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GENERAL FOREIGN continued...

General Foreign continued...
LotNo. Symbol Catalog No. Lot Description Est.
241 og Canada 46 imageCanada 46, 20¢ Vermilion, F-VF LH, with incredible color! Cat($475) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 46]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
242 O Canada 47 imageCanada 47, 50¢ Deep Blue, F-VF Used, nice perfs all around, actually an attractive example Cat($85) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 47]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
243 og Canada 50-60 imageCanada 50-60, ½c-50c QUEEN VICTORIA JUBILEE, F-VF OG ph, 2¢ has short perf at top, 20¢ has creased lower right corner perf and tiny thin spot in crown and 50¢ has gum skip left edge Cat($1,738) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 50-60]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
244 O Canada 50 imageCanada 50, ½¢ Black, F-VF, with light cds ccl Cat($110) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 50]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
245 og Canada 55 imageCanada 55, 6¢ Jubilee, F-VF OG/HR, with sharp image Cat($220) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 55]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
246 og Canada 57 imageCanada 57, 8c QV Jubilee, Fine LH, deep rich color Cat($175) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 57]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
247 O Canada 58 imageCanada 58, 15c Jubilee Issue, VF, with minute lower left corner perf crease, pretty stamp Cat($190) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 58]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
248 og Canada 60var imageCanada 60var, 50c QV Jubilee, Double Transfer variety, VF VLH, DT visible in "CANADA", "POSTAGE", and especially "FIFTY CENTS". Not listed in Unitrade catalog Cat($375) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 60var]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
249 O Canada 66-73 imageCanada 66-73, ½¢-10¢ 1897-8 QV Maple Leaf Issue Complete Set of 8, Fine to XF, 8¢ with tiny tear at top, pretty set Cat($191) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 66-73]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
250 O Canada 74-84, 77a imageCanada 74-84, 77a, ½¢-20¢ 1898-1902 QV Numeral Issues (12), F-VF to XF, nice set but ½¢ with clipped perfs at upper left Cat($257) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 74-84, 77a]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
251 nh Canada 87-88 imageCanada 87-88, 2¢ on 3¢ Surcharged QV Issues, F-VF NH Cat($128) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 87-88]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
252 O Canada 89//103 imageCanada 89//103, 1903-08 KE VII & QUEBEC TERCENTENARY Issues, less #90A, all F-VF to VF used, no. 89-95 appear sound but no. 95 with heavy cancel, no. 96-103 with minor faults, either light cr(s) or one with small tear (no. 101), but all with attractive fronts Cat($947) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 89//103]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
253 og Canada 89 imageCanada 89, 1¢ Green, VF VLH, tall stamp Cat($45) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 89]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
254 O Canada 90A imageCanada 90A, 2¢ Carmine, Ty II, Left Margin Horizontal Pair, Imperforate, XF, with light roller ccl, sound and nice Cat($80) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 90A]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
255 O Canada 94 imageCanada 94, 20¢ Olive Green, F-VF, with purple circular date stamp cancel Cat($50) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 94]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
256 O Canada 96-103 imageCanada 96-103, ½¢-20¢ 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Issues, F-VF to VF, 10¢ and 15¢ each with a small corner crease, mostly with light ccls, complete set of 8 Cat($694) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 96-103]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
257 og CANADA 96-103 imageCANADA 96-103, ½¢-20¢ 1908 QUEBEC TERCENTENARY ISSUES, Fine to VF OG, #103 small thin at bottom, bright strong colors, popular set! Cat($2,479) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada CANADA 96-103]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
258 og Canada 104-22, 184 imageCanada 104-22, 184, 1¢-$1.00 1911-25 KGV DEFINITIVES, F-VF to XF OG/LH plus no. 107e, dry printing and no. 184 1931 issue. Beautiful set Cat($1,263) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 104-22, 184]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
259 O Canada 114, 114iv imageCanada 114, 114iv, 7¢ Red Brown, Vertical Strip of 4, T stamp is variety 114iv with diagonal line thru "N" of "CENTS", F-VF Cat($55) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 114, 114iv]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)
260 og Canada 123-124 imageCanada 123-124, 1¢ and 2¢ 1913 Perf 8 Horizontal, Coil Singles, F-VF OG Cat($220) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Canada Canada 123-124]


Closing..Aug-24, 02:00 PM (EST)

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