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Raritan Stamps, Inc. Sale: 92

France and French Colonies
French Colonies

French Guiana
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 75
Symbol: U

image French Guiana. 1921, Cayenne - St. Laurent Flight, Mercury Head, 75c black on gray paper, balanced margins imperforated example, a part of oval special marking, VF and rare, A. Brun guarantee hs, Sanabria #8, Est. $300- $400 (Image)

Opening US$ 450.00
Sold...US$ 450.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 11:55:47 EST
Sold For 450

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 76
Symbol: U

image French Guiana. 1921, St. Laurent - Inini Flight, Shield with Wings, 75c black on salmon paper, neatly cancelled imperforated single, fresh and VF and rare, Sanabria #9, A. Brun guarantee hs, Est. $450-$550 (Image)

Opening US$ 500.00
Sold...US$ 500.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 11:56:40 EST
Sold For 500

New Caledonia
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 77
Symbol: *
Cat No: 180-81

image New Caledonia. 1932, Paris - Noumea Flight issue, black Airplane overprint on 40c bright red and olive green and on 50c violet and brown, complete set of two, full OG, previously hinged, fine, expertized by A. Brun and others, C.v. $950, Est. $300-$450 (Image)

Opening US$ 275.00
Sold...US$ 275.00

Closed..Jan-12-2022, 11:57:07 EST
Sold For 275

French Colonies - Algeria

Semi - Postal issues
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 835
Symbol: **
Cat No: B14-26

image Semi - Postal issues. 1930, Centenary issue, 5c +5c-5fr+5fr, imperforated complete set of 13, nice margins all around, full OG, NH, VF, Dallay #88-100 imp, C.v. €650, Est. $200-250 (Image)

Opening US$ 160.00
Sold...US$ 160.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 14:26:01 EST
Sold For 160

French Colonies - Obock
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 838
Symbol: *
Cat No: 44A-45, 46-64

image 1893-94, Camel and Warriors, 2fr and 5fr, 1c-50fr, two complete sets of 2 and 18, quadrille lines are printed on paper, 5c with tiny inclusion, nice quality unit, full OG, #44A is NH, others are LH or previously hinged, VF and scarce in such condition, ''key'' stamps signed, 25fr and 50fr with Maison Guy certificates, C.v. is over $2,600, Dallay #45-46, 47-64, €3,130, Est. $1,000-$1,200 (Image)

Opening US$ 800.00
Sold...US$ 800.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 14:27:29 EST
Sold For 800

French Colonies - Somali Coast
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 842
Symbol: *
Cat No: 4

image 1894, black surcharge 1(fr) and text ''DJIBOUTI'' on Obock triangle Camel and Rider stamp of 5fr carmine, nicely margined, full OG, LH, VF, expertized by Roumet, Maison Guy certificate, C.v. $700, Yvert #4, €900, Est. $250-$300 (Image)

Opening US$ 375.00
Sold...US$ 375.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 14:28:52 EST
Sold For 375

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 843
Symbol: *
Cat No: 5

image 1894, black overprint ''DJIBOUTI'' on Obock triangle Camel and Rider stamp of 5fr carmine, fresh condition, full OG, previously hinged, VF and scarce, expertized by A. Brun, Maison Guy certificate, C.v. $2,100, Yvert #5,€2,550, Est. $750-$1,000 (Image)

Opening US$ 750.00
Sold...US$ 750.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 14:29:50 EST
Sold For 750

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 844
Symbol: *
Cat No: 6-22

image 1894-1902, View of Djibouti, Somali Warriors, 1c-50fr, complete set of 18, quadrille lines are printed on paper, nice and fresh, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF, the ''key'' stamps signed by various experts, C.v. $2,158, Dallay #6-20, 22, 27, €2,900, Est. $750-$900 (Image)

Opening US$ 800.00
Sold...US$ 800.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 14:30:25 EST
Sold For 800

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 845
Symbol: *
Cat No: 30-33

image 1902, various types of surcharges and text ''DJIBOUTI'' on Obock Warriors and Camel Riders stamps of 5c/30c- 10c/10fr, full OG, mainly LH, VF, C.v. $140, Est. $75-$100 (Image)

Opening US$ 110.00
Sold...US$ 110.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 14:30:56 EST
Sold For 110

Sale No: 92
Lot No: 846
Symbol: *
Cat No: 34-48, 49 63

image 1902-03, Mosque, Somalis on Camel and Warriors, 1c-5fr, two complete sets of 15 with colored or black centers, with extra proof of 5fr in yellow and black, minor oxidation of orange color, nice and clean, redistributed original gum (appearing NH), mostly VF, C.v. $467, Est. $150-$200 (Image)

Opening US$ 230.00
Sold...US$ 230.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 14:31:19 EST
Sold For 230

French Colonies - St. Pierre et Miquelon

Postage Due stamps
Sale No: 92
Lot No: 841
Symbol: C
Cat No: J48-57

image Postage Due stamps. 1942, Codfish, black overprint ''Noel 1941/F N F L'' on 5c-3fr, complete set of ten, used together with surcharge 20fr on 75c on registered cover from St. Pierre et Miquelon to NYC, straight line censorship marking, arrival ds on reverse, VF, C.v. $725 as for stamps off cover, Dallay #42-51, €1,585, Est. $500-$600 (Image)

Opening US$ 375.00
Sold...US$ 375.00

Closed..Jan-13-2022, 14:28:21 EST
Sold For 375

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