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Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions Sale: 93

United States
Golden Age

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4075

image Australian States: New South Wales, 1854 (May 9) Sydney, New South Wales to Clarkstown N.Y. via Panama. Datelined blue folded gold rush letter bearing New South Wales, 3d green, tied by barred oval, carried as endorsed by Steamer Golden Age from Sydney to Panama arriving Jun. 19th, across Isthmus by mule and canoe to Aspinwall, then U.S. Mail S.S. Co. vessel to New York where "Steamship 20" in circle due handstamp struck, Very Fine.
Estimate; $500 - 750.

A coaling stop was made at Tahiti, but this route involved unfavorable winds and ocean currents which led to high coal costs for this inefficient paddle steamer.

Apparently only two covers to the United States have survived from this "Golden Age" sailing, the this lot and the following lot. See "Golden Age", Forster, Dale, The Informer, Oct, 2011.
Est. $500-750 (Image)

Est. $500-750

Opening US$ 475.00
Sold...US$ 475.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 19:14:38 EST
Sold For 475

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4080
Cat No: 2

image Australian States: South Australia, 1855 (Aug. 23) Adelaide, South Australia to San Francisco Cal. via Panama. Cover bearing South Australia, 2d dull carmine (2) strip of three, large margins except touched at right, cancelled by manuscript and circle of bars killers, red "Paid, Adelaide S.A., AU23, 1855" cds and matching "Registered No." straightline, red manuscript "6" pence prepaid rating for registration fee, carried by private ship across Pacific to Valparaiso, then ship to San Francisco where "20" due handstamp for 20¢ steamship rate over 2,500 miles; cover tears and nick at bottom right, Fine, with 1997 Holcombe certificate and signed by him.
Estimate; $2,000 - 3,000.


References: Illustrated and Discussed in Milgrams "Foreign Registered Mail: 1855-1875, Part Two: British" in the Chronicle May 2019, p. 180, fig. 20.
Est. $2,000-3,000 (Image)

Est. $2,000-3,000

Opening US$ 2,300.00
Sold...US$ 2,300.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 19:17:20 EST
Sold For 2300

Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4082
Cat No: Stampless

image Australian States: New South Wales, 1856 (Feb. 14) Sydney, New South Wales to Boston Mass. via Valparaiso and New York. Datelined blue folded letter carried privately on ship Cronkbane to Valparaiso, entered mails with partial "Valparaiso, MY 6, 1856" backstamp and red "Paid at Valparaiso" crown mark with red crayon "4" shilling prepaid packet rating for quadruple the 1s packet rate to Panama, railroad across Isthmus, then USMSC vessel to New York where "N.York, Steamship" circular postmark and matching "80" in circle due handstamp for quadruple the 20¢ steamship rate, Very Fine.
Estimate; $1,000 - 1,500.


Est. $1,000-1,500

Opening US$ 850.00
Sold...US$ 850.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 19:19:40 EST
Sold For 850
Sale No: 93
Lot No: 4087
Cat No: 18

image Australian States: Victoria, 1858 (Sep. 21) Melbourne, Victoria to Baltimore Md. via Panama and New York. Blue folded letter bearing Victoria, 1s blue, margins to touched, tied by numeral "1" barred circle, matching "Melbourne, SE-21 58" backstamp and framed "Detained for "2d" Postage" handstamp, red "G.P.O. Melbourne, Insufficiently Paid" oval handstamp, private ship to Panama, across the Isthmus by railroad, contract steamship to New York where "Steamship 10" circular due handstamp for 10¢ steamship rate struck, Very Fine.
Estimate; $500 - 750.

Letter was underpaid for the 14 pence rate via Southampton to the United States border. Since the additional 2 pence was not paid, it was sent via Panama.
Est. $500-750 (Image)

Est. $500-750

Opening US$ 550.00
Sold...US$ 550.00

Closed..Jun-12-2020, 19:22:07 EST
Sold For 550

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