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Spink USA Sale: 173

United States
Postal History Collections & Balances

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 155
Symbol: C
Cat No: Collection

Stampless ship mail postal history collection, written-up on album pages, with a detailed examination of rates and routes of the period, highlights including an early 1772 folded ship cover from Manchester to Philadelphia via New York, sent per "the Hope" with 9 FE Bishop mark and NEW/YORK straight-line (small repair at right), 1789 and 1791 folded letters with Baltimore straight-lines to New York, 1796 free frank from Albany to Philadelphia, a superb 1797 folded ship letter from Bordeaux to Philadelphia via Boston, unusual 1798 folded letter from Alexandria, Virginia to the Vice-Consul of France in Baltimore, datelined "27 Floreal" using the French revolutionary calendar, 1816 Hudson N. York ornamental c.d.s. on folded letter to New Haven, lovely 1834 steam boat letter from Savannah to Portsmouth N.H., 1838 New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina, forwarded by Gilpin's Exchange, 1840 Bristol Ship Letter from Philadelphia to Yorkshire per the Great Western, 1840 ship letter Hamburg, Germany to New York via Philadelphia, clear strike of "Tallahassee Flo" oval territorial datestamp on folded letter to New York, 1842 packet letter from New Orleans to Bordeaux, circa 1840s Keeseville to Moriah, New York, endorsed "stage driver will leave this at the store," nice group of 1840s railroad covers, 1849 New Orleans to Paris via England, over thirty items in all, many better examples, with an array of ship mail handstamps, postmarks, and rate markings, a wonderful and select collection of mostly very fine covers.

Est. $750-1,000

Opening US$ 900.00
Sold...US$ 900.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:59:30 EST
Sold For 900

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 156
Symbol: C

WWII Army Post Offices in Canada cover group, an interesting group of a dozen items sent from APOs in Canada, including one from the 908th Automotive Maintenance Co at APO 724 (Dawson Creek, Yukon), three from various units at APO 702 (Whitehorse, Yukon), and eight from APO 997 (Prince Rupert, British Columbia), including one on an attractive patriotic cover, an uncommon group, particularly in such top quality, very fine.

Est. $200-300

Opening US$ 150.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 13:59:54 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 157
Symbol: C
Cat No: Collection

Exceptional and comprehensive postal card collection, mounted in five albums and extensively annotated, including mint and used examples, the first volume beginning with the 1873 Liberty Issues, progressing through to the 1921 revalued Washington cards, with a dizzying number of varieties, from minor examples to scarcer cards, noting #UX7 "One Cent" re-entry, UX11 "Picture Hanger" variety, UX27C Die I and UX27D Die II with inverted cancel, several dozen varieties of UX32 and UX33, the next three volumes continuing from 1920 through 1986, with an additional volume of airmail cards, impressive degree of completion with hundreds of specialized items unlisted in Scott but noted in the UPSS catalogue, superior quality and exceptional in its comprehensiveness, ideal for the specialist to continue this lifetime's work.

Est. $4,000-5,000

Opening US$ 2,600.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 14:00:29 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 158
Symbol: C
Cat No: Collection

Airmail postal stationery comprehensive collection, in two binders, with detailed annotations, with the exception of the first 1929 issues most are covers and letter sheets, beginning with various border types of UC1, including a scarce cover with border omitted, a fulsome study of dies and types follows, including more difficult items and varieties such as UC1a, UC2 Die 2 with border type D, and unusual air letters including UC16r with die cut reversed, UC16w without front overlay, UC16x with no overlay, UC16y with color and inscription omitted, the scarce UC23 6 on 4c Washington & Franklin, UC32b and UC32c Jetliner air letters showing the red and blue omitted respectively, UC38x John F. Kennedy air letter with red omitted, later examples with various die cutting varieties, a wonderful collection with many key items, significant Scott retail value, visually appealing and very fine.

Est. $4,000-5,000

Opening US$ 2,900.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 14:00:54 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 173
Lot No: 159
Symbol: C

Civil War Union patriotic covers, group of forty six unused examples, all appear different, including Magnus designs, various Liberty and Flag illustrations, about a dozen are in color, a few with scattered toning spots, overall clean and very fine.

Est. $300-400

Opening US$ 425.00
Sold...US$ 425.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 14:01:31 EST
Sold For 425
Sale No: 173
Lot No: 160
Symbol: */o
Cat No: Collection

Valuable intact postal stationery lifetime collection, in two large volumes, carefully annotated and impressive in its comprehensiveness, almost entirely cut squares, filled with scarce and challenging material with many key rarities included, beginning with 1853-55 Washington issues, noting U8 and U11 used, 1860-1 issues including the scarce U25 used, 1861 Nesbitts including mint U36 from letter sheet, U42-U45 mint, 1863-5 including the extremely difficult U48 Die 2, with P.F. certificate, U66, U68 , U89, U90, U95, U98 and U98a mint, 1874-86 issues including U108, U109, and the very scarce U124 mint, U154. U176, U195, U195, U200, U212 mint, 1876-86 Plimpton including U226 mint, 1883-6 including U244-6 mint, U247 and the scarce U248 used, U249 mint, the rare U272 used, U276 used, 1887-94 issues including used examples of U308 and U310, U323 mint, 1893 Columbus & Liberty including U350a slate brown error mint, 1899 issues with the scarce mint U373 Lincoln, 1907-16 with U407a-408a mint, 1915-32 with mint U421a, U437g, U437h and U439g, 1920-21 Surcharges including mint U545, U456 and U457, mint U462-U465, U466Ae, U477a, U478 and U479, 1925 Surcharges with mint U486-9, U492a, mint U502-506, U586a with missing overprints, carrying on to the Hologram designs of 1991, many important mint officials also included, almost complete for basic Scott numbers, noting the rare UO8 and UO13, UO19 (small spot on indicia), UO22, UO39, UO60, UO66. and UO69, huge Scott retail value, a superb top-quality collection with many significant items, representing a lifetime of dedicated effort..

Est. $15,000-20,000

Opening US$ 23,000.00
Sold...US$ 23,000.00

Closed..Jan-29-2020, 14:02:23 EST
Sold For 23000

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