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Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions Sale: 93

United States
Via San Francisco Post 1870: Pre-Treaty

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4181

image 1872 (Dec. 20) Auburn Ill. to Adelong, New South Wales. Orange cover bearing bearing United States, 2¢ red brown (146) two s.e. singles, 6¢ carmine (148), each cancelled by partial four-ring target, matching "Auburn Ill. Dec 30" cds, endorsed "Via San Francisco", carried by Webb & Holladay Nebraska to Auckland arriving Feb. 2nd, reverse with Sydney (2.21), Gundagai (2.22) transits and Adelong (2.23) arrival cds, Very Fine and choice use at 10¢ American Packet rate to NSW before she signed postal treaty in 1874., ex-Landau.
Estimate; $300 - 400. Est. $300-400 (Image)

Est. $300-400

Opening US$ 325.00
Sold...US$ 325.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:51:41 EST
Sold For 325

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4182

image Australian States: New South Wales, 1873 (Apr. 19) Sydney, New South Wales to San Francisco Cal. Cover bearing New South Wales, 6d lilac (57) tied by "N.S.W." oval duplexed with "Sydney, AP 19, 73" cds, carried by private ship direct to San Francisco, "San Francisco Cal., Jul 30" cds with bold "Ship 4" straightline for the 4¢ ship letter rate to port; no flap, Very Fine.
Estimate; $200 - 300.

Used during the period when no shipping contractor could be found. Note that arriving ship letter rates in the United States were cheaper than steamship rates, but transit time was much longer.
Est. $200-300 (Image)

Est. $200-300

Opening US$ 500.00
Sold...US$ 500.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:52:58 EST
Sold For 500

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4183

image 1874 (Mar. 5) San Francisco Cal. to Melbourne, Australia. Cover bearing United States, 1¢ blue (156), 3¢ green (158) and two 10¢ brown (161) singles for double the 12¢ treaty rate, tied by leaf cancels, magenta "San Francisco Cal., Paid, Mar 5" exchange cds, carried by ASN City of Melbourne to Sydney arriving Apr. 9th, Melbourne (4.11) transit backstamp, receipt docketing across face, F.-V.F.
Estimate; $200 - 300.

Double treaty rate paid, although United States and Victoria would not sign a postal treaty until 1878.
Est. $200-300 (Image)

Est. $200-300

Opening US$ 180.00
Sold...US$ 180.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:53:26 EST
Sold For 180

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4185

image 1876 (Feb. 22) Brockton Mass. to Melbourne, Victoria. Cover bearing United States, 2¢ vermilion (178) and 3¢ green (158), each tied by segmented cork cancel duplexed with "Brockton Mass., Feb 22" cds, red New York (2.23) exchange backstamp, overland to San Francisco, carried by PMSC City of San Francisco to Sydney, then Burrabool May 4th to Melbourne, reverse with Melbourne (5.8) arrival backstamp, original 1876 letter accompanies; small edge tear at left, otherwise Very Fine.
Estimate; $150 - 200.

Upon the United States entry into the GPU/UPU on July 1, 1875, the American Packet rate to non-treaty colonies was lowered to 5¢. Victoria would sign a postal treaty the following year in 1876.
Est. $150-200 (Image)

Est. $150-200

Opening US$ 260.00
Sold...US$ 260.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:55:44 EST
Sold For 260
Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4186

image 1880 (Jul. 27) San Diego, Cal. to Westwood, Tasmania. Cover bearing United States, 1¢ blue (156), 2¢ vermilion (178), two pairs with s.e. at right, and 3¢ green (158), each cancelled by four-ring purple target, matching partial "San Diego, Cal., Jul 27, 1880" cds, "San Francisco, Rec'd, Aug 12" transit cds, carried by PMSC City of New York to Sydney arriving Sep. 25th, Launceston (10.2) arrival backstamp; partial flap, some light staining affects right stamps, Very Fine and attractive three-color franking.
Estimate; $150 - 200.

Confusion with the non-treaty colony rates led to senders prepaying the 12¢ treaty rate before treaties were signed, despite the lower 5¢ rate prevailing. Tasmania did not sign treaty until 1886. The American packet rates were seldom used.
Est. $150-200 (Image)

Est. $150-200

Opening US$ 1,600.00
Sold...US$ 1,600.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 20:58:34 EST
Sold For 1600

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