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British North America continued...

CANADA COVERS continued...
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description Est or CV / bid in C$'s
3001   imageSMALL QUEEN POSTAL HISTORY - NON-LETTER MAIL TO EUROPE - Six different newspaper / printed matter wrappers, includes 1c Montreal double oval cancel to France, 1c Ottawa "Crown" cancel to Germany, 2c to Germany (Upper Silesia), 1c black wrapper with 2c to Germany, 1c blue grey wrapper to Italy and 1c black wrapper + 1c to Switzerland, Typical mixed to Fine condition for these difficult items, a very nice lot (Image1) Estimate 350 $

Currently Opening at...C$234.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3002   imageBRITISH COLUMBIA POSTCARDS - Over 90 mainly old postcards with views of the province, some small town scarcer cards included, F-VF (Image1) Estimate 200 $

Currently Opening at...C$108.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3003   imageSTOCK OF OFFICIAL COVERS - A dealer stock of official covers in a plastic tub, mainly #10 covers, showing a wide variety of free franks, condition somewhat mixed but many are F-VF, strong in 1940s (Image1) Estimate 150 $

Currently Opening at...C$81.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3004   imageMONTREAL TO USA: 1862 - An eye-catching bright yellow envelope franked with two 5¢ Beaver (#15) tied by Montreal duplex Jan. 8, 1862 (nice re-entry in the LL 5 of the left stamp), clear "Troy Jan 10 NY" backstamp, (Image1) Estimate 100 $

Currently Opening at...C$61.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3005   BARRIE TO NEWMARKET STAMPLESS - Somewhat soiled stampless cover with large circular Barrie postmark mailed Oct. 7, 1857 to Newmarket, a circled PAID 3d in red, Newmarket double split ring Oct. 8 receiver on reverse, Fine Estimate 50 $

Currently Opening at...C$28.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3006   DEFINITIVE PLATE BLOCKS ON FIRST DAY COVERS: 1990-1999 - Attractive group of 22 FDCs with definitive plate blocks (19 different) with Mammals, Architecture, Flags, Queen Elisabeth, and more. VF Estimate 40 $

Currently Opening at...C$23.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3007   imageDECIMAL PERIOD RPO UNPAID + CARRIAGE FEE - 1863 (Oct. 21) Legal size folded cover with neat rate handstamp "7" (unpaid) along with small manuscript "2" for ferriage fee for total 9 cents due by recipient, Somerset double ring datestamp at left and straightline "Too Late" (italic) instructional marking; on reverse a mostly clear Quebec and Richmond G.T.R. Way B Down OCT 22 1863 double ring RPO marking (Gray QC-424) and same day receiver, VF (Image1) Estimate 75 $

Currently Opening at...C$36.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3008   imageCLEAN LEAF ISSUE COVER - 1899 (August 11) 1c green postal envelope uprated with pair of ½c black Leaf (Scott 66) tied by clear Montreal Flag cancellation, preprinted addressee at Rock Island, Que with light receiver on back, VF (Image1) Estimate 50 $

Currently Opening at...C$27.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3009   imageJAPANESE EXAMINED LETTER TO CANADIAN POW - Incoming letter dated "July 26 1942" with two Japanese red chop handstamps - examination markings to Canadian Soldier taken Prisoner of War at Hong Kong, interesting, F+ (Image1) (Image2) (All Scans)


Estimate 75 $

Currently Opening at...C$50.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3010   ADMIRAL COIL ON COVER - 2¢ Carmine (#127) scissor separated and tied to Dec. 21, 1926 Paquet advert cover from Quebec to Switzerland, F-VF Estimate 75 $

Currently Opening at...C$46.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3011   imageBEAUTIFUL MIXED-ISSUE LEAF & NUMERAL FRANKING - 1899 (March 26) registered cover to Toronto, with Leaf 2c purple pair and single, Numeral 1c (Scott #68, 75) tied by neat split rings of St. Charles River Boyer, Que, straightline REGISTERED, partial Que. Camp M.C. Local squared circle, Quebec and Toronto backstamps, paying 2c letter rate plus 5c registration fee, attractive, VF (Image1) Estimate 100 $

Currently Opening at...C$54.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3012   imageCROSS-BORDER MONEY LETTER - Folded cover from Montreal to New York endorsed 'Money' and mailed Oct. 9, 1845, from the famous Kennedy correspondence, rated 4½ in red, the cover originally contained a Bank of Upper Canada draft for £500, F-VF and scarce, detailed write-up page included (Image1) Estimate 300 $

Currently Opening at...C$180.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3013   image1854 MONEY LETTER PARIS TO TORONTO - Cover mailed Sept. 16, 1854 to Court of Probate in Toronto, rated '9' pence in red, with Paris, U.C. postmark in black and 'PAID' in red, Toronto Sept. 18 arrival backstamp, VF (Image1) Estimate 100 $

Currently Opening at...C$58.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3014   MODERN ERA POSTAL HISTORY - A carton containing nine 3-ring binders of covers from 1974 to 2012, collected for rates with emphasis on postage due, hundreds of interesting and hard to find items are included, offered intact as received Estimate 350 $

Currently Opening at...C$202.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3015   DEFINITIVES ON FIRST DAY COVERS: 1990-1999 - Group of about fifty FDC's with various 1990s issues including Architecture, Mammals, Fruit Trees, Flags, QEII, coils, etc., VF F-VF Estimate 60 $

Currently Opening at...C$36.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3016   FIRST DAY COVERS: 1973/1979 - Nice group of FDCs with commemoratives (about 150 covers), includes the complete set of 25 Montreal Olympics sporting events on official covers F-VF Estimate 100 $

Currently Opening at...C$63.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3017   imagePRINCE EDWARD ISLAND COVERS - Eight King George VI era items including a cover with Postal Script franking, a registered (meter mail) Bank of Nova Scotia mailing tag, a cover from Newtown Cross to Hamilton ON charged 2¢ postage due, two covers with Coronation cancels (one an official) a post card to NS rated 4¢ Due and two Special Delivery covers, F-VF (Image1) Estimate 100 $

Currently Opening at...C$55.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3018   imageSMALL QUEEN "BARB WIRE" ADVERTISING COVER - 1890 (circa.) J.H. Wilson, agent "Safety Barb Wire" hardware store illustrated advertising envelope with 3c vermilion (Scott #41) somewhat oxidized tied by Montreal JA 12 duplex (without year date for this type of cancelling devise) mailed to Coteau Landing, Que. F-VF F-VF (Image1) Estimate 40 $

Currently Opening at...C$25.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3019   imageCROSS-BORDER MONEY LETTER - Folded cover mailed July 13, 1846 from St. Catherines, U.C. to the Retreat for the Insane, Hartford, Connecticut, rated 4½ with clear straightline 'MONEY-LETTER', St. Catherines postmark on front along with two strikes of PAID all in red, Queenston July 14 datestamp on reverse in black, a lovely item, F-VF, detailed write-up page included (Image1) Estimate 400 $

Currently Opening at...C$243.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM
3020   imagePATRICIA AIRWAYS SEMI-OFFICIAL AIRMAIL - 1926 (July 7) Sioux Lookout - Red Lake first flight cachet cover; 2c green Admiral tied by Sioux Lookout JUL 7 26 duplex, on reverse (25c) Patricia Airways (Scott #CL13c) with official blue-black route inscriptions tied on arrival Red Lake JUL 7 split ring, light ageing along envelope seams, a scarce flight cover, F-VF (Image1) Estimate 250 $

Currently Opening at...C$135.00
Closing..Apr-14, 03:00 PM

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