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David Feldman SA Sale: 20DE


People's Republic of China » China PRC Regular Iss
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 41033
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 1010-1014, 1018

image People's Republic of China » China PRC Regular Issues. 1968 Revolutionary Literature and Art, six values showing sheet margins, mint nh, very fresh and very fine (6) (SG 2387-2392, £950; Mi. 1010-1014, 1018, €1'100) (Image)

Opening EUR 650.00
Sold...EUR 650.00

Closed..Dec-02-2020, 09:14:59 EST
Sold For 650

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 41034
Symbol: CC,H
Cat No: 1010-1018

image 1968 Revolution in Literature & Art set of 9, one stamp CTO and the rest mint nh, fine to very fine (Image)

Opening EUR 750.00
Sold...EUR 750.00

Closed..Dec-02-2020, 09:15:21 EST
Sold For 750

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 41035
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 1015-1017

image 1968 Revolutionary Literature and Art complete set of three mint nh, very fresh and very fine (SG 2393-95, £1'400; Mi. €800) (Image)

Opening EUR 320.00
Sold...EUR 320.00

Closed..Dec-02-2020, 09:15:48 EST
Sold For 320

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 41036
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 1019

image 1968 Mao's Anti-American Declaration 8f red-brown, gold and red, mint nh left marginal single, very fresh and very fine, a scarce stamp (SG 2396, £400; Mi. €400) (Image)

Opening EUR 160.00
Sold...EUR 160.00

Closed..Dec-02-2020, 09:16:18 EST
Sold For 160

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 41037
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 1070-1073

image 1971 Century of Paris Commune complete set of four values, mint nh, very fresh and fine, a rare set (4) (SG 2442-2445, £475; Mi. €450) (Image)

Opening EUR 130.00
Sold...EUR 130.00

Closed..Dec-02-2020, 09:16:47 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 41038
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 1079-1081

image 1971 Workers & Industry 8f se-tenant strip of three, mint nh, very fresh and fine, a rare strip (SG 2452a, £500; Mi. €2810) (Image)

Opening EUR 90.00
Sold...EUR 90.00

Closed..Dec-02-2020, 09:17:09 EST
Sold For 90
Sale No: 20DE
Lot No: 41039
Symbol: CC
Cat No: 1594

image 1980, Year of the Monkey 8f. (T46), unmounted mint and very fresh, signed JF Brun (Image)

Opening EUR 900.00
Sold...EUR 900.00

Closed..Dec-02-2020, 09:17:41 EST
Sold For 900

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