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Raritan Stamps, Inc. Sale: 92

Great Britain and British Commonwealth
Malayan States
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 551
Symbol: **/*
Cat No: Collection

image EARLY COLLECTION ON A STOCKPAGE: 1891- 1900, 31 mint stamps, identified by Scott, representing issues of Negri Sembilan, Pahang including overprinted set of #16-20 with OG, hinged, $5 has tiny inclusion at top, Perak with complete surcharged set in MNH condition and two stamps of Selangor, nice and fresh unit, full/large part of OG, NH or hinged, F/VF, C.v. $3,425, SG C.v. is over £3,350, Est. $1,200-$1,500 (Image)

Opening US$ 950.00
Sold...US$ 950.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:43:04 EST
Sold For 950

Group of Booklets
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 552
Symbol: SB
Cat No: Collection

image Group of Booklets. 1979, Flowers, ten intact $3 booklets for various Malayan States, stitched at left or right, two with slight soiling, otherwise F/VF, Est. $75-$100 (Image)

Opening US$ 55.00
Sold...US$ 55.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:44:04 EST
Sold For 55

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 538
Symbol: *
Cat No: 4/17

image Johore. 1884-91, ten stamps representing second overprints ''Johor'' on Straight Settlements Queen Victoria of 2c rose (SG types 9-15); and four surcharges 2c on 24c green (SG types 17-20), all arranged on Exhibition style pages, full/large part of OG, F/VF, SG #9/20, var, C.v. £1,100, Est. $400-$600 (Image)

Opening US$ 350.00
Sold...US$ 350.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:35:30 EST
Sold For 350

Negri Sembilan
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 540
Symbol: *
Cat No: 1-35

image Negri Sembilan. COMPLETE PRE-WORLD WAR II COLLECTION ON PAGES: 1891-41, Tiger and Coat of Arms, 41 mint stamps, starting with black overprint ''Negri Sembilan'' on Straits Settlements Queen Victoria 2c rose, representing all issued stamps with some extras, such as surcharge 1c on 15c with raised stop (SG #15a), black overprint 4c/8c looks questionable (counted as a common stamp), nice quality unit, full OG, LH or hinged, F/VF, SG #1/39, £1,265, Est. $500-$700 (Image)

Opening US$ 375.00
Sold...US$ 375.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:36:17 EST
Sold For 375

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 541
Symbol: *
Cat No: 7-10

image Pahang. 1891, Queen Victoria, black surcharges ''Pahang. 2 cents'' on Straits Settlements of 24c green, complete set of four different surcharge types, arranged on a piece from a Collection, nicely centered, full OG, No.7 and 9 are VLH, No.8 hinged and No.10 with part of OG, VF and rare in complete set, C.v. $3,175, SG #7/10, £3,125, Est. $1,500-$2,000 (Image)

Opening US$ 1,300.00
Sold...US$ 1,300.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:37:12 EST
Sold For 1300

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 542
Symbol: *
Cat No: 1/28

image Pahang. CLASSIC COLLECTION ON PAGES: 1889, 23 mint stamps, starting with Queen Victoria Straits Settlements values overprinted ''PAHANG'' with No.1, 3, 4 x5 (one with raised ''G'' in overprint) and 6 (all with full OG), Tiger stamps and later surcharges, also Perak Tiger and Elephants overprinted ''Pahang'' up to $1, nice quality overall, full/large part of OG, F/VF, SG #1/28, £2,275, Est. $1,000 -$1,200 (Image)

Opening US$ 600.00
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:37:45 EST
Sold For 600

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 546
Symbol: *
Cat No: 47-60

image Perak. 1895-99, Tiger and Elephants, 1c-$5, complete set of 14, watermark Crown CA for ''cents'' and Crown CC for ''Dollar'' values, nice and fresh unit, full OG, LH or previously hinged, mostly VF, C.v. $2,740, SG #66/80, £2,850, Est. $1,400-$2,000 (Image)

Opening US$ 1,300.00
Sold...US$ 1,300.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:39:28 EST
Sold For 1300

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 547
Symbol: *
Cat No: 61

image Perak. 1896, Elephants, $25 green and orange, watermark Crown CC, nicely centered with intact perforation, large part of OG, VF, and very rare, the RPS certificate, C.v. $11,000, SG #80, £12,000, Est. $6,000-$8,000 (Image)

Opening US$ 5,500.00
Sold...US$ 5,500.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:40:39 EST
Sold For 5500

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 549
Symbol: *
Cat No: N3, N6 var

image Perak. JAPANESE OCCUPATION: 1942, two stamps with inverted black overprint (type 1) on Sultan Iskandar 3c green and 8c scarlet, first one has slightly rounded bottom left corner, both with large part of OG, F/VF, this errors are not listed either in Scott or Gibbons Cat., individual RPS certificates, Est. $300-$400 (Image)

Opening US$ 200.00
Sold...US$ 200.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:41:33 EST
Sold For 200

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 550
Symbol: **/*
Cat No: B1a-B3a

image Trengganu. SEMI-POSTAL ISSUES: 1917-18, black error surcharge ''RED CSOSS. 2c'' on Sultan Zenalabidin 3c, 4c and 8c stamps, full OG, NH (8c) or LH/hinged, mostly VF, C.v. $500, SG #19c-20c, 22c, £425, Est. $200-$300 (Image)

Opening US$ 170.00
Sold...US$ 170.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 11:42:13 EST
Sold For 170

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