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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC Sale: 730

Germany and German Colonies
Cover Collections - Including Europe, Asia and Lat

Sale No: 730
Lot No: 2064
Cat No: Collection

image Belgium & Colonies, Cover & Card Collection, 1850-1960. Approximately 409 Belgium cards & covers and 23 Belgian Congo cards & covers, first day covers, advertising including Hamburg Amerika Linie, mint & used postal stationery, picture postcards, meters, postage dues, Brussels Exposition, destinations, propaganda, first flights and some ephemera, clean, attractive & valuable, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $2,500 - 3,500. Suggested Bid $2,500-3,500 (Image)

Suggested Bid $2,500-3,500

Opening US$ 1,400.00

Closed..Nov-02-2019, 16:59:54 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 730
Lot No: 2072
Cat No: Collection

image France, Rixheim Postal History Exhibition Collection, 1809-89. A thoroughly annotated single-frame (16-page) presentation showing the postal upheavals of 19th-century Franco-German enmity.

Rixheim, a small town in the Haut-Rhin Département of Upper Alsace, changed hands between France and Germany five times between 1870 and 1945, resulting in as many changes of postal administrations, issues and markings. This collection focuses on the 1800s, with 40 covers or cards. The story begins with two pre-philatelic covers (dated 1809 and 1833), with stampless covers continuing even after the issuance of France's first stamps (the Haut-Rhin not being provisioned until the early 1850s). Napoléons follow until 1871 with the use of German Occupation stamps, which continues until February 1872. At this point we find, thanks to neither country recognizing the other's postal authority, double-franked (French double affranchissement) covers until the Germans renounced this agreement in May, when solely German frankings were used.

Four French cancels were used for the town during this period, each of which is included here: Type 15 1) without stamps, 2) with small numeral "2685", 3) with large numeral "3154", and 4) Type 16 plus "3154". Special interest material is found throughout, with money letters, turned covers, rural commune box, foreign destinations, a parcel card, a third weight-band letter, Registered, Due, and more.

Rounding out the collection is a fascinating cover from Ecuador using Rixheim's "3154" canceller—one of 25-30 such covers known.

Two Occupation covers accompanied by 2016 Roumet, Schiff & Pagnoux certificates.

A fascinating look at what small-town post offices can offer the postal historian.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500. Suggested Bid $5,000-7,500 (Image)

Suggested Bid $5,000-7,500

Opening US$ 2,500.00

Closed..Nov-02-2019, 17:04:19 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 730
Lot No: 2076
Cat No: Collection

image German Area, Cover Collection, 1920's-1960's. 100+ covers, from early inflation covers through the early 1950's reconstruction to early post horn issues, with 15+ inflation era covers franked with diverse group of stamps on each cover, 574-77 high values cover to Ohio, 577 high value on cover to Ohio, 665-66 first day card, B310-13 set on registered cover to U.S., B310-13 set on airmail cover to California, B320-23 set on cover, B327-30 set on airmail cover to New York, several other early 1950's German semi postals to the U.S., a couple early 1920's airmail covers with Post Horn with Wings and Carrier Pigeon issues, CL3 postal card, 3N1-20 complete set on cover, 4N1-10 and 4N12-13 on cover, 4N13 cover, several Berlin overprints on 1948 cover to Seattle, 9N95 block of four and 9N98 on commercial cover and 9NB3 special cancel on souvenir card, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Michel €5,800 ++ ($6,500) (Owner's).
Estimate $800 - 1,200. Suggested Bid $800-1,200 (Image)

Suggested Bid $800-1,200

Opening US$ 700.00
Sold...US$ 700.00

Closed..Nov-02-2019, 17:05:48 EST
Sold For 700

Sale No: 730
Lot No: 2078
Cat No: Collection

image Germany, WWII Photographs, 1936-45. Over (500) WWII German photograph, with over (240) 9½x7" Photo Atlantic photos, approximately one hundred 6½x4½" photos, and approximately 180 4½x3" photos, images include parades, reviews, combat units, soldiers, the Fuehrer greeting dignitaries, armaments, etc., mixed condition with some chipping of edges, a fascinating group of these historic pictures, Very Fine.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500. Suggested Bid $1,000-1,500 (Image)

Suggested Bid $1,000-1,500

Opening US$ 900.00
Sold...US$ 900.00

Closed..Nov-02-2019, 17:08:04 EST
Sold For 900

Sale No: 730
Lot No: 2079
Cat No: Collection

image German Offices in China, Fantastic Old-Time Postal History Collection. Fascinating old-time mounted collection comprising approximately 80 items, of which about 22 are (mostly) postcards with Boxer Rebellion postmarks, various Corps handstamps, etc.; about 17 lovely covers with a wide range of cancels on Scott #1-6 "China" overprint issues, a POW item, about 24 Kiautschou items, and lots more, a lovely holding, Fine to Very Fine, specialist's delight; examine.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000. Suggested Bid $2,000-3,000 (Image)

Suggested Bid $2,000-3,000

Opening US$ 3,000.00
Sold...US$ 3,000.00

Closed..Nov-02-2019, 17:08:46 EST
Sold For 3000

Sale No: 730
Lot No: 2081
Cat No: Collection

image German Offices in China, Specialized Collection, 1898-1906. Very specialized collection of approximately 250 stamps with many great shades and a great section of cancels with identified city cancels, many singed (many of which are signed by Bothe) and a few early stamps with APS certificates, with 1-6 with duplication of each value for various shades or cancels, 2a-6a plus duplicates of shades, 24-36 with shades of mark values, 37-46, 47-56 with shades of dollar values, six pages full of stamps sorted by cancel, with Amoy, Peking, Canton, Shanghai, Hankau and Tientsin, overall Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $750 - 1,000. Suggested Bid $750-1,000 (Image)

Suggested Bid $750-1,000

Opening US$ 850.00
Sold...US$ 850.00

Closed..Nov-02-2019, 17:09:26 EST
Sold For 850

Sale No: 730
Lot No: 2083
Cat No: Collection

image German Colonies & Offices Abroad, Wide-ranging Postal History Collection. Neatly presented on two-sided, two-pocket black pages in a Safe binder, 49 covers, cards and forms (48 mailed); features China (including two Boxer Rebellion Field P.O.-cancelled cards), Morocco and Turkish Empire; German New Guinea, East Africa (with two covers each franked with 2½h-20h values), Cameroon, South West Africa (including a bisect usage and an International Postal Order), Kiautschou, Caroline Islands, Marshall Islands, Samoa and Togo; several with overprinted German issues; a variety of origin postmarks from each territory, numerous Registered usages, etc.; most to Germany, but note Great Britain, New South Wales, Greece—even a local usage or two, Very Fine, a lovely, clean compilation; inspection invited.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000. Suggested Bid $1,500-2,000 (Image)

Suggested Bid $1,500-2,000

Opening US$ 750.00

Closed..Nov-02-2019, 17:11:04 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 730
Lot No: 2084
Cat No: Collection

image German Colonies: German East Africa, Cover Collection, 1896-1905. Various covers and picture post cards neatly mounted to Scott quadrille pages, with three early 1896 German East Africa surcharge of Germany issues, nine different (mixed Pesa and Heller values green and carmine values) Yacht issues on Picture Post Cards and six covers of various frankings with some good destinations, town cancels and a few Registry usages, unused Morogoro DOA WWI cover prepaid Vorausfrankierung, overall Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750. Suggested Bid $500-750 (Image)

Suggested Bid $500-750

Opening US$ 275.00
Sold...US$ 275.00

Closed..Nov-02-2019, 17:11:19 EST
Sold For 275
Sale No: 730
Lot No: 2085
Cat No: Collection

image Germany, Mint Postal Card Collection, 1945-1960. An exceptionally clean and well organized collection of approximately 580 postal cards, nicely housed in five Lighthouse albums with matching slipcases, each card protected in archival sleeves, please evaluate, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $250 - 350. Suggested Bid $250-350 (Image)

Suggested Bid $250-350

Opening US$ 180.00
Sold...US$ 180.00

Closed..Nov-02-2019, 17:12:02 EST
Sold For 180

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