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Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Sale: 335


Sale No: 335
Lot No: 206
Cat No: Collection

Accum abt (600) PPC from all periods, a few vintage, many linen era, and much chrome up to modern Continental, a few travel packs, hotels, resorts, historic areas, nature, a bit of everything; some mailed, gen F-VF

Est. $100-125 B

Opening US$ 58.00
Sold...US$ 60.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:04:24 EST
Sold For 60

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 207
Cat No: Collection

Accum (850+) loose in carton, ranges from vintage to early Continental, good variety incl many w/ buildings (skyscrapers, World Trade Center, churches, other famous bldgs); also some greetings, art, RPC, foreign, a few fancy, a few faults, some mailed, gen F-VF

Est. $150-200 B

Opening US$ 75.00
Sold...US$ 95.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:05:23 EST
Sold For 95

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 208
Cat No: Collection

Abt (1600) US & WW unorganized incl some good Tucks "Oilettes," France & Italian pre WWI views, various humor incl military, US Hotels, resorts, automobiles, multi view fold-outs, mainly pre-1960, many mailed, mixed cond faults to F-VF

Est. $150-250 L

Opening US$ 375.00
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:07:38 EST
Sold For 600

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 209
Cat No: Collection

image (850+) accum, good variety incl vintage, RPC, white border, linen, early chrome (about half); incl travel scenes, nature, hotels & resorts, some greetings but few holidays; some mailed, most appear to be from East Coast (from MA to FL); (Image)

Est. $150-200 B

Opening US$ 210.00
Sold...US$ 210.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:08:59 EST
Sold For 210

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 210
Cat No: Collection

Accum abt (650+) most 1900s-1920 wide range hand cancels virtually every State (except Hawaii & Alaska), nice variety scenic, flowers, buildings, holidays & more, some DPOs, 4-bar, duplex stations etc, varied cond, gen F-VF+

Est. $175-250 B

Opening US$ 650.00
Sold...US$ 650.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:10:45 EST
Sold For 650

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 211
Cat No: Collection

(1600+) Vintage to early chrome, sorted by US State, Style or Topic, incl greetings, various holidays, RPC, a few foreign, and some unsorted; also a few old greeting cards, trade cards, misc; expect some typical wear, many mailed, gen F+

Est. $200-300 L (2)

Opening US$ 425.00
Sold...US$ 425.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:12:34 EST
Sold For 425

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 212
Cat No: Collection

image Few (100) PPCs mainly 1930-1960, many multi-colored w/ outstanding Russia cards incls scenic, Christmas, Easter & other holiday cards, some classic movie stars etc, great for eBay (Image)

Est. $250-350 L

Opening US$ 125.00
Sold...US$ 125.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:13:20 EST
Sold For 125

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 213
Cat No: Collection

image (3) New postcard boxes packed w/ all kinds of cards, unsorted, so you'll find everything: much vintage, travel scenes, art, a few foreign, white border, early & modern chromes, travel packs, RPC, some holidays & greetings (flowers), abt (30) Indians, love, famous buildings & monuments, city & country views, more; some faults, many mailed, gen F-VF (Image)

Est. $450-600 L

Opening US$ 260.00
Sold...US$ 260.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:14:20 EST
Sold For 260

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 214
Cat No: Collection

image Valuable vintage postcard lot in (4) cover albums, incl groupings of popular topicals as pretty ladies, Christmas Santas (incl green robe), trains, RPC, early aircraft, fire service, Kewpies, ships, cats, Fairs; also one Brundage Halloween, Leap Year, set of days of the week w/ little girl doing chores, many more; a few up to white border era, mostly vintage, some mailed, minor edge wear, condition overall F-VF (Image)

Est. $800-1,000 L

Opening US$ 725.00
Sold...US$ 725.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:15:15 EST
Sold For 725
Sale No: 335
Lot No: 215
Cat No: Collection

image Accum (1200++) vintage & linen cards in plastic sleeves or modern photo albums; c. 1905-1940 w/ vast majority being vintage, incl some European, RPC, greetings & major holidays, humor, love & flirting, elaborate embossed or add-ons, undivided backs, art, birthday, waterfalls, New England, framed borders, few white border, great selection of the period, some faults to edges or corners, some mailed or w/ writing on back, gen F-VF, great dealer stock here (Image)

Est. $1,000-1,250 L

Opening US$ 450.00
Sold...US$ 450.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 13:15:50 EST
Sold For 450

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