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Miscellaneous continued...

LAST CHANCE LOTS continued...
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description Est or CV / bid in C$'s
3741   imageScarce Flight Cover - 1931 (November 26) Registered cover from Edmonton, via First Flight Miami to Nuevitas, Cuba, franked with 25c postage including a 10c Cartier all tied by Edmonton CDS, pays the recent 15c per half ounce rate (inclusive of airmail surcharges) plus 10c registration; shows a myriad of postmarks on reverse as it was unclaimed and returned to sender; a colourful cover, (#114, 167, 190, C1) F-VF (Image1)

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Estimate 175 $

Closing..Aug-21, 03:00 PM
3742 og   imageAustralia: Koalas Imprint Collection - on mounts in a four ring Hagner album. Includes over 140 examples with selvage intact stamps, coil strips, complete booklets etc. All were collected to show differing numbers of the Koala on imprints to indicate printing number. Modern, many of the booklet panes are identified. Face value is over $400. VF NH (Image1)

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Estimate 475 $

Closing..Aug-21, 03:00 PM
3743 og O   imageGreat Britain: KGV - Small Study of 200 stamps on five Vario style pages starting with several varieties of the first issue in both mint and used, 1912-21 issue along with most of the rest of the era's values up to the 1sh in both mint and used (usually several shades of the used.) Noted the coils as mint and used singles (Scott #s177 and 178). Three sets of the 2sh6p - 10sh Seahorse issues are included with some duplication of the 5sh and 10sh. Quick est. of cat. value exceeds $2,900. (Image1) (Image2) (Image3) (Image4) (Image5) (All Scans)

image image image image

Get Market Data for [Miscellaneous 177-178]

Estimate 450 $

Closing..Aug-21, 03:00 PM
3744   imageIsrael: 1990s-2000s Booklets - Limited editions, numbered, privately prepared complete booklets with retail values from $10-$50. Lot of 12 different each containing valid postage stamps. Production as high as 200 but usually limited to about 100. (Image1)

Estimate 95 $

Closing..Aug-21, 03:00 PM
3745 og 162var imageFrench India Two Horizontial Strips of Five - 1942-43 18ca, one normal and the other showing the "very rare re-set variety" where the overprint plate was so worn that a repair was necessary. Includes Bileski notes. (1 stamp hinged and all show the circle KB guarantee marking on each stamp) F-VF NH (Image1) (Image2) (All Scans)


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Estimate 250 $

Closing..Aug-21, 03:00 PM

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