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David Feldman SA Sale: 20DG

Great Britain and British Commonwealth
1855-1900 Surface Printed » 1887-1900 Jubilee Issu

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80209
Symbol: P

image De La Rue archive page showing the results of experiments to show what happens to stamps from the 1887 Jubilee set of 10 and the 1881 1d lilac if "detergents" are applied in an attempt to remove a "Post Office obliteration" or a manuscript cancel, with all 11 stamps at top showing a very faded appearance as a result and 10 stamps (excl. 1/2d) below showing the chemical applied in a diagonal stripe, a stunning and unique item (Image)

Opening GBP 10,000.00
Sold...GBP 10,000.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 05:24:47 EST
Sold For 10000

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80210
Symbol: CC,C,
Cat No: 197/214

1887-1900 Jubilee issue mint selection on a stockpage incl.1/2d vermilion block of 6, 1/2d green block of 15, 1 1/2d (4), 2d (washed), 2 1/2d (3) 3d (3), 4d, 4 1/2d (6), 5d die I unused, 5d die II (2), 6d (5), 9d, 1s green and 1s green & carmine, slightly mixed condition with some with bends/creases

Opening GBP 130.00
Sold...GBP 130.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 05:25:21 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80213
Symbol: C
Cat No: 200wi

image 1887-1900 Jubilee issue 2d green and carmine with INVERTED WATERMARK, mint og, very fine (SG £1'200) (Image)

Opening GBP 300.00
Sold...GBP 300.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 05:26:33 EST
Sold For 300

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80215
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 201 var

image 1887-1900 Jubilee issue 2 1/2d purple on blue showing variety IMPERFORATE TOP MARGIN in mint nh strip of three, small tear at top right of right stamp and light vertical gum bend on central stamp, one of only two strips of three showing this variety, a Jubilee showpiece (SG Spec. K31b £12'000+) (Image)

Opening GBP 3,200.00
Sold...GBP 3,200.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 05:27:19 EST
Sold For 3200

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80216
Symbol: CC,C,
Cat No: 204

image 1887-1900 Jubilee 3d Purple on orange in mint block of four, lower pair mint nh, weak perfs between stamps and possibly rejoined, very fine, ex "Verus". (Image)

Opening GBP 1,300.00
Sold...GBP 1,300.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 05:28:12 EST
Sold For 1300

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80222
Symbol: F
Cat No: 211

image 18871-1900 Jubilee issue 1s dull green tied to a 1899 registered envelope by an oval cancel, sent to Paris, a scarce single franking (SG £190) (Image)

Opening GBP 140.00
Sold...GBP 140.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 05:30:10 EST
Sold For 140

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80223
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 212

image 1891 £1 Green OB, mint nh, very fine, rare (SG £7'500)
1891 £1 Green. Superb unmounted o.g. example lettered OB, beautiful fresh colour and gum. (Image)

Opening GBP 2,200.00
Sold...GBP 2,200.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 05:30:38 EST
Sold For 2200
Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80224
Symbol: J,DCE
Cat No: 213

image 1900 1/2d Blue-Green plate proof in top marginal block of four showing sheet marginal ornament, un-inked patch on one stamp (not a scuff), fine and attractive multiple, plus normal mint block of four (Image)

Opening GBP 80.00
Sold...GBP 80.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 05:31:00 EST
Sold For 80

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