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David Feldman SA Sale: 20DE

Great Britain and British Commonwealth
Great Britain

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70044
Cat No: Collection

image 1837 William Wyon City Medal in bronze, 55mm, to celebrate Victoria's first visit to the City of London after her accession to the throne, one side showing the Queen's head which was the model for the head on the line-engraved postage stamps of 1840–79, including the Penny Black, 1847–54 embossed stamps of and the postal stationery from 1841–1901, fine and scarce, with only 350 examples struck in bronze, see SG Spec Vol 1 pg. 7. An ideal frontispiece to a Line Engraved, Embossed or Postal Stationery exhibit collection (Image)

Opening EUR 1,200.00
Sold...EUR 1,200.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:37:09 EST
Sold For 1200

1840 1d Black and 1d Red plates 1a to 11
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70051
Symbol: H

image A RARE CANCELLATION ON A PENNY BLACK 1840 1d Black pl.8 RC, fine to good margins, cancelled by London "TOMBSTONE" ds iN red, very fine and a rare cancellation on a Penny Black Expertise: Cert. PE (2002) (Image)

Opening EUR 2,000.00
Sold...EUR 2,000.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:38:46 EST
Sold For 2000

1840 Mulreadys & Caricatures
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70039
Symbol: F

image 1840 Mulreadys & Caricatures. FIFTH OF MAY MULREADY USAGE 1840 (May 5) 1d Mulready wrapper, stereo A25, sent from London to Liverpool the day before it was valid for use and hence with Britannia uncancelled and ms "2" denoting postage due, the top backflap opens up to nicely show a clear London 5 MY 5 / 1840 cds with "TP / EastPlace" hs, some light restoration to repair a central tears, a very rare May Date Mulready with only 9 recorded on this day in Jackson's "May Dates" (Image)

Opening EUR 6,000.00
Sold...EUR 6,000.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:35:26 EST
Sold For 6000

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70040
Symbol: F

image A "FIRST SUNDAY" MULREADY ENVELOPE 1840 (May 10) Mulready 1d envelope, forme 2 stereo A150, sent from Worthing to London and cancelled by bold red Maltese Cross cancellation in an orange shade, reverse showing clear WORTHING / MA 10 / 1840 cds which displays nicely with the open sideflap, fine and rare, with only 16 1d envelopes recorded sent on the first Sunday after issue in Mike Jackson's "May Dates" (this cover illustrated on p.302) (SG from £16'000) (Image)

Opening EUR 4,000.00
Sold...EUR 4,000.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:35:45 EST
Sold For 4000

1841 1d Red
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70053
Symbol: F
Cat No: 8

image SUPERB USAGE OF THE NUMERAL IN CROSS CANCEL 1843 (Apr 5) Wrapper from London to Preston bearing four single four-margin 1d red-brown pl.29 GC-GF (originally a strip of four), beautifully tied by crisp London "2" in MCs, reverse with despatch and arrival cds, exhibition quality cover (Image)

Opening EUR 1,100.00
Sold...EUR 1,100.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:39:30 EST
Sold For 1100

1854-70 Perforated Line Engraved
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70059
Symbol: F,www

image 1854-70 Perforated Line Engraved. AN IMPORTANT HISTORICAL DOCUMENT AND A UNIQUE USAGE ON A BRITISH STAMP 1855 (Jan 28) Entire from Charles Bracebridge, mentor and protector of Florence Nightingale, sent to Italy most unusually by French Post, bearing GB 1854 1d tied by “petits chiffres” “1896” lozenge of Marseilles, believed to be A UNIQUE CANCELLATION ON ANY GB ADHESIVE, with adjacent “ESCADRE DE LA MEDITERRANEE”, a scarce mark even on French mail Note on the contents: “Florence is opposite me, writing to the Secretary of War….” and referring to Lord Raglan as the modern-day “Prometheus Vinctus”. Within the outer entire is a further letter written some days earlier, stating it to be withheld pending the arrival of a consignment of gifts to all at the hospital. The litany of horrors suffered in the war, along with the successes which Florence was able to bring about, covers some eight pages A document of the utmost historical importance, a major centerpiece of any Crimean exhibit, and a unique GB used abroad cover (Image)

Opening EUR 5,500.00
Sold...EUR 5,500.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:40:56 EST
Sold For 5500

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70062
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 53a

image RARE SHADE 1860 1 1/2d rosy Mmauve pl.1 NL, mint nh right marginal with partial inscription "Back be careful no", very fine and fresh example (SG £7'000+) Expertise: Cert. RPS (2013), signed Raybaudi and E. Diena (Image)

Opening EUR 3,200.00
Sold...EUR 3,200.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:41:50 EST
Sold For 3200

1855-1900 Surface Printed » 1865-67 Large Uncolour
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70064
Symbol: C
Cat No: 98

image 1855-1900 Surface Printed » 1865-67 Large Uncoloured Corner Letters, Wmk Large Garter & Emblems. 1865-67 9d Straw pl.4, wmk Emblems, mint og, fine and scarce stamp with fresh colour (SG £4'800) (Image)

Opening EUR 700.00
Sold...EUR 700.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:42:29 EST
Sold For 700

1855-1900 Surface Printed » 1867-83 High Values
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70065
Symbol: H
Cat No: 128

image 1855-1900 Surface Printed » 1867-83 High Values. SUPERB CANCEL 1867-83 10s Greenish Grey on white paper, wmk MC, with crisp and central St. Enoch Square cds, small corner crease, a very attractive example of this scarce high value (SG £3'200) (Image)

Opening EUR 800.00
Sold...EUR 800.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:42:51 EST
Sold For 800

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70066
Symbol: H
Cat No: 137

image 1867-83 £5 Orange BM on white paper with neat Glasgow cds, a very fine and desirable stamp (SG £3'500) (Image)

Opening EUR 2,200.00
Sold...EUR 2,200.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:43:17 EST
Sold For 2200

King Edward VII » 1902-10 De La Rue Issues
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70071
Symbol: CC

image VERY RARE PLATE VARIETY 1902-10 De La Rue 10d slate-purple & deep (glossy carmine) in mint nh right marginal single showing constant variety "dot in right hand 0", very fine and scarce shade which has the appearance of being enamelled (SG Spec. M43(4), £4'500) Expertise: Cert. RPS (1988) & RPS (1993) (Image)

Opening EUR 2,400.00
Sold...EUR 2,400.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:44:31 EST
Sold For 2400

King George V » 1913-19 Seahorse Issues
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70072
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 409wi

image King George V » 1913-19 Seahorse Issues. RARE WATERMARK VARIETY 1915 De La Rue Seahorses 5s carmine, mint nh with INVERTED WATERMARK, very fine and scarce (SG £6'750 for mint nh) (Image)

Opening EUR 2,000.00
Sold...EUR 2,000.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:44:48 EST
Sold For 2000

Queen Elizabeth II
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70075
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 645a

image Queen Elizabeth II. 1963 COMPAC 1s6d with error BLACK OMITTED (cable) in mint nh vertical strip of three with two normals, very fine and rare variety especially in pair with a normal, with only 22 examples recorded by Pierron (SG £7'000+) (Image)

Opening EUR 2,800.00
Sold...EUR 2,800.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:46:19 EST
Sold For 2800

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70076
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 928a

image 1973 County Cricket 3p W. G. Grace with error GOLD OMITTED (Queen's head), mint nh, tiny bend at top left otherwise very fine, with only about 29 mint examples recorded by Pierron (SG £6'000) Expertise: Cert. BPA (2013) (Image)

Opening EUR 1,600.00
Sold...EUR 1,600.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:47:16 EST
Sold For 1600

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 70079
Symbol: CC,C,
Cat No: MS1058c

image Telegraphs. RARE REVENUE SPECIMEN 1877 £1 Telegraph colour trial in dull mauve in mint imperf. block of four with SPECIMEN type 8 overprint, one stamp mint nh, very fine and attractive block (SG £3'200+) (Image)

Opening EUR 1,400.00
Sold...EUR 1,400.00

Closed..Dec-03-2020, 13:48:34 EST
Sold For 1400

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