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British North America continued...

CANADA continued...
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description Est or CV / bid in C$'s
1282 og 4d, viii image3p Red on Thin Hard Wove Paper, a fresh mint single with nice, bright colour and large part original gum, faint creasing as mentioned on the accompanying Greene Foundation certificate but shows the scarce re-entry in 'VR' (Plate B , Pos 53), a very rare stamp in mint condition which once graced the renowned collections of Charles Pack, Robert Gill and Sir Gawaine Baillie F-VF OG (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 4d, viii ]

Estimate 3000 $

Currently Opening at...C$1,600.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1283 O B 8 image½p Rose Queen Victoria, a rare used top margin block of six with nearly complete plate imprint, also shows a strong re-entry (Pos 10) on the top right stamp as well as a Major Re-entry (Pos 22 in the plate of 120 stamps) on the lower right stamp; slightly in at foot, otherwise large margins, fold between second and third columns ending not affecting the stamps. A desirable multiple, with Greene Foundation cert. (Unitrade cat. $4,500 as normal singles) F-VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 8 ]

Estimate 2500 $

Currently Opening at...C$1,450.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1284 O 8b image½p Rose on VERTICALLY RIBBED PAPER, an attractive used single of this rare stamp, has the tiniest of tears in the left margin but with four nice margins and great colour, a much above average example to what one normally sees, cat. $5,000.00, Greene Foundation certificate accompanies VF APP (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 8b ]

Estimate 1500 $

Currently Opening at...C$675.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1285 og 9 image7½p Green Queen Victoria, a scarce unused single with nice, fresh colour, slightly in at left, otherwise large margins, pencil signed by expert H. Bloch on reverse, a collectable example of this very scarce stamp, Fine (Unitrade $7,500 as fine) (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 9 ]

Cat. Value 7500 $

Currently Opening at...C$1,700.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1286 P 14 image1¢ Rose proof on card mounted india paper, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 14 ]

Cat. Value 250 $

Currently Opening at...C$75.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1287 O 14ii image1¢ Rose used, the scarce VERY THICK PAPER variety, F+ (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 14ii ]

Cat. Value 200 $

Currently Opening at...C$60.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1288 og 23a image1¢ orange unused, quite well centered, a scarce stamp, F-VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 23a ]

Cat. Value 1550 $

Currently Opening at...C$500.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1289 og 25b image3¢ Red on Thin Paper, a bright mint single, has a very faint pressed crease that is invisible to the naked eye, nevertheless this stamp is rarely seen in mint condition especially with such exceptional centering, Greene Foundation certificate accompanies, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 25b ]

Cat. Value 5500 $

Currently Opening at...C$1,250.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1290 O 29a image15¢ Large Queen perf 11½ X 12 used, light bend, very attractive with light cork cancellation, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 29a ]

Cat. Value 700 $

Currently Opening at...C$160.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1291 O 30c imageQV 15¢ deep violet on very thick paper, with V.G. Greene certificate indicating: "...vertically meshed thick hard paper, left side reperforated". F-VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 30c ]

Estimate 325 $

Currently Opening at...C$160.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1292 og B 34 image½¢ Black, a fresh and very well centered mint block of six, VF NH (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 34 ]

Cat. Value 450 $

Currently Opening at...C$125.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1293 og B 35 image1¢ yellow, two rejoined mint blocks showing the 'ONE CENT' counter in top margin, F-VF OG (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 35 ]

Estimate 150 $

Currently Opening at...C$75.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1294 og 35a image1¢ Orange unused with exceptional centering, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 35a ]

Cat. Value 400 $

Currently Opening at...C$130.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1295 og 35d image1¢ Yellow Orange perf 11½ X 12 unused, hard to find, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 35d ]

Cat. Value 600 $

Currently Opening at...C$150.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1296 og B 38 image5¢ Slate Green, a mint block of four, gum somewhat disturbed but seldom seen in a block, cat. $2,600.00 F-VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 38 ]

Estimate 500 $

Currently Opening at...C$260.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1297 og 39 image6¢ Yellow Brown unused, regummed and reperf on one side but attractive nevertheless, Greene Foundation certificate, cat. $800.00 VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 39 ]

Estimate 200 $

Currently Opening at...C$95.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1298 O 40e image10¢ Perf 11½ X 12 in the early Pale Milky Rose Lilac shade, an exceptionally nice example of this difficult stamp with MONTREAL duplex cancel, seldom offered, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 40e ]

Cat. Value 900 $

Currently Opening at...C$425.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1299 og 45a image10¢ Deep Dull Rose mint, showing bright fresh colour, well centered F-VF OG (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 45a ]

Cat. Value 525 $

Currently Opening at...C$170.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1300 O 46 image20¢ Vermilion used single with S. L A Co. two-line private perfin, very scarce, VF (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 46 ]

Estimate 125 $

Currently Opening at...C$75.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM
1301 og 50 image½¢ Black, a fresh mint single, well centered, VF NH (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Canada 50 ]

Cat. Value 420 $

Currently Opening at...C$130.00
Closing..Apr-22, 03:00 PM

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