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AUSTRALIA continued...

KGV - SMALL MULT WMK Perf 14 continued...
LotNo. Lot Description Estimate in AU$'s
1355 image4½d Violet shades (9) from pale to deep. F-VF M. ASC 119A, B, C cat $400. 3d blue Die 1A(3) inc perf OS. FM cat $250. (12) (Image1)

Estimate AU$300

Currently Opening at...AU$220.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1356 image1/4 Turquoise blue variety 'thick 1 at right'. Lower marginal CTO. ACSC 129An cat $400. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$100

Currently Opening at...AU$50.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1357 image1/4 greenish-blue. VF CTO with gum. ACSC 129Aw cat $300. 3d Blue perf OS wmk INV (cat $150) & 4d olive perf OS, diag crease with Registered Brisbane 1930 cds. Total ACSC cat $650. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$230

Currently Opening at...AU$170.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1358 imageImprint blks of 4 set, ½d to 1/4. The ½d UN, others all F-VF fresh M/MNH. Difficult rarely seen assembly. 1/4 alone cat $4000. Total ACSC cat $7850. (8 blks). (P) (Image1) (Image2)


Get Market Data for [Australia Collection]

Estimate AU$4,000

Currently Opening at...AU$2,900.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1359 imageSet: ½d orange to 1/4 turquoise. F-VF MNH. SG 85-93. ACSC cat $2185. (8). (P) (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Australia 85-93.]

Estimate AU$1,000

Currently Opening at...AU$800.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
LotNo. Lot Description Estimate in AU$'s
1360 image1d Green Ash N/N imprint blk of 4, Plate 4 with ACSC listed varieties 'Ferns' (pos VII/54) & RA joined retouched (pos VII/60). Hinged in upper gutter, stamps MNH. ACSC 81B(4)ia,j,zb cat $750. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$350

Currently Opening at...AU$250.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1361 image1d Green Mullett 2-line imprint blk of 8 Plate 4, on Translucent paper, with ACSC listed varieties. 'Ferns' (pos V11/54), RA joined-advanced state, with upper frame damage left of crown (V11/60) & Kangaroo's tongue out. Upper stamps VFM, lower strip of 4 inc Imprint fresh MNH. ACSC 81B(4)ia,j,v,z cat $1600, plus extra premium for scarce 'Roo's tongue out' variety ($300) fresh MNH. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$700

Currently Opening at...AU$475.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1362 image1d Green Ash N/N imprint blk of 8, Plate 4 varieties 'ferns' (pos VII/54), 'RA joined retouched' (VII/60) & 'kangaroo's tongue out corrected' (VIII/56). UR stamp gum thin o/w F-VF M, with lower strip of 4 MNH. ACSC 81B(4)ia,ja,va,zb cat $800. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$300

Currently Opening at...AU$200.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1363 image1d Green Die II blk of 4 MNH. ACSC 81B(1)I cat $400 as 4 singles. Scarce multiple. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$200

Currently Opening at...AU$140.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1364 image1½d Red-brown Plate Number dots 1 & 3 UR cnr blks of 4, both blks one stamp MLH, o/w F-VF MNH. ACSC 93(1),(3),z cat $160. (Image1)

Estimate AU$90

Currently Opening at...AU$65.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1365 image1½d Red-brown Ash Imprint blks of 4 (4 diff) with Plate 3 S of ASH damaged (2), on with brown plate scratches in central gutter. Plate 1(2) one w/o central comb perfs through imprint. All MLH/MNH. ACSC cat $550. (4 blks). (Image1)

Estimate AU$250

Currently Opening at...AU$180.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1366 image1½ Red Upper marginal blk of 4, error double perfs through top selvedge. Fresh MNH. ACSC 92(B)ba cat $200. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$100

Currently Opening at...AU$70.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1367 image1½d Golden Scarlet Plate 4 Ash Imprint blk of 12 (4x3) UL stamp (pos L47) with type B re-entry (duplication of shading lines behind Kangaroo) middle left stamp (pos L53) 2nd re-entry reverting to type A, plus also notch in right frame opp Emu's neck (pos L60) & diag line in LVT retouched (pos R55). Scarce multiple, mostly fresh MNH ACSC. 92H(4) fa/fb,hc/hd, ja,nb,zd cat $400 as hinged pr (47-48) & imprint blk of 4 in the distinctive golden scarlet shade. (Image1)

Estimate AU$200

Currently Opening at...AU$130.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1368 image1½d Red Plate 4 blk of 4 pos L46,47/52,53 right vert pr with type B re-entries, with 'distorted/missing lines behind Kangaroo (pos 47) & void area between Emu's head & LL wattles (pos 53). VF M/MNH scarce positional piece. ACSC 92H(4) fa/fb,ha/hb cat $2000 as a hinged blk of 4. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$800

Currently Opening at...AU$575.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1369 image1½d Red Plate number set of 4, 1 dot to 4 dots, UR cnr blks of 4. VF M/MNH. ACSC 91(1)z to 91(4)z cat $280. (4 blks). (Image1)

Estimate AU$130

Currently Opening at...AU$100.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1370 image1½d Intense golden scarlet perf OS as always. Typical centring fresh MNH. ACSC 92K cat $1200. 2020 Drury photo cert. (P) (Image1) (Image2)


Estimate AU$400

Currently Opening at...AU$275.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1371 image2d Red Die II Plate Proof in near issued colour blk of 4 on no wmk white wove paper, left 2 stamps with partial 'double left frame' flaws. VF fresh UN with traces of printer's blue defacing lines visible. ACSC 100PP(1) cat $4000+ as 4 singles, blks very scarce. One of the largest known multiples. 2020 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$2,000

Currently Opening at...AU$1,300.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1372 image2d Golden Scarlet Die II Plate 1 LL cnr blk of 10 (5x2) with ACSC listed variety 'retouched lower frame' (pos 1 R49). Fresh MNH. ACSC 100A(1)g cat $350. (Image1)

Estimate AU$160

Currently Opening at...AU$120.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1373 image2d Golden scarlet Die III, variety 'thin paper' Ash imprint blk of 8. Stamps fresh MNH, lightly hinged in central gutter. ACSC 102Aabz cat $1400++ as singles, unpriced as an imprint blk & worth significant premium. 2018 Drury photo cert. (P) (Image1) (Image2)


Estimate AU$1,300

Currently Opening at...AU$1,000.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM
1374 image2d Golden Scarlet Die III wmk INVERTED booklet pane of 6 with full perfs. Upper stamps VFM, lower strip of 3. F-VF MNH. ACSC 102Aa cat $315 as individual stamps, panes much scarcer. (P) (Image1)

Estimate AU$150

Currently Opening at...AU$110.00
Closing..Oct-28, 05:00 PM

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