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Raritan Stamps, Inc. Sale: 92

United States
Air Post stamps and covers
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 271
Symbol: **@
Cat No: C18

image 1933, A Century of Progress Zeppelin Flight, 50c green, top sheet margin plate No.21177 block of four, full original gum with minor usual waves, NH, VF, C.v. $300 as four singles, Est. $100-$150 (Image)

Opening US$ 110.00
Sold...US$ 110.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:38:47 EST
Sold For 110

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 272
Symbol: *
Cat No: C23a

image 1938, Eagle with Shield, 6c dark blue and carmine, vertical pair imperforated horizontally, full OG, trace of hinge mark, F/VF, C.v. $300, Est. $150-$200 (Image)

Opening US$ 170.00
Sold...US$ 170.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:39:26 EST
Sold For 170

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 274
Symbol: **
Cat No: C86a

image 1973, Progress in Electronics, 11c multicolored, a single with vermilion and olive litho colors omitted, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $700, Est. $300-$400 (Image)

Opening US$ 230.00
Sold...US$ 230.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:40:23 EST
Sold For 230

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 276
Symbol: **
Cat No: C108d

image 1983, Summer Olympics, 40c x4 multicolored, top left corner sheet margin plate No.2222 imperforated se-tenant block of four, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $650, Est. $300-$400 (Image)

Opening US$ 275.00
Sold...US$ 275.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:41:31 EST
Sold For 275

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 277
Symbol: **
Cat No: C115a

image 1985, Trans-Pacific Air Mail, 44c multicolored, top left corner sheet margin vertical imperforated pair, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $600, Est. $250-$300 (Image)

Opening US$ 190.00
Sold...US$ 190.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:42:17 EST
Sold For 190

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 278
Symbol: **
Cat No: C125b

image 1989, 20th UPU Congress, Futuristic Mail Delivery, (45c) multicolored, se- tenant block of four with light blue (engraved) color omitted (country name and denomination), full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $500, Est. $250-$300 (Image)

Opening US$ 160.00
Sold...US$ 160.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:42:45 EST
Sold For 160

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 279
Symbol: **
Cat No: C128a

image 1991, Harriet Quimby, 50c multicolored, bottom margin vertical pair imperforated horizontally, perfect condition, full OG, NH, VF and scarce, C.v. $900, Est. $400-$500 (Image)

Opening US$ 350.00
Sold...US$ 350.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:43:18 EST
Sold For 350

Zeppelin Flights
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 280
Symbol: C
Cat No: 531

image Zeppelin Flights. 1925 (May 8-10), Airship Los Angeles Return Flight cover from San Juan to Lakehurst to Cleveland, franked by Franklin 3c green in vertical imperforated pair, red three-line confirmation cachet, postmarked on reverse, F/VF, Sieger #20W, €250, Est. $130-$160 (Image)

Opening US$ 80.00
Sold...US$ 80.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:43:41 EST
Sold For 80

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 281
Symbol: C
Cat No: C13

image Zeppelin Flights. 1930 (June 3-6), 1st Europe - Pan America Round Flight postcard, delivered on legs Lakehurst-Seville, Seville- Friedrichshafen, franked by Zeppelin stamp of 65c green, red German and violet American confirmation markings, Friedrichshafen ''6.6.30'' arrival, the card returned to US by ship on June 18 (green Zeppelin marking is alongside at the bottom), VF, Sieger #64A, Est. $100-$150 (Image)

Opening US$ 160.00
Sold...US$ 160.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:44:10 EST
Sold For 160
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 282
Symbol: C
Cat No: C18

image Zeppelin Flights. 1933 (October 23-November 2), Century of Progress Flight, three US covers on legs Miami - Chicago, Chicago - Friedrichshafen and Akron (second landing) - Friedrichshafen, each one franked by ''Baby'' Zeppelin 50c green, each one with appropriate markings and arrival ds, mostly VF, Est. $150-$200 (Image)

Opening US$ 120.00
Sold...US$ 120.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 13:44:34 EST
Sold For 120

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