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Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Sale: 335

Cigarette Cards

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 372
Cat No: x80

image Complete set of (50) Aviation cigarette cards, produced by Wills Cigarettes, in plastic pages, gen VF condition (Image)

Est. $80-100 A

Opening US$ 52.00
Sold...US$ 52.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 15:33:39 EST
Sold For 52

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 373
Cat No: Collection

image Collection (72) diff American Tobacco "silk" cigarette cards showing world flags, incl countries, regions, colonies and cities; in plastic pages, a few minor faults but mostly VF condition (Image)

Est. $100-150 LE

Opening US$ 150.00
Sold...US$ 150.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 15:34:55 EST
Sold For 150

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 374
Cat No: x100

image Group of (8) diff Mogul Cigarette "silk" cards showing US Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Van Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Garfield & McKinley; very few faults, gen VF (Image)

Est. $100-125 LE

Opening US$ 64.00
Sold...US$ 64.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 15:36:05 EST
Sold For 64

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 375
Cat No: x150

Germany Abt (350) Nazi propaganda cards, abt half are medium or large size B&W cards for photo album of Hitler and his travels around Germany; others are small size color or B&W cards also showing Hitler and other leaders touring the country from firms Jasmatzi, Salem, Constantin, Josetti, others; cigarette books not included; gen F-VF

Est. $150-250 B

Opening US$ 210.00
Sold...US$ 400.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 15:37:03 EST
Sold For 400

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 376
Cat No: x150

image Cigarette "silks" (112) in plastic pages, incl Nebo ladies holding national flags, Nebo world flags & arms, Egyptienne Straights world flags, Turkey Red actresses, Turkey Red US city seals, few others incl one baseball; only minor duplication, gen F-VF (Image)

Est. $150-200 LE

Opening US$ 135.00
Sold...US$ 135.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 15:38:06 EST
Sold For 135

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 377
Cat No: x150

image GRAF ZEPPELIN PHOTO BOOK Over (260) cigarette size photos mounted in book called Zeppelin-Weltfahrten, overall in good shape w/ a scuff on front, seldom seen (Image)

Est. $150-200 L

Opening US$ 200.00
Sold...US$ 200.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 15:39:10 EST
Sold For 200

Sale No: 335
Lot No: 378
Cat No: Collection

image Great selection many (100s) cigarette cards, incl set of (50) Wills History of Aviation, also Carreras, Hassan, one binder of Liebig, Wings; topics of aircraft, silk flags & flowers, birds, explorers, army uniforms, etc; gen F-VF (Image)

Est. $250-350 B

Opening US$ 125.00
Sold...US$ 125.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 15:39:34 EST
Sold For 125
Sale No: 335
Lot No: 379
Cat No: Collection

image Accum ( 800+) American and British cigarette cards, grouped by set & topic, unclear if any are full sets but possible, incl World Flags and Arms, Aircraft (Wings Cigarettes), birds w/ young, stamp collecting, English country scenes, ships, inventors, aerial views, others; excellent examples, only a few faults, gen F-VF (Image)

Est. $300-400 L

Opening US$ 150.00
Sold...US$ 160.00

Closed..Jul-13-2021, 15:40:09 EST
Sold For 160

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