 400

Opening US$ 1,000.00
Sold...US$ 1,000.00

Closed..Jun-16-2020, 18:29:36 EST
Sold For 1000

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 1699
Symbol: img s
Cat No: U11

image U11, U15, 1899 1c Gree, 2c Carmine n on oriental buff, unused entire with Miro y Otero printed cc, 1c type 3, 2c type 2, fresh and Very Fine (UPSS 14, $350) (Image)

CV. 75

Opening US$ 100.00
Sold...US$ 100.00

Closed..Jun-16-2020, 18:30:10 EST
Sold For 100

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3217
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 48

image 1871 Cover Santiago de Cuba to Spain with French Franking, folded letter sheet with France 1870/71 80c Bordeaux imperf (48) tied by Anchor lozenge cancel, sender's "Jun 17 1871" handstamp at lower left, black octagonal "Cuba" (French PO) cancel, boxed "P.P.," violet "1, Peseta" handstamp, backstamped "Santiago De Cuba Paq Fr No 1 17 Juin" transit (via St Thomas), Bilbao transit, stamp large balanced margins affected by light corner fold to the cover, fresh and Very Fine (Image)

CV. 500

Opening US$ 500.00
Sold...US$ 500.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 17:17:28 EST
Sold For 500

Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3218
Symbol: img s

image "Ferro-Carril De Sabanilla Y Maroto/Santiago de Cuba," printed railroad company cornercard on envelope addressed to USA and franked with pair of 1898 5c cancelled by oval numeral grids, nice 2-line "Paquebot./(NY-2d Div)" handstamp, backstamped New York City "Paid All" opera glass and Jersey City, New Jersey April 2, 1898 arrival, cover bit worn with some edge wrinkling and breaks including 20mm break top center, Fine and rare Cuban railroad company cover and likely the only recorded use of this military paqubot marking (Image)

CV. 100

Opening US$ 100.00
Sold...US$ 100.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 17:17:45 EST
Sold For 100
Sale No: 3031
Lot No: 3219
Symbol: img s

image Official; Edifil 9, 1858 1 L Black on dark blue, unused, margins to just cutting two sides, tiny thin spot, Fine appearance; 1985 Graus certificate explaining this issue printed on a different type of paper than usually used for the issue (Image)

CV. 300

Opening US$ 275.00

Closed..Jun-17-2020, 17:18:06 EST
Sold For 0

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