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Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions Sale: 93

United States
Via Suez and Brindisi

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4159
Cat No: 42

image Australian States: New South Wales, 1874 (Apr. 14) Newcastle, New South Wales to Marblehead Mass. Blue cover bearing New South Wales, 1sh rose (42) tied by numeral "55" starburst radial cancel, reverse with matching "Newcastle, N.S.W., AP 14" cds and Sydney (4.15) transit cds, red crayon "2" pence credit and pencil "Via Brindisi" docketing at top left, carried by P&O Ellora to Gallet, P&O via Suez and Brindisi, red London Paid (6.8) transit cds and matching "2" credit handstamp, carried by Cunard Siberia from Liverpool Jun. 9th to Boston arriving Jun. 20th, red "New York, Paid All, Jun 20" backstamp; reduced at left, otherwise Very Fine.
Estimate; $500 - 750.


New South Wales preferred the via San Francisco route and refused to participate in the 1873 P&O via Suez contract with Victoria. In 1874, Victoria charges New South Wales an extra penny above the 11d the on via Brindisi mail.
Est. $500-750 (Image)

Est. $500-750

Opening US$ 500.00
Sold...US$ 500.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:35:30 EST
Sold For 500

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4160

image 1877 (Apr. 30) Philadelphia Pa. to Sydney, New South Wales. Buff cover bearing United States, 3¢ green (158), two singles, tied by quartered corks duplexed with "Philadelphia Pa., Apr 30" cds, black "New York, May 1" transit backstamp and matching "T" in circle handstamp, endorsed "Via San Francisco" which is crossed out in blue crayon, sent via London and Brindisi, P&O ship to Singapore, E & A Normanby to Brisbane arriving Jul. 16th, Sydney (7.19) arrival backstamp, manuscript "1/6" due rating; small stamp and cover flaws, F.-V.F.
Estimate; $150 - 200.

1875 GPU regulations provided partially paid mail to non - GPU countries be marked with T in circle handstamps and be charged double rates of postage less credit for postage prepaid. By treaty, via San Francisco mail could not be forwarded unless prepaid at least 12¢.

Queensland subsidized Eastern & Australian Steamship Co. sailings from Singapore via Torres Strait to Brisbane. The United States via Brindisi rate was 21¢ - 42¢ penalty rate less 6¢ for postage paid= 36¢ due = 1/6.
Est. $150-200 (Image)

Est. $150-200

Opening US$ 140.00
Sold...US$ 140.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:36:25 EST
Sold For 140

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4161

image 1878 (Oct. 28) Cincinnati, Ohio to Kilmore, Australia. Cover bearing United States, 1¢ blue (156) and 3¢ green (158), pair and single, each tied by blue "11" barred circle duplexed with "Cincinnati. Oct 28" cds, New York (11.12, 11.30) transit backstamps and matching "N.Y./T" circular handstamp, sent via England and Brindisi, reverse with Brindisi (12.15) transit cds, P&O Siam to Melbourne, Melbourne (1.30) transit backstamp and matching "1/1 To Pay" oval handstamp, "Kilmore, Victoria, JA 30, 79" rimless arrival, F.-V.F.
Estimate; $300 - 400.

This cover was considered paid to England, but unpaid to Australia plus 6d fine. Accompanied by rate and routing analysis by Dick Winter.
Est. $300-400 (Image)

Est. $300-400

Opening US$ 450.00
Sold...US$ 450.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:37:43 EST
Sold For 450

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4164

image Australian States: Tasmania, 1880 (Aug. 18) Launceston, Tasmania to New York N.Y. Cover bearing Tasmania, 2d green and 6d bright violet, tied by two strikes of "Tasmania" barred oval duplexed with "Launceston, AU 18 '80" cds, endorsed "Via Brindisi", red crayon "2d" credit, carried by P&O Ravenna to Suez, rail to Alexandria, P&O Ceylon Alexandria to Brindisi, red London (9.30) transit backstamp, New York "Paid All" (8.3) arrival backstamp, Very Fine.
Estimate; $200 - 300.

The Brindisi rate from Tasmania to the United States was still officially 10d, but the cover went through at 8d.

Tasmania Rate Confusion: In January 1880 the via Southampton mail route was eliminated. P&O ships went through the Suez Canal, but first off-loaded Brindisi mail at Suez for shipment by rail across the isthmus. Colonies soon lowered the via Brindisi rate to USA to 8d, but Tasmania officially did not until June 1883.
Est. $200-300 (Image)

Est. $200-300

Opening US$ 600.00
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:40:29 EST
Sold For 600

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4166
Cat No: 62

image Australian States: South Australia, 1886 (Sep. 7) Allington, South Australia to Boston Mass. Cover bearing South Australia, 2d orange red (62) strip of three and single, tied by three strikes of "Allington, S.A., SP7, 86" cds, Adelaide (9.8) transit backstamp, red crayon "2" credit, carried by P&O Sutlej to Ceylon, then P&O Pekin Sep. 25th to Suez, across Isthmus by railroad, P&O Nizam from Alexandria to Brindisi, reverse with London (10.19) transit cds and Boston F.D. (10.30) arrival cds; one 2d tiny flaw, Very Fine and attractive use.
Estimate; $200 - 300.

South Australia lowered the via Brindisi rate to GB to 6d on January 26, 1882 (Tabeart, Vol II, 2011, p25) and presumably lowered the United States rate to 8d at the same time.
Est. $200-300 (Image)

Est. $200-300

Opening US$ 220.00
Sold...US$ 220.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:42:10 EST
Sold For 220
Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4169

image Australian States: Victoria, 1890 (Mar. 13) Melbourne, Victoria to Washington D.C. Preprinted O.H.M.S. Department of Agriculture envelope with Official Frank at top right cancelled by "Melbourne, MR 13 '90" duplex, held for postage, Victoria, 6d bright blue tied by bold "Victoria" barred oval duplexed with "Melbourne, MR 21, 90" cds, red crayon "2" pence credit, railroad to Adelaide where sent on P&O Shannon via Brindisi (4.25), mail steamer from London to New York, reverse with New York (5.7) transit and Washington (5.8) machine arrival cds, Very Fine and scarce official use to Great Britain.
Estimate; $200 - 300.

Victoria's 1864 Postal Act authorized various government departments to prepay mail with official frank stamps that applied to internal postage only. Victoria post office credited 2d internal postage for use of frank stamp and required 6d additional postage for the 8d via Brindisi rate to the United States.
Est. $200-300 (Image)

Est. $200-300

Opening US$ 160.00
Sold...US$ 160.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:43:28 EST
Sold For 160

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