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Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions Sale: 93

United States
Two Capes - Private Ship Rates

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4006
Cat No: Stampless

image Australian States: South Australia, 1850 (Jun. 2) Adelaide, South Australia to Albany N.Y. via Great Britain. Datelined folded letter sent with 6 pence ship letter paid in cash, sent by private ship via Cape Horn to Great Britain, reverse with framed "9 OC 1850, Liverpool Ship" transit and matching "ART-2" straightline and "8" handstamp for 8d ship letter, manuscript "32 Cents" debit rating, carried by Cunard Line Asia from Liverpool Oct. 12th to New York arriving Oct. 23rd, red "New-York, Oct 23" exchange backstamp and ms. "37" due rating, Very Fine.
Estimate; $400 - 600.

This is the earliest of fifteen 37¢ collect covers recorded by Winter and Forster (Chronicle Nov 1990). Earliest of twelve ART-2 covers recorded by Ben Palmer in Sydney Views, and one of only two with the handstamp on the front of the cover. The ART-2 device was sent from London to Liverpool on 21 Feb 1850 to be used to show letter-bill accounting number on unpaid transit mail from a foreign country to the United States.
Est. $400-600 (Image)

Est. $400-600

Opening US$ 1,300.00
Sold...US$ 1,300.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 18:08:21 EST
Sold For 1300

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4008

image Australian States: Victoria, 1853 (Jun. 1) Melbourne, Victoria to New Bedford Mass. Datelined folded letter with partial indistinct "Paid at Bendigo CK." and red manuscript "Registered" and "2" pence prepaid to Melbourne, reverse with partial "Melbourne, Victoria, JU 1, 1853" rimless backstamp, carried by private ship Typhoon via Cape Horn to England, red London (9.29) transit backstamp with "1/2" due rating updated to "28" cent debit to U.S., carried by Havre Line Humboldt from Southampton Oct. 1st to New York arriving Oct. 14th, "New.York, Am. Packet. Oct 15" exchange cds with manuscript. "49" cent due rating; cover tears and wear, Fine and rare.
Estimate; $750 - 1,000.


The 28¢ debit (1s/2d) to U.S. for 8d private ship rate plus 6d G.B. registration. The 49¢ final due rating for 37¢ collect private ship letter rate plus 12¢ British registration fee.

Reference: Illustrated and described in article "Foreign Registered Mail: 1855-1875, Part Two: British" by Dr. James Milgram, Chronicle 262, May 2019, pp. 178-180, fig. 19.
Est. $750-1,000 (Image)

Est. $750-1,000

Opening US$ 850.00
Sold...US$ 850.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 18:09:40 EST
Sold For 850

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4010
Cat No: 8a

image Australian States: New South Wales, 1853 (Aug. 16) Melbourne, Victoria to Wooster Oh. Cover bearing Victoria, Half-length, Third Printing, 1d dull red (SG 8a) single and abnormal pair, position. 22, 23-21 with 21 being substituted transfer, tied by "1 V" barred ovals, matching "Melbourne, Victoria, AU 16, 1853" rimless datestamp, carried as endorsed by non-contract sailing of GSSC Argo via Cape of Good Hope to England, red London (10.28) transit backstamp with manuscript "8" due rating updated to "32" cent debit to U.S., carried by Cunard Line America from Oct. 29th to Boston arriving Nov. 13th, "Boston Br. Pkt. Nov 13" exchange cds with matching "37" due handstamps for the 37¢ rate, "Worcester Mass., Nov 14" cds and manuscript "Missent" rating; some edge wear, F.-V.F.
Estimate; $2,000 - 3,000.


The 1d dull red pair is positions 23-21 on Ham's lithographic stone, 21 being a substituted transfer. Described and referenced in Barwis's Half-Length book on pages 59 and 61.
Est. $2,000-3,000 (Image)

Est. $2,000-3,000

Opening US$ 9,000.00
Sold...US$ 9,000.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 18:11:26 EST
Sold For 9000

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4012

image 1853 (Oct. 26) Newburgh N.Y. to Penrith, New South Wales. Orange cover with red "Newburgh N.Y., Oct 26" cds and matching "Paid" handstamp with red crayon "37" cent prepaid rating, red "New.York, Am. Packet, Oct 29" exchange cds and magenta "16" cent credit to G.B., carried by Collins Line Atlantic from New York Oct. 29th to Liverpool arriving Nov. 9th, red London Pad (11.10) transit cds, carried by City of Sydney via Cape of Good Hope, "Penrith N.S.W.AP 15, 1854" rimless backstamp and matching large "5" pence due rating for ship letter fee to inland town, original enclosed letter; some edge wear, Very Fine.
Estimate; $750 - 1,000.


Est. $750-1,000

Opening US$ 600.00
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 18:12:54 EST
Sold For 600

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4014
Cat No: 18

image Australian States: Victoria, 1854 (Sep. 4) Melbourne, Victoria to Monmouth County, N.J., U.S.A. Blue folded letter bearing Victoria, 1s blue (18), margins to touched, tied by "1 V " barred oval, matching "Melbourne, Victoria, SE4, 1855" rimless oval, carried as endorsed by ship Croesus via Cape Horn to England, red London (12.15) cds with ms. "8" pence due for ship rate, manuscript "16" cent debit to U.S., carried by Collins Line Atlantic from Liverpool Dec. 18th to New York arriving Dec. 31st; some edge wear, Very Fine.
Estimate; $1,000 - 1,500.


The steamship "Croesus" sailed from Melbourne on 10 September 1854. Her propeller broke near New Zealand and she limped around Cape Horn under sail. After repairs were attempted at Ascension Island, the "Croesus" finally arrived at Southampton on Dec. 15th. This letter was in transit for 112 days.
Est. $1,000-1,500 (Image)

Est. $1,000-1,500

Opening US$ 850.00
Sold...US$ 850.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 18:14:23 EST
Sold For 850
Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4015

image 1855 (Feb. 22) Rushville N.Y. to Melbourne, Australia. Cover endorsed "Adams & Co. Express" at left with blue "Rushville N.Y., Feb 22" cds and matching "Paid" handstamp with manuscript. "37" cent prepaid rating, red "New-York, Br. Pkt. Feb 27" exchange cds backstamp with magenta "28" cent credit to G.B., carried by Cunard Line Asia from Boston Feb. 28th to Liverpool arriving Mar. 10th, red London Paid (3.12) transit cds and matching "1d" colonial credit handstamp for contract sailing, carried by Marco Polo to Melbourne, partial arrival backstamp; flap tears and edge wear, F.-V.F.
Estimate; $500 - 750.

Endorsed to be sent by Adams & Co. outside the mails, but mailed instead because Adams was in financial difficulties and was about to shut down its Melbourne branch. This is one of several United States covers recorded prepaid 37¢ cents but sent by contract packet from England, so overpaid 33¢ rate.
Est. $500-750 (Image)

Est. $500-750

Opening US$ 290.00
Sold...US$ 290.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 18:14:49 EST
Sold For 290

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