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British North America continued...

CANADA continued...
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description Est or CV / bid in C$'s
1201   WHOLESALE OFFICIALS - Scott #O47, 2¢ Cameo, a F-VF NH stock of ten mint matched sets of corner blocks, cat. $360.00

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Estimate 100 $

Currently Opening at...C$41.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1202 O   5¢ BEAVER 1859 RE-ENTRIES - 5¢ Vermilion (Scott #15), eleven used singles mounted on an album page, each showing a minor re-entry, F-VF

Estimate 125 $

Currently Opening at...C$58.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1203   FOUR-RING NUMERAL CANCELLATIONS - All on the 5¢ Beaver (Scott #15) and including #4, 8, 17, 18, 19, 25, 29 and 30, the odd small flaw, mainly Fine, a good starter lot for this interesting field

Estimate 100 $

Currently Opening at...C$41.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1204   5¢ BEAVER LOT - Twenty-five used singles, many selected for minor re-entries or four-ring numeral cancels, from faulty to F-VF, a useful lot

Estimate 150 $

Currently Opening at...C$83.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1205   imageFOUR-RING NUMERAL CANCELLATION COLLECTION - A very nice lot of these popular cancellations including #2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 (both black and the rare blue), 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 (both green and black), 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 45, 47, 48, 49 (both blue and black),50, 51 and 52, usual mixed condition, a great lot well on its way to completion (Image1)

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Estimate 900 $

Currently Opening at...C$454.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1206 og   imageWHOLESALE BOOKLET PANES - 2¢ Deep Red Arch Issue booklet pane of six (#165b), dealer stock of 20 fresh mint panes, Fine+ NH (Image1)

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Estimate 150 $

Currently Opening at...C$56.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1207 og 104-122 imageADMIRAL COMPLETE SET MINT - Scott #104-122, 1¢ to $1 Admiral Issue set of mint singles, fresh colour, cat. $1,060.00, F-VF LH (Image1) (Image2) (All Scans)


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Estimate 350 $

Currently Opening at...C$171.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1208 217-222 image1935 ISSUE PROOF BLOCKS - 1¢ to 8¢ Set of six plate proof blocks of four in the issued colours on card mounted india paper, cat. $2,400.00 (Image1)

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Estimate 1000 $

Currently Opening at...C$507.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1209 522pi, 525pi imageSCARCE TAGGED FIRST DAY COVERS - The scarce Winnipeg Tagged 1970 Christmas centre blocks of four, each on cacheted first day cover with Winnipeg postmarks, VF (Image1)

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Cat. Value 250 $

Currently Opening at...C$63.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1210 OX1 imageOFFICIALLY SEALED PROOF - Officially Sealed, the first issue (1879), a lovely plate proof in the issued yellow brown colour on india paper, not often seen in choice condition like this one, VF (Image1)

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Estimate 600 $

Currently Opening at...C$224.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1211 O 4 image3p Red, a nice used single in an attractive pale shade, lightly cancelled, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 4]

Cat. Value 300 $

Currently Opening at...C$118.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1212 O 4 image3p Red, a four-margined used single with 'PAID' cancellation, scarce, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 4]

Estimate 300 $

Currently Opening at...C$146.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1213 og 4d image3p Beaver on Thin Paper, a rare mint single, just in frameline to otherwise large margins, an attractive example with nice colour, F+ (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 4d]

Cat. Value 2000 $

Currently Opening at...C$401.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1214 og 4ii image3p Orange Red, an attractive mint single with bright colour and four good margins, a very scarce mint stamp, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 4ii]

Cat. Value 4000 $

Currently Opening at...C$1,470.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1215 O 4v image3p Beaver on the scarce oily paper, four ring '18' cancel, fresh and F-VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 4v]

Cat. Value 500 $

Currently Opening at...C$174.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1216 O 4vii image3p Beaver used single showing the very scarce major re-entry (Pos A47), small invisible sealed tear. attractive with rich colour, F-VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 4vii]

Cat. Value 975 $

Currently Opening at...C$112.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1217 O 5 image6p Violet Grey used, an attractive stamp with fresh deep colour and socked-on-nose concentric rings cancel, tiny practically invisible thin on reverse, a beautiful stamp, cat. $1,600.00, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 5]

Estimate 750 $

Currently Opening at...C$315.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1218 O 7 image10p Blue used, a choice used single with ample to huge margins, fresh colour and a light four ring numeral cancel, an outstanding example, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 7]

Cat. Value 2400 $

Currently Opening at...C$875.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1219 8 image½p Queen Victoria, a large margined plate proof single in the issued colour, printed on card mounted india paper, a lovely proof, VF+ (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 8]

Cat. Value 350 $

Currently Opening at...C$98.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM
1220 og 8 image½p Rose, a lovely four-margined mint single with fresh colour, F-VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 8]

Cat. Value 2100 $

Currently Opening at...C$734.00
Closing..Aug-17, 03:00 PM

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