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R. Maresch & Son Auctions Ltd Sale: 569

Great Britain and British Commonwealth

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1173
Symbol: *
Cat No: Collection

image SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: 1/143: Collection of 55 different mint, including Victoria Overprints on top, George V 1912-19 on complete, f-vf. (Image)

Cat. Val. 1145.00

Opening C$ 500.00
Sold...C$ 500.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:06:12 EST
Sold For 500

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1174
Symbol: *
Cat No: 3.var1

image SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: 3var: Victoria 2a pale violet with 'BRIT SH' overprint, in pair with normal, og, lh, fine. (SG 3a - £650) (Image)

Opening C$ 250.00
Sold...C$ 250.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:06:46 EST
Sold For 250

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1175
Symbol: *
Cat No: 14-20

SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: 14-20,21-26: 1903 Victoria and Edward 2½a to 5r, Overprints at bottom, mint og, f-vf. (SG 18/30 £400)

Cat. Val. 454.00

Opening C$ 150.00
Sold...C$ 150.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:07:20 EST
Sold For 150

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1176
Symbol: *
Cat No: 14.var2

image SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: 14var: Victoria 2a ultramarine with 'SUMALILAND' overprint, og, lh, fine. (SG 18b - £250) (Image)

Opening C$ 75.00
Sold...C$ 75.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:08:37 EST
Sold For 75

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1177
Symbol: *
Cat No: 15.var3

image SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: 15var: Victoria 12a purple/red with 'SOMAL.LAND' overprint, in pair with normal, og, separating, fine. (SG 20c - £450) (Image)

Opening C$ 170.00
Sold...C$ 170.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:09:17 EST
Sold For 170

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1178
Symbol: *
Cat No: 21.var1

image SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: 21var-23var: Edward ½a to 2a with 'BRIT SH' overprint, og, lh, fine, light backstamps. (SG 25a,26a,27a - £355) (Image)

Opening C$ 140.00
Sold...C$ 140.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:10:00 EST
Sold For 140

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1179
Symbol: *
Cat No: 21.var3

image SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: 21var,22var: Edward ½a green and 1a carmine with 'SUMALILAND' overprint in pairs with normal, og, lh, fine. (SG 25c,26c - £260) (Image)

Opening C$ 130.00
Sold...C$ 130.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:10:24 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1180
Symbol: *O
Cat No: 21.var4

image SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: 21var-26var: 1903 Edward ½a to 8a all with 'SOMAL.LAND' overprint, 1a with SON cds otherwise mint og, couple hrs, fine. (SG 25d,26d,27d,28c,29c,30c - £785) (Image)

Opening C$ 240.00
Sold...C$ 240.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:11:10 EST
Sold For 240

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1181
Symbol: *
Cat No: 32/44

image SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: 27-39: 1904 Edward ½a to 5r, og, f-vf. (SG 32/44 £250) (Image)

Cat. Val. 300.00

Opening C$ 180.00
Sold...C$ 180.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:11:55 EST
Sold For 180

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1182
Symbol: *
Cat No: 27-39

image SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE: OFFICIALS: O1-O14,O16: 1903 to 1905 virtually complete, og, f-vf. (SG O1/O14 £644) (Image)

Cat. Val. 655.00

Opening C$ 375.00
Sold...C$ 375.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 17:12:31 EST
Sold For 375

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