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H.R. Harmer GPN, Inc. Sale: 3039

United States
Wells Fargo & Co. Express

Sale No: 3039
Lot No: 48
Symbol: img s
Cat No: Pony Express

image "Per Pony Express, Paid 2.00," a manuscript notation at the upper left corner of a 3c Red on buff Star Die entire (U27) with a clear green "St Joseph Mo May 24" cds, way cover addressed to "Hon John Letcher/ Governor of Virginia/ Richmond", back side with magenta 75mm "Record Division War Department/ Rebel Archives" oval handstamp, Very Fine and choice, the lack of a Wells Fargo handstamp (as well as the 3c rate) indicates that this cover did not originate on the West Coast of the United States, a remarkable and likely unique Pony Express cover addressed to the Confederate States; Frajola-Walske-Kramer Census E-77rnThis cover is illustrated and discussed in detail in Richard Graham's article in The Chronicle; Vol. 27, No. 4, pages 222-27, in which he postulates the cover could have originated from a Virginia officer in a remote western army post in one of the mountain states who was "checking in" with his home government. We feel the final paragraph of this article is important to repeat: "In any case, this cover, not nearly as spectacular in appearance as are many of its more highly sought brethren, could it talk, could probably tell a story that would put to shame the stories behind most of the more colorful 'ponies.' As its present owner, Marc Haas, has commented to the writer, it is difficult to decide whether to include the cover in a Pony Express, Western, or a Confederate collection. It would grace any of them."rnProvenance: Marc Haas (Private Transaction) (Image)

CV. 5,000

Opening US$ 23,000.00
Sold...US$ 23,000.00

Closed..Dec-10-2020, 17:46:07 EST
Sold For 23000

Sale No: 3039
Lot No: 49
Symbol: img s
Cat No: Pony Express

image "Pony Express/ Paid 2.00, From Fort Bridger U.T. Paid 7c/ June 20 1861" sender's manuscript notation on a 3c Red on buff Star Die envelope (U27) addressed to "Col Macon W Toppan/ 1st Regt New Hampshire Volunteers/ Washington DC", additional 1859 10c Green Type V (35) affixed over the "Paid 7c" and tied by a green "St Joseph Mo Jun 27" (1861) cds and grid with similar grid cancelling the indicia, choice Very Fine and faultless way cover having been picked up at Fort Bridger (a regular stop on the Pony Express route) by the pony rider on the east-bound trip, unique franking and usage (Frajola-Walske-Kramer Census E-98)rn Noted frontiersman Jim Bridger and his partner, Louis Vasquez, established Fort Bridger in 1843 to service emigrant traffic. The fort served as a Pony Express, Overland Stage, and transcontinental telegraph station in the 1860s and was garrisoned by the U.S. Army at various times between 1857 and 1890. The addressee, Mason Weare Tappan (1817-86) was a New Hampshire state representative, a U.S. congressman from 1855-61, a colonel during the Civil War, and the New Hampshire Attorney General. He was elected as an American Party candidate (34th Congress) and reelected as a Republican (35th-36th Congress). During the Civil War, he served as colonel of the 1st New Hampshire Infantry, a three-month regiment raised in 1861 in response to President Lincoln's call to arms. He mustered out in August 1861. Tappan died in office as the attorney general at the age of 69.rnProvenance: Judge Robert S. Emerson (Private Transaction)rnChristopher Gruys (R.A. Siegel Sale 849, 2002)rnThurston Twigg-Smith (R.A. Siegel Sale 979, 2009) (Image)

CV. 25,000

Opening US$ 42,500.00
Sold...US$ 42,500.00

Closed..Dec-10-2020, 17:47:37 EST
Sold For 42500

Sale No: 3039
Lot No: 50
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 143L8

image 143L8, Wells, Fargo & Co. Virginia City Pony Express, 1862-64 "25 cts ¼ Oz” Blue, tied on a 3c Pink entire (U34) with printed Wells, Fargo frank by "Wells, Fargo & Co., Express, Aurora" blue oval handstamp with another strike cancelling indicia, stamp 3½ margins (just in at upper right), envelope some professional mending/ repairs across top edge, Very Fine appearance; this cover was sent to Clara Crittenden by her son Howard, a mill superintendent from Aurora sometime in 1863. rn (Image)

CV. 1,500

Opening US$ 2,500.00
Sold...US$ 2,500.00

Closed..Dec-10-2020, 17:48:22 EST
Sold For 2500

Sale No: 3039
Lot No: 51
Symbol: img s
Cat No: Pony Express

image 143L9, Wells, Fargo & Co. Virginia City Pony Express, 1862-64 “25 cts ¼ Oz” Red, tied to 3c Pink entire (U34) by blue "W.F. & Co. Virginia City N.T. Jul 1" oval postmark, addressed to "Mrs Clara Crittenden/ Occidental Hotel/ San Francisco", pencilled "37" and "65" route numbers, stamp clear to full margins and rich color, envelope opened at top and with small edge nicks/ break above stamp, overall Very Fine cover from the well-known Crittenden correspondence rnThis cover is a part of the exceptionally important Crittenden correspondence between Alexander Parker Crittenden and his wife Clara Churchill Jones. Richard Frajola first offered 30 covers from the Crittenden corresponsence, received intact, in October 1981 (Frajola Sale 2). His catalogue, along with an article by Thomas J. Alexander in The Chronicle (Vol. 33, No. 3), provide everything one could possibly want to know about this wonderful correspondence, which Frajola calls "one of the finest correspondences I have ever handled in terms of both historical content and postal history interest." For a non-philatelic telling of A.P. Crittenden's murder at the hands of his mistress and the sensationalized trial that followed, we recommend Kenneth Lamott's Who Killed Mr. Crittenden?: Being a True Account of the Notorious Murder That Stunned San Francisco. (Image)

CV. 2,500

Opening US$ 3,750.00
Sold...US$ 3,750.00

Closed..Dec-10-2020, 17:49:12 EST
Sold For 3750
Sale No: 3039
Lot No: 52
Symbol: img s
Cat No: 143L9

image 143L9, Wells, Fargo & Co. Virginia City Pony Express, 1862-64 “25 cts ¼ Oz” Red, a large envelope filled with legal documents addressed to an attorney in Virginia (City) Nevada and franked with a mangled block of eight and single of the 25c Pony plus an 1861 3c Rose (65) faulty horizontal strip of eight, all the stamps cancelled and/or tied by poor strikes of the blue "Wells Fargo Express 11 Jan" (1864) dated cancel with docketing affecting a couple of the 3c stamps, back side equally distressed with extensive fire/ smoke damage (which carries over on to the left side of the envelope) and a large piece of paper affixed in the center, the envelope is torn and creased and has been repaired/ enhanced in several places, ala-in all, though, it is a remarkable piece of postal history which, more than likely, has a terrific story to tell, and the franking of the Wells Fargo issue is the largest we can recall seeing (Image)


Opening US$ 2,200.00
Sold...US$ 2,200.00

Closed..Dec-10-2020, 17:51:00 EST
Sold For 2200

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