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GENERAL FOREIGN continued...

General Foreign continued...
LotNo. Symbol Catalog No. Lot Description Est.
381 O Germany 667, 668var, B309 imageGermany 667, 668var, B309, 1949 Centenary of German Stamps Issue, (Michel no. 113-114, 115 I) no. 667 XF w/lgt horz cr; no. B309 XF w/lgt ccl & sound; 668 VF w/lgt cds ccl w/printing flaw in the "0" of "30" from pos. 46 on the sheet. This is Michel no. 115 I, cv € 380. @ $510 & cv for all (3) € 460 @ $620 (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
382 nh Germany 687-93 Germany 687-93, 1952 Commemorative Issues, Complete Set/7, (Mi. #148 I, 149-50, 155, 160-161) F-VF to XF NH, fresh set Cat($112)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
383 - Germany B28-32 imageGermany B28-32, 5+5pf-50+40pf Arms Issue inscribed "1929", VF, B28-9 & B31-2 Used w/lgt ccls; B30 LH Cat($135) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
384 og Germany B310-13 imageGermany B310-13, 8+2pf-30+15pf 1949 Welfare Issue Complete Set/4, VF-XF OG w/HR Cat($38) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
385 og Germany B314-15 Germany B314-15, 10+2pf & 20+3pf (2) Bach Bicentenary of death, VF LH Cat($35)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
386 og Germany B316-17 imageGermany B316-17, 10+5pf & 20+5pf 700th Anniversary of Construction of St. Mary's Church in Lubeck, VF-XF LH Cat($56) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
387 O Germany B332-33 imageGermany B332-33, 10+2pf & 20+3pf 1953 International Stamp Exhibition Issue, F-VF Used Cat($42) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
388 O Germany B334-37 imageGermany B334-37, 4+2pf-30+10pf Famous People Issue, VF-XF Used, interesting ccls Cat($80) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
389 nh Germany B338-341 imageGermany B338-341, 7+3pf-40+10pf 1954 Potrait Semi-Postal Issues, Complete Set/4, VF NH & better Cat($41) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
390 O Great Britain 122 imageGreat Britain 122, 1sh Green, F-VF, postally Used, soaked off piece and color ran to lgt green Cat($72) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
391 O Greece 11c imageGreece 11c, 51 Green on Greenish paper w/Blue Grn figure on back, F-VF Used, somewhat rough cut from pane Cat($135) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
392 O Greece 54 Greece 54, 10l Org on Cream Paper & no figures on back, Fine Used, close at btm, sound Cat($9)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
393 - Greece 198-213 imageGreece 198-213, 1L-25d 1911-21 Hermes Issues, Fine to VF Used except #199 F-VF LH Cat($144) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Greece Greece 198-213 ]


Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
394 og Greece 338-43 imageGreece 338-43, 1.5d-5d 100th Anniv. of the Battle of Navarino, (Hellas #485-90) F-VF to VF-XF LH, #340 is variety #340a Cat($112) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
395 O Greece 378-80 imageGreece 378-80, 50d-100d 1933 Pictorial Issues, F-VF to VF Cat($206) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Greece Greece 378-80 ]


Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
396 nh Greece 525-34 imageGreece 525-34, 200d-2600d 1950 Issues, F-VF to VF-XF NH, complete set/10 Cat($150) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Greece Greece 525-34 ]


Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
397 nh Greece 539-44 imageGreece 539-44, 700d-5000d 1951 Economic Recovery under Marshall Plan, complete set/6, F-VF to VF-XF NH, beautiful set Cat($227) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
398 og Greece 556-67 imageGreece 556-67, 100d-20,000d 1954 Definitives, complete set/12, F-VF to XF OG, fresh scarce set Cat($297) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
399 nh Greece 582-85 imageGreece 582-85, 2d-6d 2,500th Anniversary of Pythagorus School of Philosophy, VF NH Cat($120) (Image)

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Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)
400 nh Greece C15-21 imageGreece C15-21, 50L-50d 1933 Airmail Issues, F-VF to XF NH, complete set/7 Cat($225) (Image)

Get Market Data for [Greece Greece C15-21 ]


Closing..Dec-11, 02:00 PM (EST)

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