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OtherWorldwideRegions continued...

Western Europe-Other continued...
Lot Symbol Descrip Starting Bid
561 O imageGreece. Scott 164 var. VF, from Drossos, Red overprint -ENTA, 1900-1901 50l on 25l on 40l CV $475.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Greece 164 var. VF]

Starting Bid 250

Currently...$ 250.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
562 nh imageGreece. Scott RA39, VF VLH, Sismondo Cert., 1917 10 l on 50 l blue CV $725 for hinged gum (Image)

Get Market Data for [Greece RA39]

Starting Bid 400

Currently...$ 400.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
563 nh imageLiechtenstein. Scott 102a, F-VF NH, scarce NH, 1930 50rp black brown, perf 11½ CV $600.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Liechtenstein 102a]

Starting Bid 300

Currently...$ 300.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
564 og imageLuxembourg. Scott O4a, VF LH, inverted overprint with certificate, with gum!, 1875 CV $650.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Luxembourg O4a]

Starting Bid 325

Currently...$ 325.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
565 nh imageMonaco. Scott J38, XF NH, Fresh, corner block of 4, 1950 50fr postage due CV $220 as singles (Image)

Get Market Data for [Monaco J38]

Starting Bid 90

Currently...$ 90.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
566 O imageSan Marino. Scott C11-C16, VF, Likely Favor Cancels, cv $1445 if used, 1933 set of 6 Zeppelin Overprints CV $221 (MH) (Image)

Get Market Data for [San Marino C11-C16]

Starting Bid 100

Currently...$ 100.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
567 nh imageSwitzerland. Scott C1-C2, F-Vf NH, Cert for blocks, 30/bottom right, 50/bottom left, 1919-20 set of 2 CV $350.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Switzerland C1-C2]

Starting Bid 190

Currently...$ 190.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
568 nh imageVatican City. Scott 19-34, E3-E4, VF NH, 1933 Definitive Set CV $375.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Vatican City 19-34]

Starting Bid 180

Currently...$ 180.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
569 og imageVatican City. Scott 35-40, VF with some gum disturbance, Each stamp with 1972 APS Photo Certificate staing "genuine in all respects". CV $1560 for H (Image)

Get Market Data for [Vatican City 35-40]

Starting Bid 700

Currently...$ 700.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
570 nh imageVatican City. Scott 47-54, VF NH, 1936 Press Conference set of 8 CV $360.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Vatican City 47-54]

Starting Bid 170

Currently...$ 170.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
Balance of World Covers
Lot Symbol Descrip Starting Bid
571 cover imageEastern Europe Covers. Scott C6 with C1, tied by "PIRITA 10-21-1923" cancel, file fold, Fine-VF overall CV $200+ off cover (Image)

Starting Bid 95

Currently...$ 95.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
572 cover imageLatin America Covers. Scott C13, 1931 Mexico to Cuba CRASH COVER, crashed at sea, slight water damage CV $EST 300 (Image)

Starting Bid 150

Currently...$ 150.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
573 cover imageLatin America Covers. Scott 103c, Bisect cover folded with edgewear & some soiling, still a scarce usage, 1890 Bisect use of 1st Republic Issue 200R CV $875.00 (Image)

Starting Bid 290

Currently...$ 290.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
574 cover imageOther Western Europe Covers. Scott 226, VF, on NABA Exposition stationery, Registered Mail to USA, 1934 NABA Souvenir Sheet CV $550 off cover (Image)

Starting Bid 200

Currently...$ 200.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
Balance of World Lots
Lot Symbol Descrip Starting Bid
575 MINI imageWorldwide Stamp Lots and Collections. 1965 EUROPA Common Design Issues Complete plus 3 other issues with unique designs, NH CV $72.60 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Worldwide Collection]

Starting Bid 26

Currently...$ 26.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)

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