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Aerophilately & Flight Covers continued...
LotNo. Symbol Lot Description Estimate and Min. Bid in AU$'s
281 C image 22 July 1925 (AAMC.83) Sydney - Broken Hill flown cover carried by A.A.S. on their inaugural flight linking several new intermediates. Lovely 3-colour franking. Cat.$300. (Image) Estimate AU$180-220
Min. Bid. AU$160

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
282 image ALAN COBHAM & DE HAVILLAND: A two-page display on De Havilland headed sheets, comprising of 3 original photographs; one of Cobham's DH50J Seaplane (G-EFBO) "to be used by Mr. Alan J. Cobham on his forthcoming flight to Australia"; one of Arthur Elloitt (who would die en route from a bullet wound) and another signed by Cobham. (Image) Estimate AU$300-350
Min. Bid. AU$240

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
283 C image 30 June 1926 England - Australia - England (AAMC.96) cover signed by pilot "Alan J Cobham" and endorsed by him "Carried on board the DH50 Seaplane/on its outward journey to Australia & back/July August Sept 1926" with Great Britain KGV 1½d tied SYDNEY '16AU26' datestamp on arrival, fine condition, Cat. $5000. Cobham arrived in Sydney via Darwin on 15 August; on the return trip he left Melbourne on 29 August and arrived London on 1 October. Fewer than five covers were flown on the entire round trip, the return leg being the first airmail carried from Australia to England. Provenance: Tom Frommer   (Image) Estimate AU$3,500-4,000
Min. Bid. AU$3,000

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
284 C image 25 Sept.1926 (AAMC.102) A cover flown and signed by Group Captain Richard Williams on his survey flight from Melbourne to various Pacific Islands in a DH50A seaplane. The intention was to follow the east coast as far as Thursday Island and then via Papua, New Britain and the Solomon Islands to the New Hebrides and New Caledonia before turning east again for Fiji and Samoa. Engine trouble and sickness caused the crew of Williams, McIntyre and Trist to fly no further than Tulagi in the Solomons and they returned to Melbourne, arriving December 7. This cover is addressed to Vila, New Hebrides, but is endorsed by Williams "The flight was terminated at Tulagi (& returned) + this letter was not delivered." With THURSDAY ISLAND 10 OC 26 cds. [Note: the surface postage rate of 1½d applied to mail carried. There was no air mail surcharge.] A superb example and exceptionally rare. Provenance: The Nelson Eustis Gold Medal Collection, Leski Auctions, March 2008. (Image) Estimate AU$16,000-18,000
Min. Bid. AU$14,000

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
285 C image 1 July 1927 (AAMC.106) Cloncurry - Normanton cover, flown by QANTAS, with 1½d Canberra corner strip of 3 tied/cancelled by  'CLONCURRY/30JE27' datestamps, signed by pilot Hudson Fysh and by the postmaster. [150 flown].    (Image) Estimate AU$140-180
Min. Bid. AU$100

Currently Opening at...AU$100.00
Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
286 C image 14 Oct. 1927 (AAMC.112) England - Australia intermediate cover from Northern Territory to Victoria endorsed "Carried by Captain Lancaster and Mrs Keith Miller from Darwin to Charleville, then by ordinary mail to destination" with KGV 1½d red (3) tied 'CHARLEVILLE/28MR28/QUEENSLAND' datestamps on arrival with red R label affixed alongside and signed by pilot "WA Lancaster" on face, TOOWOOMBA '27MR28' transit and MELBOURNE '29MR28" arrival datestamps on back, Cat $1,000. [12 flown] (Image) Estimate AU$600-800
Min. Bid. AU$500

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
287 C image 22 Feb.1928 (AAMC.119) Darwin - Bundaberg registered cover, flown by Bert Hinkler and endorsed by him "Carried by Aeroplane Avian G-EBOV Darwin - Bundaberg" followed by his signature. He arrived at Bundaberg, his home-town on February 27th and all covers were postmarked on the 29th. [12 flown on this final leg.]. Cat.$2500++ Provenance: The Nelson Eustis Gold Medal Collection, Leski Auctions, March 2008. (Image) Estimate AU$1,500-2,000
Min. Bid. AU$1,200

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
288 C image A RARE COVER FROM THE FIRST TRANS-PACIFIC FLIGHT: 8 June 1928 (AAMC.122b) Naselai Sands, Fiji - Eagle Farm, Brisbane cover flown by Kingsford Smith with Ulm, Lyon & Warner, on their epic trans - Pacific flight via Hawaii and Fiji in the 'Southern Cross', posted and cancelled in Sydney during the week after their arrival. The cover is signed by Kingsford Smith & the relief pilot Charles Ulm & is endorsed on reverse "From Mrs H.Marks" (wife of the Mayor of Suva) and is one of only six carried on this leg. An important piece of Australian aviation history. The dramatic last leg was the most difficult because of storms, loss of radio contact and shortage of fuel and has been well documented and much written about. This cover, a centerpiece of the Cress Gold Medal collection was previously offered in our Auction 262 (May 2005), when competition resulted in a hammer price of $19,000. Provenance: John Cress (Image) Estimate AU$10,000-15,000
Min. Bid. AU$9,500

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
289 C image 10 Sept.1928 (AAMC.124) Charles Kingsford Smith & Charles Ulm flew across the Tasman Sea for the first time in the "Southern Cross" on this date. This cover is one of 15 carried and is signed by both pilots as well as their crew, H.A. Litchfield and T.H. Williams. Although the Australian P.M.G. Department did not agree to send an official air mail, this cover was sent by the Department and was addressed to the Minister of Posts & Telegraphs in New Zealand. [Eustis comments: "Covers from this flight are the rarest of all flown between Australia and New Zealand"]. Provenance: House, Nelson Eustis Gold Medal Collection, March 2003, Lot 125 : $5,825 incl. BP. (Image) Estimate AU$4,000-5,000
Min. Bid. AU$3,200

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
290 C image
30 Mar. 1929 (AAMC.131) Australia - England cover carried by Charles Kingsford Smith, Charles Ulm, HA Litchfield & T McWilliams on the 'Coffee Royal incident' flight endorsed 'Per Squadron-Leader CE Kingsford Smith & Flight-Lieut CTP Ulm "SOUTHERN CROSS" AUSTRALIA/ENGLAND FLIGHT MARCH 1929' signed "C Kingsford-Smith" and "CTP Ulm" on face franked with KGV 1½d red tied 'RICHMOND/30MR29/NSW' datestamp.
Ex Frommer, sold for $4300+ in the September 2016 sale of his Grand Prix Pioneer Australian Air Mails Collection.
On 1 April en route to England the 'Southern Cross' met bad weather and made an emergency landing in the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia; before the crew and plane were recovered on 13 April, Keith Anderson and Robert Hitchcock had perished in the search; dubbed the 'Coffee Royal' incident after the brand of coffee and brandy the crew drank while awaiting rescue; 8 of the 12 covers carried were subsequently flown to England on the record-breaking flight in June.
Estimate AU$3,000-4,000
Min. Bid. AU$2,600

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
291 ng image Oct.1929 (AAMC.145b) Eyre Peninsula Airways Ltd vignette (black on yellow), block (4), no gum. Extremely scarce multiple. Cat.$750.
Provenance: The Nelson Eustis Gold Medal Collection, Leski Auctions, March 2008.
Estimate AU$400-500
Min. Bid. AU$340

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
292 og image Oct.1929 (AAMC.145b) Eyre Peninsula Airways Ltd vignette (black on deep red), block (4). Mint. An extremely rare multiple which cost $873 when last sold by public auction. Cat.$750.
Provenance: The Nelson Eustis Gold Medal Collection, Leski Auctions, March 2008.
Estimate AU$500-600
Min. Bid. AU$400

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
293 C image 19 Feb.1930 (AAMC.152a) Camooweal - Anthonys Lagoon flown cover carried by A.A.S. to link with the newly established Qantas service from Brisbane and signed by the pilot, Frank Neale. Cat.$400+. (Image) Estimate AU$250-300
Min. Bid. AU$200

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
294 C image 19 Feb.1930 (AAMC.152a) Brunette Downs - Camooweal flown cover carried by A.A.S. to link with the newly established Qantas service from Brisbane and signed by the pilot, Frank Neale. Cat.$400+. (Image) Estimate AU$250-300
Min. Bid. AU$200

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
295 P image 1929 3d Green Airmail: Presentation Die Proof in the issued colour, on thick stock, 215 x 167mm. One of 12 produced from a special 1-on plate for presentation to the six members of the stamp design committee as well as associated dignitaries. [AAMC.163f; ACSC.134DP(2) - "Of the eleven proofs prepared, five have been traced..."]. An exceptional item. Provenance: Nelson Eustis Gold Medal Collection, March 2003, Lot 158 : $8,740 incl. BP. (Image) Estimate AU$7,500-10,000
Min. Bid. AU$6,000

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
296 C image 9 Oct.1930 (AAMC.171a) England - Australia intermediate cover flown by Charles Kingsford Smith in the Southern Cross Junior endorsed 'ROME to AUSTRALIA/via the "SOUTHERN CROSS"' and signed "C Kingsford-Smith" on face, franked with Italian stamps tied 'ROMA/AEROPORTO DEL LITTORIO-POSTA AEREA' datestamps, fine condition, Cat $3000.  Ex Frommer, sold for $3100+ in the September 2016 sale of his Grand Prix Pioneer Australian Air Mails Collection. Kingsford Smith flew solo as part of an England-Australia air race via Italy and India, reaching Darwin in 10 days thereby beating Hinkler's 15-day record, and reaching Sydney in 13 days to win the event. (Image) Estimate AU$2,000-2,500
Min. Bid. AU$1,600

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
297 B nh image May 1931 (AAMC.202c; Frommer 36c) Qantas white/blue vignette 'By Air Mail / NORTH QUEENSLAND Australia's Winter Playground': complete booklet comprising of three strips of 8 with black on mauve cover, no staple. Believed to be the only surviving example of this booklet prepared in anticipation of Qantas starting to fly this route in May 1931. (Image) Estimate AU$800-1,000
Min. Bid. AU$600

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
298 C image 11-12 May 1934 (AAMC.379) Australia - New Zealand Goodwill Flight cover #211, carried by the "Faith in Australia" and signed by the pilot, Charles Ulm. Cat.$250. (Image) Estimate AU$150-200
Min. Bid. AU$120

Currently Opening at...AU$120.00
Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
299 C image 7 - 14 August 1934 (AAMC.396) Round Australia cover carried from Adelaide to Adelaide aboard "My Hildegarde" and signed by the pilot, James Melrose.  Melrose flew eastward and concluded his journey in the record time of seven days. [only 6 covers prepared by Eustis were flown on the round trip]. [NB. This is the cover illustrated in AAMC at p.72]. Provenance: Lucien Toutounji. (Image) Estimate AU$1,250-1,500
Min. Bid. AU$1,000

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM
300 C image 20 October 1934 (AAMC.438) MacRobertson Air Race cover carried by Hewitt, Kay & Stewart and signed by C.E.Kay. (Image) Estimate AU$120-150
Min. Bid. AU$90

Closing..Jun-26, 06:00 PM

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