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British North America continued...

LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description Est or CV / bid in C$'s
2121 FB11 imageF-VF QV 20¢ blue, First Issue Bill Stamp, two singles affixed on two-part Exchange note for £400 each, dated Quebec, May 20th 1865. Light file folds and some perfs on top stamp folded, this issue is rarely seen on document, a showpiece. (Image1)

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Estimate 650 $

Currently Opening at...C$342.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2122 FB27 imageF-VF 10¢ Trial Colour plate proof strip of three printed in brown on card showing plate imprint at right, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada FB27]

Estimate 100 $

Currently Opening at...C$49.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2123 og FB28 imageVF NG 1864 QV 20¢ blue in an unused block of 9 reinforced with hinges, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada FB28]

Estimate 150 $

Currently Opening at...C$45.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2124 FB36 imageVF $3 Queen Victoria Bill Stamp, a beautiful plate proof block of six printed in the issued colours on india paper, showing the full American Bank Note Company imprint in the left margin, also shows a prominent Re-entry on the right centre stamp with doubling in upper left "3", "BI" & "M" of "BILL STAMP" and circular buckle, a nice showpiece, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada FB36]

Estimate 500 $

Currently Opening at...C$252.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2125 og FB52 F-VF OG 1868 QV $1 blue with black center in LR sheet margin block of twelve showing a mis-perforation error resulting from a pre-perforation paper fold. Includes virtually complete "British American Bank Note Co. Montreal, and Ottawa" inscription, a few stamps with disturbed gum but most are NH, and block is a bit fragile with some perf separation.

Get Market Data for [Canada FB52]

Estimate 450 $

Currently Opening at...C$270.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2126 og FB53 imageF-VF LH $2 Red and Black, a choice mint block, lower pair is NH, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada FB53]

Cat. Value 390 $

Currently Opening at...C$135.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2127 og FCF3 imageVF NH $1.00 Orange Consular Fee, a fresh mint corner block of four, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada FCF3]

Cat. Value 325 $

Currently Opening at...C$76.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2128 og FEG1-FEG11 imageF-VF NH 1930 50c-$10 Electricity & Gas Inspection, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada FEG1-FEG11]

Cat. Value 70 $

Currently Opening at...C$30.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2129 O FWT11b imageVF 5¢ Olive Yellow, a scarce used single, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada FWT11b]

Cat. Value 175 $

Currently Opening at...C$63.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2130 og FWT12e imageF-VF LH 8¢ Brown War Tax, A large margined mint example, precancelled "X" (inverted) in red, retaining full original gum, rare, F-VF LH (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada FWT12e]

Cat. Value 600 $

Currently Opening at...C$198.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2131 og FX1 imageF-VF NH ¼¢ Olive Green mint block of four showing pyramid lines in the sheet margin at foot, scarce, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada FX1]

Estimate 100 $

Currently Opening at...C$58.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2132 og TCN8 imageVF NG 1931-32 Black, Canadian National Telegraphs (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada TCN8]

Cat. Value 275 $

Currently Opening at...C$108.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2133 og TCP1-TCP6 imageF-VF 1887-1893 Black, Canadian Pacific Railways Telephone & Telegraph Franks. (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada TCP1-TCP6]

Cat. Value 190 $

Currently Opening at...C$63.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description Est or CV / bid in C$'s
2134 O AL8var. imageVF 25c grey with black inscriptions originating from Plate II, the background print is composed of six scrolls facing north east instead of south west (as in Plate 1). Considerably scarcer than #AL11), shows the constant small "2" in upper left "25" (Position 3). K. Bileski reported that only five examples (one mint and four used) exist; a fabulous exhibition piece for an advanced revenue collection, extremely rare, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada AL8var.]

Estimate 1500 $

Currently Opening at...C$810.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2135 O AL8var. imageVF 25¢ Yellow with black inscriptions, the very rare Law stamp originating from Plate II (background print is composed of six scroll blocks facing north east, instead of south west as on Plate I). This stamp is easily scarcer than the elusive 25c (black) on grey background, which coincidentally was also printed with a Plate II background. Documented as early as 1922 (see description of above lot) and of the utmost rarity as documented by K. Bileski, Senator Calder and Ed Zaluski. Natural straight edge at right, small portion of handstamp cancel at foot and single punch cancel, light horizontal crease at top. This example is one of only five that Bileski was able to find in his extensive research on this issue, a great showpiece for an advanced revenue collection, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada AL8var.]

Estimate 1250 $

Currently Opening at...C$765.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2136 O AL11L imageVF 25¢ Gray with black inscriptions, a well centered and seldom seen used single in sound condition, shows the fancy "L" in "Law", a rare stamp, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada AL11L]

Cat. Value 3000 $

Currently Opening at...C$652.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2137 og BCT209w imageVF '1966' Booklet pane of six on ungummed paper, unwatermarked, (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada BCT209w]

Cat. Value 270 $

Currently Opening at...C$100.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2138 og NBT1c imageVF New Brunswick 1940 1c black on white Tobacco Tax (value at left), two booklet panes of four side by side imperforate vertically between, ungummed as issued (Van Dam cat. $500), (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada NBT1c]

Estimate 150 $

Currently Opening at...C$90.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2139 og NSW5f VF NH Nova Scotia 1996 sheet of 8 (Van Dam cat. $150)

Get Market Data for [Canada NSW5f]

Estimate 50 $

Currently Opening at...C$35.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM
2140 og QL94 VF NH $1 Red Quebec Law Stamp overprinted "BANKRUPTCY ACT - LOI DE FAILLITE", a mint block of 25, Cat. $450.00+,

Get Market Data for [Canada QL94]

Estimate 150 $

Currently Opening at...C$90.00
Closing..Jan-20, 03:00 PM

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