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Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Sale: 335

Germany and German Colonies

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 1004
Symbol: **
Cat No: 9NB3a

image 9NB3a VF+ NH 1949 Currency Victims S/S, fresh (Image)

Cat. $975

Opening US$ 250.00
Sold...US$ 250.00

Closed..Jul-14-2021, 16:04:55 EST
Sold For 250

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 1006
Cat No: Collection

image Collection (100s) */O in an older Springback album w/ issues 1948 to 1987 incl used 9N13-16, 9N18, 9N39-40, 9N42-60, 9N75-79, 9N94-98, 9NB5 & unused 9N70-74, 9N99-100, 9NB6-7 & others, gen F-VF H/NH (Image)

Est. $100-150 A

Opening US$ 80.00
Sold...US$ 80.00

Closed..Jul-14-2021, 16:05:47 EST
Sold For 80

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 1007
Cat No: Collection

Soviet Occupation Zone "Bezirk" collection on quadrille pages, incl unused & used, some on piece, couple of covers & postal cards, minor dup, some appear to be complete sets; gen F-VF mostly hinged

Est. $150-250 LE

Opening US$ 95.00
Sold...US$ 95.00

Closed..Jul-14-2021, 16:06:09 EST
Sold For 95

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 1008
Cat No: Collection

image Collection (100s) */O in a Safe hingeless specialty album w/ issues 1948 to 1986 incl used 9N1-20, 9N21-34, 9N35-41, 9N61-63, 9N68, 9N75-79, 9NB4-5 & unused 9N69-74, 9NB1-3, 9NB3a & others, gen F-VF H/much NH (Image)

Est. $250-350 A

Opening US$ 350.00
Sold...US$ 350.00

Closed..Jul-14-2021, 16:06:33 EST
Sold For 350

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 1009
Cat No: x400

image (100s) in Binder w/ home made pgs */O incl unused #9N1-20, 9N33-4, 9N68, 9N69, 9N70-74, 9N75-9 NH, 9N284-301 NH, 9NB1-3, 9NB8-11 NH, & Used 9N21-32, 9N35-41, 9N61-3, 9N64-7, 9N80, 9N84-93, 9N94-8, 9N99-100, 9N108-110, 9NB4-5, 9NB6-7 plus issues up to 1972 about 90% comp w/ owner's 2021 CV $6,715, few faults mainly VF H/NH (Image)

Est. $400-550 A

Opening US$ 220.00
Sold...US$ 220.00

Closed..Jul-14-2021, 16:07:11 EST
Sold For 220

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 1010
Cat No: Collection

image Fairly complete used collection in Schaubek album to 1990, lacking just a few early ovpts, attractive group, owner's CV; gen F-VF (Image)

APX CV $2,650 A

Opening US$ 300.00
Sold...US$ 300.00

Closed..Jul-14-2021, 16:07:36 EST
Sold For 300
Sale No: 335
Lot No: 1011
Cat No: x600

image (2) Vol Lighthouse deluxe album, pages 1949-2006, virtually complete used, some tagged & booklet stamps, album in great shape, gen F-VF+ (Image)

Est. $600-800 L

Opening US$ 350.00
Sold...US$ 260.00

Closed..Jul-14-2021, 16:07:53 EST
Sold For 260

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