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ABC Auction / Michael E. Aldrich, Inc. / Large Lot Sale: 126


Sale No: 126
Lot No: 208
Cat No: Collection

image REPUBLIC OF CHINA COLLECTION, includes several hundred mint and used singles and sets, mostly mint(or unused as issued), neatly organized on black stock pages in a three ring binder with a dust case, a nice selection of provinces, the overall condition is very clean with only a few scattered faults, there are some slightly better items here, take a look (Image)

CV 2,100.00

Opening US$ 475.00
Sold...US$ 475.00

Closed..May-30-2020, 18:19:01 EST
Sold For 475


Sale No: 126
Lot No: 245
Cat No: Collection

image JAPAN COLLECTION, mostly mint, hinged into a Japanese printed album, the collection runs to about 1960 and includes some B.O.B. material, fairly complete after 1950 with very little early issues, overall Fine-Very Fine with only a few scattered faults, includes several SS's and sheetlets, the catalog value is our estimate (Image)

CV 3,000.00

Opening US$ 600.00
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..May-30-2020, 18:35:20 EST
Sold For 600

Sale No: 126
Lot No: 246
Cat No: Collection

image JAPAN MINT SHEETLET ACCUMULATION, includes several dozen various mint Japanese sheetlets and some SS's, contained in four small 8x10 sheet albums, good variety here but there are a few duplicated scattered, most appear to be NH, there should be a good amount of catalog value, mostly from the 1960-70's period, there are some U.S. mint items and there are some non-sheetlet items included, about 48,000 yen in face here, (ENV 450-500) (Image)

see Estimate

Opening US$ 300.00
Sold...US$ 300.00

Closed..May-30-2020, 18:35:41 EST
Sold For 300


Sale No: 126
Lot No: 254

image PHILIPPINES INVENTORY IN A RED BOX, several hundred mixed mint and used singles and sets but mostly mint, identified and priced on 102 cards in one+ red box, there are some early issues but much of the bulk and value is after 1900, the condition is mixed and there are some faults to be expected but overall a pretty clean lot, there is duplication with quantities generally in the 1-3 range with some higher, catalog values appear to be a few years old but for the most part are in line with current values, a ready-to-go inventory (Image)

CV 2,770.00

Opening US$ 450.00
Sold...US$ 450.00

Closed..May-30-2020, 18:41:06 EST
Sold For 450


Sale No: 126
Lot No: 209
Cat No: Collection

image CHINA PRC MINT COLLECTION, includes hundreds of mint singles, sets and some S/S's, contained in three albums on black stock pages, the collection runs to about 1990 and includes about 45 non-denominated S/S's, there are many sets with values in the $50-200 range and some higher, the overall condition is very, very clean with only a few scattered faults, a good mix of hinged and never hinged, some of the highlights include all mint: 267-72, 301-05, 313-16, 321-25, 326-29, 345-46(2), 351-54, 355-57, 360-66, 374-76, 402-04, 418-19, 441-44, 445-52, 457-62, 467-83, 494-98, 504-05, 523-28, 536-37, 590-91, 610-14, 621-23, 639-46, 655-60, 681-83, 732-36, 748-49, 758-59, 795, 796-98, 818-20, 919, 922-23, 936-37, 965-66, 1001-04, 1005-06, 1080-83, 1090-94, 1497, 1501, 1844, 1904; this is a very worthwhile collection with plenty of value and a really good start into this always popular area, we have included a number of scans of many pages from this collection on our website (Image)

CV 18,800.00

Opening US$ 3,600.00
Sold...US$ 3,600.00

Closed..May-30-2020, 18:19:40 EST
Sold For 3600

Sale No: 126
Lot No: 210
Cat No: Collection

image CHINA PRC MODERN MINT AND USED SELECTION, includes three groups of material, virtually everthing here is in the 1983-91 period, there is a group of large mint multiples in sets which catalog about $800, mostly in blocks of 16-20(all NH), the next group are a couple dozen complete mint booklets some of which catalog up to $100, quantites in this area are in the 1-2 of each, the total catalog for the booklets is $860.00, the third section is about 50 used first day presentation folders, all are complete sets, there are also a few unused postal cards, the overall condition of this lot is very clean with the mint being NH (Image)

CV 2,000.00

Opening US$ 425.00
Sold...US$ 425.00

Closed..May-30-2020, 18:20:02 EST
Sold For 425
Sale No: 126
Lot No: 211
Cat No: Collection

image CHINA PRC FIRST DAY COVER & POSTCARD ACCUMULATION, includes 1000+ various FDC's and postcards, loose in a large box, also includes some unused postal stationary, loads of material here in a box that weighs in at 33 pounds, the overall condition is very clean with maybe some scattered faults due to handling, generally from the 1980's to 2000 period, there should be a good amount of catalog value here including Olympic subject matter (ENV 300-400) (Image)

see Estimate

Opening US$ 550.00
Sold...US$ 550.00

Closed..May-30-2020, 18:20:55 EST
Sold For 550

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