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Worldwide A-Z continued...

LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
386   imageBelgium, Outstanding Holding of Two Key Sets, Red Cross and Mercier, 1918/1932. Never before have we offered such a quantity of desirables mint sets and the most popular of the beautiful Belgium Semi-Postals: first ten sets of the 1918 Red Cross B34-B47, a difficult set to find one of mint and complete let alone ten! Next is the outstanding Cardinal Mercier mint B114-B122 in a quantity of 29 complete mint sets, we did note never hinged stamps, overall, the condition is exceptional with only a few with any fault such as light toning, majority are Fine to Very Fine or better. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

Estimate $6,000-8,000
SOLD for $5,750.00
Will close during Public Auction
387   imageBelgium, A Superb All-Mint High-End Holding of Better Sets and Singles, 1893-1960. A great accumulation of key sets and singles, several hundred stamps all mint with some never hinged, housed in two Lighthouse stockbooks and a group of sheet pages with Souvenir sheets, loaded with better items and perfect for online sales, the stamps are not in year order and neither is our listing of highlights; Page 1 of the blue stockbook contains seven mint 10-Franc Mercier B122 plus three mint B118-B121 all counted as hinged but some appear never hinged total Scott $2640 also a partial set of 451/468, mint Scott $300+, the next few pages include an array of Parcel Post and Railway stamps all mint much never hinged including Q310-Q327 mint two sets plus Q337 (2) plus more total Scott including Q343-Q361B mint (2) sets $2200, amongst these Parcel Post issues we find all mint scarce Red Cross Semi-Postals B45-B47 (4) of each and three B44 for a Scott total of $3001, moving on we find the 1919 "Helmet" set high values all mint with six of the scarce 2-Franc Scott 135, plus five each of 136 and 137 and numerous lower values some appear never hinged, the total Scott value is $3425, a page with 451/466 mint Scott $200+, B561-B566 mint $175, B514 mint $140, 435-445 mint $120, B15-B20 (6) $690, B21-B22 (2) $640, plus more with a Scott value over $1200 and that is just book 1; the next book begins with another Mercier high values B120-B122 mint Scott $410, B241-B248 (2) sets $90, B498-B502 (2) mint $250, B532-B557 (2) mint $130, plus much more mid-range material another page with early regular issue and a bit of Belgium Congo all mint; the final book contains souvenir sheets, altogether a superb holding without any 19th Century to drag it down as happens with many Belgium large lots, this is only desirable mint sets and high values, a bit of toning on a few stamps but the quality overall is F.-V.F. (Video for this lot) (Video2 for this lot) (Video3 for this lot) (Image)

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Estimate $4,000-5,000
SOLD for $4,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
388   imageBelgium, Comprehensive High-End Mint and Used Collection, 1849-2013. A very solid quality collection of many hundreds of mint and used singles, sets and souvenir sheets. Loaded with better high-value sets from $50 into the hundreds of dollars each, with a decent amount of never hinged as well, all mounted carefully on quadrille pages housed in two thick binders. The first volume begins with the 1849 issue with earlies mainly used, but we note a lovely four-margined copy of Scott 9, $225. The mint really begins with a fresh set of 60-75 $610. We note a used set of 108-122 Scott $151, Scott 172-184 never hinged $126, Scott 185-215 is present mint $279, a neatly cancelled 221 Scott $250, 229-236 mint $99, and much more mint going up to 2013 for a substantial total value, and only a very few sets are not present. The first volume of regular and commemorative issues was not catalogued but will have a significant Scott total. We did a Scott value for the Semi-Postals only before 1961 and it easily surpassed $6500. Only a cross-section of the Back-of-the-Book—Airmails, Special Deliveries, Dues, Newspapers, Parcel Posts and Railways—was catalogued and came to over $3300 with strong mint Parcel Post. Please review the online images to fully appreciate how nice the collection is. Perfect to break down for online sales. Condition is well above the norm with very few faults, mainly in the 19th Century, otherwise Fine-Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 13.8 lbs. (Video for this lot) (Video2 for this lot) (Video3 for this lot) (Video4 for this lot) (Video5 for this lot) (Video6 for this lot) (Video7 for this lot) (Image)

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Estimate $2,000-3,000
SOLD for $3,250.00
Will close during Public Auction
389   imageBelgium, A Solid Mint and Used Collection, 1849-1942. A very attractive collection with several hundred mint and used neatly mounted on black stockcards and including several rarities, beginning with 50 imperfs from 1849-61 including a mint 4 Scott $2200, mainly used at the beginning but two outstanding mint stamps are noteworthy Scott $3750, around 1896 we find more mint as well as used including high values, an interesting collection with much value to be seen online or in-person, Semi-Postals and Postage Due issues contain better items, a substantial Scott value, condition is a bit mixed, but generally Fine to Very Fine. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

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Estimate $2,000-2,500
SOLD for $2,200.00
Will close during Public Auction

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