Ron Leith Auctions Sale - 53

Public Auction – July 23-25, 2021


Dear Philatelist:

A surge in April 2021 British Columbia Covid cases with the resulting business and USA border closures, forced a delay in the annual Ron Leith Auction into July 2021.  By mid-summer, most Canada & USA residents should be vaccinated with life returning closer to normal.  This will be the first live Canadian auction in over a year and it is scheduled for Friday through Sunday (July 23-25) at the Vancouver Atrium Inn.  All Covid protocols will still be followed for safety.  Note that auction lots weighing under 5 pounds will be shipped FREE in North America.  This was changed from the previous 10 pound limit in the 2020 sale since we had many 5-10 pound boxes of books & supplies with selling prices below $50 that required $75-$100 postage.  These had to be exempted from FREE delivery for obvious reasons.  Less than 1% of our lots fall between 5-10 pounds, thus, over 99% of  auction lots are unaffected.


Postal History Auction Highlights:  includes a once in a lifetime $250,000 dealer stock of over 1600 better $50-$300 covers mostly from Canada, USA, and the British Empire.  The covers have detailed descriptions, are mounted in quality sleeves, and are retail priced 20 years ago.  These were stored and untouched until now when we were instructed to sell everything in one auction.  We combined them into $1000 retail lots and placed very conservative estimates at 10%-20% of the original retail values.  This is a gold mine for cover dealers and an incredible bargain for postal history collectors, a few high value rarities are lotted as single items (lots 558/937);  the auction contains the final installment of the Michael Feinstein Re-used Turned Cover collection (lots 295-315);  also note another 5 Saskatchewan Unreported town cancels (lots 128-134);  good collections of USA and Canada Advertising covers;  a scarce group of 13 USA Civil War Patriotic covers (lots 197-210);  5 good Malta Victorian rates (lots 376-380);  10 better Zeppelin Airmail covers (lots 486-495);  3700 Military covers & cards (lots 395-472);  over 10,000 USA cachet FDC’s noting 6100 are Colorano Silk’s (lots 789-824);  over 4600 USA cachet Event covers (lots 830-828) ++;  the postal history section closes with 634 wholesale cover & postcard collections that are bound to satisfy philatelists and dealers alike.


Stamp Auction Highlights:  includes a lovely collection of Canada 3d Beavers (lots 1101-1113);  a good range of Canada 2-ring cancels (lots 1194-1214);  better Canada LQ-SQ mint stamps (lots 1145/1191);  mint Victoria Jubilee ˝˘-$5.00 plus all the high value Leaf-Numeral and Edward-VII issues (lots 1215/1250);  a rare group of Canada Admiral re-entries (lots 1261-1275);  a very nice collection of Canada mint plate blocks 1911-1940’s;  early USA Grill type D,E,F,Z issues (lot 1385-1394);  a stock of over 72,000 USA Federal & State Revenue stamps (lots1649-1651);  at least 75,000 Christmas Seals & Cinderella labels (lots 1656-1662) ++;  the stamp section concludes with 210 Worldwide stamp collections noting extensive Canada, USA, German States, Great Britain, British Empire, Latin America, and Topical Stamps.




Auction Hotel & Viewing Times:

The RICHPEX-2021 show and Ron Leith Auction will be held at the Vancouver Atrium Inn at 2889 Hastings Street located one block west of the Pacific Coliseum and PNE Grounds,   For reservations call the Hotel at 1-888-347-2319.  Hotel parking is FREE and a complimentary breakfast is includedAuction lot viewing is available as follows . . .


              Friday       July 23rd      view 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

              Saturday   July 24th     view  9:00 am to 5:00 pm

              Sunday     July 25th       view  9:00 am to 12:00 noon


We recommend arriving early as there are only 21 hours of viewing time available for this huge volume of material plus Covid protocols restricts us to 6 viewers at a time.


Auction Agent:  Louie Bassetto

                  phone:   604-671-9532



Saturday July 24th — 6:00 pm Auction


Cover & Postcard Lots

     1-86       Canada covers 1825-1975

   87-168     Canada Province covers & postcards

  169-173    Newfoundland covers

  174-294    United States covers 1791-1974

  295-315    Feinstein Turned (Re-used) Covers

  316-394    Worldwide “A-Z” Country covers

  395-472    Military covers & postcards

  473-519    Airmail and First Flight covers & postcards

  520-539    Railroad covers & postcards

  540-554    Ship & Paquebot covers & postcards

Wholesale Covers & Postcard Collections

  555-607    Postcard collections

  608-688    Canada cover collections

  689-828    USA cover collections

  829-964    Worldwide cover collections

 965-1022   Documents, Stock Certificates, and Ephemera

1023-1034  Philatelic Reference Books & Supplies


Sunday July 25th  — 1:00 pm Auction


Stamp Lots

1101-1351   Canada stamp singles & sets

1323-1351  Canada Province stamp singles & sets

1352-1442  United States stamp singles & sets

1443-1512  Worldwide “A-U” Country singles & sets

Wholesale Stamp Collections

1513-1543  Canada stamp collections

1544-1634  Worldwide “A-V” Country collections

1635-1662  United States stamp & cancel collections

1663-1705  Worldwide Mixed Country collections

1706-1723  Topical collections






Note the photo is cropped shorter than the 2020 auction