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Worldwide Countries A to Z continued...

UNITED STATES continued...
Lot Descrip Opening
7181 image1901 Pan- American Exposition set of 6 all unmounted mint (never hinged) examples, 1c is imprint 1116 number, 2c is top marginal, 8c is bottom right corner marginal plate 8C, 5c & 10c come with certificates, Scott 294-99 Cat $957. (ImageA) (ImageB) (ImageC)

image image

Get Market Data for [United States 294-99]

Selling...USD 469.70
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7182 image1901 Pan-American Exposition set of 6 mainly unmounted mint (never hinged) excl 2c which is mounted mint, all have usual gum skips or spots, very fine and fresh, Scott 294/99 Cat $1000+. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States 294/99]

Selling...USD 274.50
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7183 image1902-03 10c pale red-brown very fine unmounted mint example, vertical gum line and comes with 2007 Philatelic Foundation certificate from a block of 4. Scott 307 Cat $150. (ImageA) (ImageB)


Get Market Data for [United States 307]

Selling...USD 73.20
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7184 image1902-03 15c olive-green fine unmounted mint single with slight gum bends and hint of toned gum, previously from a block of 4 comes with 2005 Professional Stamp Experts certificate. Scott 309 Cat $450. (ImageA) (ImageB)


Get Market Data for [United States 309]

Selling...USD 152.50
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7185 image1902-03 $2 dark blue attractive well centred example with hinge remains and small part disturbed gum, thinned priced as unused, Scott 312 $325. Very nice copy. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States 312]

Selling...USD 91.50
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7186 image1908 (26 Jun) Cover Chicago to Germany bearing 5c blue defin tied machine mark and redirected back to the US with DEAD LETTER OFFICE JUL 31 1908 CDS in violet on obverse, intr well travelled cover. (ImageA) (ImageB)


Selling...USD 48.80
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7187 image1909 Lincoln Centenary of Birth 2c carmine in a superb top marginal pane of 50 mainly unmounted mint (never hinged, on margin only), Scott 367 Cat £475. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States 367]

Selling...USD 146.40
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7188 image1910-11 15c pale ultramarine unmounted mint (never hinged) example, accompanied by 2007 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Scott 382 Cat $500. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States 382]

Selling...USD 244.00
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7189 image1913 Panama-Pacific Exposition set of 4 basic values unmounted mint (never hinged), fine, Scott 397/9, 400 Cat $470. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States 397/9,]

Selling...USD 219.60
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7190 image1913-15 Washington set of 14 to 50c violet unmounted mint (never hinged) examples, Certificates accompany 9c salmon red & 20c ultramarine. Scott 424/438 Cat $1244. (8). (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States 424/438]

Selling...USD 640.50
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7191 image1916-17 Washington $1 violet-black showing complete offset on reverse variety, one straight edge, fine used. (ImageA)

Selling...USD 48.80
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7192 image1916-1917 Perf 10 13 values 1c to 15c unmounted mint (never hinged) examples, 12c is bottom plate number single, 15c grey comes with 2011 Philatelic Foundation certificate, mostly very fine and fresh, Scott range 462/475 Cat $1796. (ImageA) (ImageB)


Get Market Data for [United States range]

Selling...USD 915.00
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7193 image1917-19 Perf 11 18 values 1c to $1 unmounted mint (never hinged) examples, 13c apple green in top marginal, 20c pale ultr. is top marginal plate 6909 imprint, mostly very fine and fresh, Scott range 498/518 Cat $732. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States range]

Selling...USD 366.00
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7194 image1918 Air Post set of three unmounted mint (never hinged), 6c has oxidised otherwise fine, Scott C1/3 Cat $360. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States C1/3]

Selling...USD 122.00
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7195 image1922 Special Delivery 10c grey-violet unmounted mint (never hinged), top marginal with some gum streaks otherwise fine, Scott E12 Cat $95. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States E12]

Selling...USD 48.80
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7196 image1922-25 Complete long set of 23 to $5 unmounted mint (never hinged), $5 comes with 2000 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Scott 551/573 Cat $940. (ImageA) (ImageB) (ImageC)

image image

Get Market Data for [United States 551/573]

Selling...USD 488.00
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7197 image1923 Air Post set of 3 unmounted mint (never hinged), fine. Scott C4/6 Cat $285. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States C4/6]

Selling...USD 134.20
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7198 image1923 Postal stationery Jefferson 1c cancelled with rarish Upham's Corner Station cancel on stamp advertising card. (ImageA)

Selling...USD 18.30
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7199 image1923-25 Perf 10 Horizontally vertical Coil PAIRS unmounted mint for 1c green, 1½c brown, 2c carmine, Scott 604/606 Cat $226. (ImageA)

Get Market Data for [United States 604/606]

Selling...USD 85.40
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM
7200 image1926-1978 An extensive collection of Airmail covers mainly on official printed envelope with huge amount bearing 10c blue air (SG A628 or Scott C7), with over 200 mainly different covers of which 90+ are 1926-27 each with large round flight cachet in black or violet, many identified by Scott numbers and old retail prices up to $40 each, slight duplication otherwise useful and valuable lot. (ImageA) (ImageB) (ImageC)

image image

Get Market Data for [United States C7),]

Selling...USD 549.00
Closing..Aug-17, 12:00 PM

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