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R. Maresch & Son Auctions Ltd Sale: 569

Great Britain and British Commonwealth

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1039
Symbol: *O
Cat No: Collection

NEW ZEALAND: Accumulation of mint and used, 1989 to 2002, plus Ross Dependency in 3 stock books plus 19 Prestige booklets, many souvenir sheets and booklets up to 3 of each, mostly f-vf.

Cat. Val. 4225.00

Opening C$ 500.00
Sold...C$ 500.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 15:00:11 EST
Sold For 500

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1040
Symbol: *O

image NEW ZEALAND: 13/769A,AR1/71,B1/B17,etc: Over mint and used to including, used 13, 16, 19, 35, 37, 41, 54, 145-159, 182a, AR12, Semis mint B3-B4, Airs C1-C3, Officials, etc, neatly identified on 102s, earlier quality a bit mixed, appears mostly f-vf. Inspect. (Image)

Cat. Val. 5689.00

Opening C$ 525.00
Sold...C$ 525.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 15:00:47 EST
Sold For 525

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1041
Symbol: OC
Cat No: Collection

NEW ZEALAND: TOWN CANCELS: Extensive collection mounted on pages in 9 volumes generally from 1881 to 1975, thousands of stamps from hundreds of towns, over 450 covers including Queen Victoria postcards, health Semis and some post office forms, etc. Most are on piece and mostly f-vf.

Est. 250+

Opening C$ 575.00
Sold...C$ 575.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 15:01:26 EST
Sold For 575

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1042
Symbol: O
Cat No: 5

image NEW ZEALAND: 5: 1856 2d blue on bluish paper, Auckland print, unwatermarked, imperf, four presentable copies, some margins into/small faults, etc, appear f-vf. (Image)

Cat. Val. 1300.00

Opening C$ 170.00
Sold...C$ 170.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 15:01:48 EST
Sold For 170

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1045
Symbol: *
Cat No: O27

image NEW ZEALAND: B (Image)

Cat. Val. 250.00

Opening C$ 80.00
Sold...C$ 80.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 15:04:11 EST
Sold For 80

Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1043
Symbol: O
Cat No: AR9

image NEW ZEALAND: POSTAL-FISCALS: AR9: 7/6- bronze-grey, with large part N.Z. (CH)RISTCHURCH 7 JE 91 squared circle cancel, fine. (SG F16- £325) (Image)

Cat. Val. 500.00

Opening C$ 90.00
Sold...C$ 90.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 15:02:16 EST
Sold For 90
Sale No: 569
Lot No: 1044
Symbol: O
Cat No: AR75.var

image NEW ZEALAND: POSTAL-FISCALS: AR75.var: 1940 1/3- orange-yellow, INVERTED WATERMARK, used with large slogan cancel, very fine. (SG F191w - £325) (CP Z30(d)Z - $500) (Image)

Opening C$ 20.00
Sold...C$ -120.00

Closed..Jun-30-2022, 15:03:05 EST
Sold For -120

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