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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. Sale: 1209

United States
Confederate States

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1396
Cat No: 5X1

image Athens Ga., 5c Purple (5X1). Type II, huge margins to full, bright color, light strike of grid cancel, small thin spot at bottom right, otherwise Extremely Fine (Image)

$ 1,400.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 385.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:40:52 EST
Sold For 385

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1397
Cat No: 5X2

image Athens Ga., 5c Red (5X2). Type II, large margin at left, clear to just touched other sides, radiant color, neat grid cancel


Our census contains one half-cover and seven genuine covers with the 5c Red. This count accords with the Crown census. All genuine examples are dated in March or April 1862. In addition, we record three used off-cover examples and the original-gum example from the Sharrer collection (Siegel Sale 1035, lot 6).

With 2018 P.S.E. certificate (Image)

$ 5,750.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 1,600.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:41:29 EST
Sold For 1600

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1398
Cat No: 11X2

image Baton Rouge La., 5c Green & Carmine (11X2). Margins clear to just in, neat strike of circular datestamp cancel, faults and repairs, Fine appearance, with 2018 P.S.E. certificate (Image)

$ 1,400.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 200.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:42:21 EST
Sold For 200

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1399
Symbol: (S)
Cat No: 26X1

image Fredericksburg Va., 5c Blue, 10c Red on Thin Bluish (26X1, 26X2). Unused (no gum), 5c large margins and small repaired hole at center, 10c large margins to in, few faults, Fine-Very Fine appearance, 5c with 2014 P.F. certificate (Image)

$ 3,150.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 500.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:43:10 EST
Sold For 500

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1400
Cat No: 53X8

image Macon Ga., 5c Black on Light Blue Green Laid (53X8). Large to huge margins including part of two adjoining stamps, showing clear laid lines, unobtrusive strike of circular datestamp cancel, light vertical crease, Extremely Fine appearance, the laid paper stamp is far rarer than the wove, this is the first we have offered since 1997, with 2018 P.S.E. certificate (Image)

$ 2,250.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 1,400.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:44:57 EST
Sold For 1400

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1401
Cat No: 61X6

image Nashville Tenn., 10c Green (61X6). Ample margin at right, touched to in on other sides, deep rich color, unobtrusive cancel, corner crease at bottom left, small repair at top, otherwise Fine, scarce, approximately 25 examples known, almost all of which have faults, with 1985 P.F. certificate (Image)

$ 7,500.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 1,500.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:45:46 EST
Sold For 1500

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1402
Symbol: S
Cat No: 81X1

image Tellico Plains Tenn., 5c Red (81X1). Setting A with period after "Johnson", original gum, large margins, ink spot on back shows thru, expert repair, otherwise Very Fine, the Rheatown and Tellico Plains provisionals were printed by the same printer, using a typeset form of three subjects, for the Tellico Plains provisional, which probably followed the Rheatown, the post office and postmaster's names were changed, and the third subject at right was reset with a 10c denomination, only two used examples are recorded, both December 1861 dates (one is a cover), with copy of 1974 P.F. certificate for se-tenant strip of three (Image)

$ 2,500.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 550.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:46:08 EST
Sold For 550

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1403
Symbol: SBL
Cat No: 4(2)

image 5c Blue, Stone 2 (4). Top right corner margin block of 15, usual brownish original gum, ample to large margins other sides, few small faults as expected on such a multiple, Very Fine appearance, Scott Retail as blocks of four, pairs and a single (Image)

$ 4,700.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 750.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:46:29 EST
Sold For 750

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1404
Symbol: SBL
Cat No: 12

image 10c Blue, Die B (12, 12c). Three multiples, incl. two blocks of 25 and a block of 15 with plate no. 3 and large part of Keatinge & Ball imprint, original gum, many stamps Mint N.H., distinctly different shades with Dark Blue and Greenish Blue, few small flaws, Very Fine appearance, Scott Retail without premium for the better shades (Image)

$ 1,550.00

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 900.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:48:01 EST
Sold For 900

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1405
Symbol: SS
Cat No: 13

image 20c Green (13). Mint N.H., massive margins including portions of all adjoining stamps, rich color, Extremely Fine Gem, a superb stamp, with 2019 P.S.E. certificate (Gem 100 Jumbo; unpriced in SMQ above the grade of 98, SMQ $1,110.00 as 98) (Image)


Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 550.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:48:22 EST
Sold For 550

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1406
Cat No: Collection

Confederate States General Issues Balance. Including used No. 1 (two, one on piece), unused Nos. 6-8 and 11-14 (No. 11 is a block of four, No. 14 with top sheet margin), also a sheet margin block of 64 of the 2c Green 1926 Dietz reprint, Very Fine group

E. $ 300-400

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 350.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:48:58 EST
Sold For 350

Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1407
Cat No: Collection

Confederate States Balance. Including used Charleston S.C. No. 16X1 (faulty), General Issues virtually complete (lacking only No. 10), mostly used with a few unused, the better stamps with flaws, otherwise Fine balance, Scott Retail more than $3,400.00

E. $ 400-500

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 650.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:49:26 EST
Sold For 650
Sale No: 1209
Lot No: 1408
Cat No: Collection

Confederate States General Issues Balance. 23 items, including unused Nos. 1, 4 (2), 5, 8 (pair), 14, six blocks of four of No. 13, few used including Nos. 8 (2, one on cover is a fake), some faults, overall Fine-Very Fine

E. $ 500-750

Openings not Provided
Sold...US$ 950.00

Closed..Oct-22-2019, 17:50:15 EST
Sold For 950

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