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Spink USA Sale: 173

United States
Stamp Collections & Balances

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 143
Symbol: **
Cat No: Collection

Mint 20th century consignment balance, consisting of one binder filled with 29c and 32c self-adhesive booklet panes, a nicely-mounted study of the United States flag on stamps and postal stationery, with die cut singles, coils, etc., five recalled Legends of the West souvenir sheets, mint sheet folder with various mostly 1980s/90s issues, binder of regular issues from 1954-91, clean and very fine throughout, with noteworthy face value along with the more uncommon items.

Est. $750-1,000

Opening US$ 850.00
Sold...US$ 850.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:46:16 EST
Sold For 850

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 144
Symbol: **
Cat No: Collection

Mint sheet & multiples accumulation, in fifteen sheet folders, most appear to be denominations below 10c and from the 1940s/60s, yet still noteworthy face value, some duplication, fresh and chiefly fine-very fine.

Est. $200-300

Opening US$ 280.00
Sold...US$ 280.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:46:58 EST
Sold For 280

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 145
Symbol: o
Cat No: Collection

Fancy cancel and postmark reference collection, well over a thousand stamps, mostly Banknote issues, though note also back of the book, Columbians, and others, including examples of many desirable strikes, a review yielding skull and crossbones, man with hat, running chicken, donkey, insects, fish, many ornate stars, corks, and leaves, chiefly fine, an attractive collection, filling two large stockbooks and an album, many dubious strikes, still a useful reference collection of this very popular area.

Est. $2,000-3,000

Opening US$ 2,200.00
Sold...US$ 2,200.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:48:00 EST
Sold For 2200

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 146
Symbol: **/*/

Voluminous estate of Post-WWII, mostly mounted on White Ace pages and housed in over 20 binders filling four cartons, beginning in the 1940s and progressing through to the mid-1990s, a strong degree of completion for the period, including not only the basic stamps but complemented by blocks, plate blocks as well as coil pairs and line pairs, booklet panes and booklets, plate number coil strips, modern sheets and sheetlets, including recalled Legends of the West, the odd cover to be found within, noteworthy face value, a good lot for the enthusiast of twentieth century philately.

Est. $750-1,000

Opening US$ 1,100.00
Sold...US$ 1,100.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:48:35 EST
Sold For 1100

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 147
Symbol: **/*/

Balance of consignment in five albums, and a few folders, including one album of United States commemoratives, mix of mint and used, with 1893 Columbians and 1898 Trans-Mississippi complete but with faults, two Scotts American Stamp albums with useful back-of-the-book, noting used 10c Executive, unused 90c Navy, and used 90c State, condition truly mixed, so inspection is encouraged.

Est. $500-750

Opening US$ 2,800.00
Sold...US$ 2,800.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:50:32 EST
Sold For 2800

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 148
Symbol: **/*/
Cat No: Collection

image Group of quality mint & used stamps, individually selected by a discerning collector, with many choice singles and sets highlights including #12 used, #14 used with c.d.s., #94 unused, #121 used, #133 mint, #135 used, #179 unused, #209 mint, #215 mint, #225 n.h., #226 n.h., #241 used, #242 mint and used, #258 mint, #273 mint, #276 mint, #278 used, #292 mint, #294-299 mint, #302 n.h., #310 mint, #371 hinged plate block of six, #420 n.h., #472 n.h., #523 mint Kansas and Nebraska overprints, #C3 n.h. with "Top" imprint, and many more, significant catalogue value, with most individual stamps and sets cataloguing over $100, a truly lovely group, chiefly fine-very fine, a few possible regummed or reperfed, inspection encouraged to discover the many superior examples included. (Image)

Est. $5,000-7,500

Opening US$ 8,000.00
Sold...US$ 8,000.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:52:30 EST
Sold For 8000

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 149
Symbol: */**
Cat No: Collection

Mint collection with United Nations, in three Lindner hingeless albums, the USA beginning with 1904 Louisiana Purchase, noting mostly complete 1923-26 issues, 1926 White Plains sheet, complete Kansas and Nebraska overprints, then appears complete for the available spaces from 1930s until 1969, complemented by imperforate pairs including 2c 1909 Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition, 2c 1909 Hudson River, and 1935 National Parks, etc, the United Nations comprehensive from the first issues to early 1970s, including the 1955 souvenir sheet never hinged, chiefly very fine, and a good basis for continuation.

Est. $400-500

Opening US$ 650.00
Sold...US$ 650.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:53:55 EST
Sold For 650

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 150
Symbol: */**/
Cat No: Collection

Superior quality balance of consignment, on stock cards in three binders, predominantly from the1851 issues to Washington-Franklins, the early issues being mostly used, noting #7, 9, 17, 25, 35, 68, 112 unused and o.g. examples, note also colored and fancy cancels Trans-Mississippi mint and used, the used to the 50c, Pan-American sets in mint and used, American Bank Note Co. issues including 1890-3 used to the 30c, extensive Bureau issues and Washington-Franklins, including many never hinged examples, imperforate blocks and pairs, back-of-the-book including officials with navy and executive issues, postage dues, parcel post, special handling, airmails, postal agency in China, a wonderful lot, chiefly with bright, fresh colors, and often very fine, the result of careful selection by a quality-conscious collector, some possible regummed or reperforated, much value to be found through careful review.

Est. $3,000-4,000

Opening US$ 4,500.00
Sold...US$ 4,500.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:55:00 EST
Sold For 4500

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 151
Symbol: */**/
Cat No: Collection

Mostly mint collector's accumulation>Q, two large cartons full of stockbooks of duplicated mint singles and multiples, largely 1930s through 1960s, a few hundred Minkus album pages with mounted blocks of four and larger, two Lighthouse hingeless albums, sparse among the early issues through note three-margin used #17, good selection of used 1861 Banknote issues, mint Columbians to the 50c, largely complete mint from the 1920s through 1980s, two stockbooks of earlier material, noting mint airmails including a 65c Graf Zeppelin, good Special Delivery, Columbian and Washington-Franklin mint duplicates, mixed condition among the earlier issues though chiefly very fine in later years, a good sorting project.

Est. $500-750

Opening US$ 2,500.00
Sold...US$ 2,500.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:56:37 EST
Sold For 2500

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 152
Symbol: */**/
Cat No: Collection

Powerful collection in four albums, filled with desirable items, beginning with 1845 New York Postmasters Provisional, #1 four-margin used with bold red cancel, #2 used just touching at bottom, #8 1c blue Type II, #12 and #16 used (both cut close), #27 with dated cancel, #31 used, 1861-2 Second Issues include #64 used, #68 unused, higher values including #72 and 78, good selection of grills including many scarcer examples, note #79 used, #84 used, #85, #85E, #99, and #101 used (horizontal crease), 1869 Bank Note issues complete used, 1869 Re-Issue including mint #123 and unused #132, 1871 Bank Notes with #140 and 155 used, mint examples including #148, 149, 150 and 151, fulsome selection of 1879 issues on soft porous paper, 1890-93 ABN issues complete mint, 1893 Columbians complete mint, 1894 Bureau issues complete used, 1898 watermarked issues #279-84 mint, 1898 Trans-Mississippi complete mint, an exceptional range of Washington-Franklin issues, mostly mint and with bright fresh colors, note complete 1908-9 #331-42, experimental blued paper including #366, mint #440, 460, 477, and 523, complemented by a wonderful selection of mint and used coil singles and pairs as well as booklet panes, enhanced by comprehensive post-war regular issues and a selection of mint sheets, back-of-the-book issues are equally strong, with exceptional and comprehensive officials, complete in many areas, a tremendous number of high-value and key stamps, note Postage Dues used J1-7, J15-21, J22-28, J29-37, and J38-44, 1912-3 Parcel Post complete, Postal Offices in China complete mint, the real strength in officials including 1873 Agriculture issues O1-9 mint, except the 10c which is used, Executive O11-14 mint except 6c used, Interior, Justice O25-34, Navy O35-45, Post Office O47-56, State O57-71 , the top $10 and $20 values being plate proofs, Treasury O72-82, War Department, the scarce 1879 Agriculture on soft porous paper, various other 1879 issues from Interior, Justice, Treasury and War, including O103 unused, O113 unused, impressive selection of valuable Newspaper stamps noting #PR1-4, PR5-7 and PR8 mint, #PR30 1879 ABN Issues to the 48c in plate proofs of varying colors, 1885 issues complete, Hunting Permit Stamps complete to 1993, only the first four examples being used, useful mint Confederate States including Nos. 1-5, 14a with CSA certificate, United States Possessions all represented including Canal Zone, Cuba, Guam including #1-8 and #M1-2, solid Hawaii including mint #6, #22, and #24, strong Philippines including a mint example of the scarce #223A, close inspection is encouraged as condition and centering as expected is mixed among the earlier stamps, with no gum and regummed and some reperforated stamps to be found, yet an impressive and valuable collection, the many desirable and quality stamps making this an exceptional opportunity for the collector or dealer alike.

Est. $40,000-50,000

Opening US$ 32,500.00
Sold...US$ 32,500.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:57:20 EST
Sold For 32500

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 153
Symbol: */**/
Cat No: Collection

Interesting carton of mint & used, a collector's accumulation in seven albums and several envelopes, strong in 1930s/60s with hundreds of plate blocks, an annotated Elbe album with airmails, Philippines, and Canal Zone, a nicely-mounted springback album, with mint and used, beginning with 1901 Pan-Am issues, progressing through to 1930s including imperforates and coils, a mostly mint Liberty album, largely complete (hinged) from 1930s through the 1960s, album of postal stationery and envelope of covers, a good sorting project.

Est. $300-400

Opening US$ 575.00
Sold...US$ 575.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:58:26 EST
Sold For 575
Sale No: 173
Lot No: 154
Symbol: */o
Cat No: Collection

Confederate States mint and used reference collection, thirty three mint and used singles, selected as a shade study, largely 5c and 10c Jefferson Davis issues in a variety of blue and gray-blue shades, also three 2c Calhoun in varying shades of red-brown and four 20c Washington, also note used block of fifteen 10c blue Davis (edge faults), complemented by two stock pages with several dozen mostly Jefferson Davis stamps identified as fakes and facsimiles, along with two covers franked with #11 and #12 (various faults), mixed condition though there are many fine examples to be found, an interesting study lot.

Est. $300-400

Opening US$ 260.00
Sold...US$ 260.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:58:56 EST
Sold For 260

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