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David Feldman SA Sale: 20DG

Great Britain and British Commonwealth
1847-54 Embossed

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80118
Symbol: H
Cat No: 54

image 1847-54 Embossed 1s green pair, just cut into at left, with neat "466" numerals of Liverpool and red "PAOD" US hs, very fie (Image)

Opening GBP 280.00
Sold...GBP 280.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 04:50:45 EST
Sold For 280

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80119
Symbol: H
Cat No: 58

image 1847-54 Embossed 6d (wmk reversed) horizontal pair with margins all around, each lightly cancelled by black "877" Whitehaven (Cumbria) numeral; very scarce in this quality (Image)

Opening GBP 700.00
Sold...GBP 700.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 04:51:03 EST
Sold For 700

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80121
Symbol: H
Cat No: 58

image 1847-54 6d Embossed, wmk reversed, four margined example lightly cancelled by "493" numeral of Maidstone, slightly toned paper, fine (Image)

Opening GBP 360.00
Sold...GBP 360.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 04:51:34 EST
Sold For 360

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80123
Symbol: F

image 1849 (Mar 1) Entire to Mexico bearing 1847-54 1s green pair with fine to large margins additionally bearing a pair of 1841 2d blue (cut into at top) each neatly cancelled by Manchester "498" numerals in black, reverse with despatch and London cds, a rare combination and scarce destination (Image)

Opening GBP 850.00
Sold...GBP 850.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 04:52:18 EST
Sold For 850

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80124
Symbol: F
Cat No: 57

image 1852 (Oct 5) Entire to Germany bearing 1847-54 Embossed 10d brown die 2 with margins all around, and 1841 1d red-brown, each cancelled by London "13" numerals and both tied by Calais transit cds, reverse with despatch and German arrival, a rare mixed franking, cert. BPA (1996) (Image)

Opening GBP 900.00
Sold...GBP 900.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 04:52:41 EST
Sold For 900

Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80125
Symbol: F

image 1853 Pair of entires to MAURITIUS from the same correspondence from Kingswood, Buntisland, Scotland: 1853 (Apr 10) entire "via Plymouth + General Screw Steamer" with 1s embossed (cut square, no margins) faintly tied by Scottish numeral and Mauritius "PACKET LETTER" oval ds, reverse with Scottish town despatch, Edinburgh and Plymouth ds; and 1853 (Apr 12) entire with embossed 10d (faults at foot) and 1841 2d (faulty) tied by "113" numerals, arrival "PACKET LETTER" ds (Image)

Opening GBP 300.00
Sold...GBP 300.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 04:53:12 EST
Sold For 300
Sale No: 20DG
Lot No: 80126
Symbol: F
Cat No: 55

image 1853 (Mar 15) Wrapper from Bradford (Yorkshire) to London to Russia with 1847-54 1s green die I, good to very large margins, cancelled by crisp "107" numeral, endorsed "7 1/2d" in red manuscript indicating the British credit to the Prussian Post Office, red Aachen transit cds, reverse with Bradford and London cds, fine and scarce in this quality (Image)

Opening GBP 280.00
Sold...GBP 280.00

Closed..Dec-04-2020, 04:53:49 EST
Sold For 280

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