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OtherWorldwideRegions continued...

Eastern Europe continued...
Lot Symbol Descrip Starting Bid
521 nh imagePoland. Scott NB41a, VF NH, margin single, 1944 10z1 + 10z1 5th Anniversary CV $24.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Poland NB41a]

Starting Bid 11

Currently...$ 14.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
522 og imagePoland. Scott NO1-NO15, VF H, 1940 set of 15 officials CV $26.35 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Poland NO1-NO15]

Starting Bid 12

Currently...$ 12.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
523 og imageYugoslavia. Scott 2LJ, VAR, VF LH, 1906 INVERT, 300 total issued with few inverts known, signed & with Verner Certificate, Non Invert CV $650 CV $EST 1100-1300 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Yugoslavia 2LJ]

Starting Bid 675

Currently...$ 675.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
Latin America
Lot Symbol Descrip Starting Bid
524 og imageBrazil. Scott 1CLF1-1CLF3, VF LH, Fresh Set, 1930 Condor Registration set of 3 CV $202.50 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Brazil 1CLF1-1CLF3]

Starting Bid 120

Currently...$ 120.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
525 og imageEcuador. CO1-CO8, VF H/HR, 1929 2c - 10s, set of 8, CO8 with Elliot handstamp on back CV $240.00 (Image)

Starting Bid 115

Currently...$ 115.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
526 nh imageGuatemala. Scott O2, F-VF NH, Block of 16, SCARCE! 1902 2c carmine, Official CV $144 as hinged singles (Image)

Get Market Data for [Guatemala O2]

Starting Bid 130

Currently...$ 130.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
527 cover imageMexico. Scott 314+357, tied by purple "Admon. Local de Correos, C. Camargo, Tam." PO seal used as provisional postmark, purple "Advertised" SL and "Apr 13, 1914" ds, cover opened, returned, closed with PO Seal CV $EST VAL $200-$250 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Mexico 314+357]

Starting Bid 60

Currently...$ 60.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
528 cover imageMexico. Scott 314+315 Tied by Mexico cds's on 1911 certified 2c wrapper, purple "Certificados, S. Luis Potosi, S.L.P., Set 5, 1911" oval & "Osram" advertising light blub label on back, a rare domestic printed matter rate usage CV $EST VAL $200-$250 (Image)

Starting Bid 66

Currently...$ 66.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
529 O imageMexico. Scott C59, F-VF, on piece, 1934 5p Chapultepec Fortress CV $250.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Mexico C59]

Starting Bid 120

Currently...$ 120.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
530 O imageMexico. Scott C60, VF, on piece, 1934 10p Orizaba Volcano CV $525.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Mexico C60]

Starting Bid 275

Currently...$ 275.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
531 og imageMexico. Scott C61, XF LH, SCARCE, 1934 20p Girl and Aztec Calendar Stone, from the University Airmail set of 1934, this being the High Value in the Set CV $1800.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Mexico C61]

Starting Bid 1,000

Currently...$ 1,000.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
Middle East
Lot Symbol Descrip Starting Bid
532 nh imageAbu Dhabi. Scott 15-25, F-VF NH, 1966 5fils-1dinar CV $292.50 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Abu Dhabi 15-25]

Starting Bid 150

Currently...$ 150.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
533 nh imageEgypt. Scott C5-C25, VF NH, Scarce NH, 1933-1938 Pyramids, Airmail Set CV $82.75 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Egypt C5-C25]

Starting Bid 85

Currently...$ 85.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
534 nh imageIran. Scott 667-680, VF NH, 668 black specs on gum, 669 crease (cv 3.00 ea) 1924-1925 1ch-30k set of 14 CV $203 as H (Image)

Get Market Data for [Iran 667-680]

Starting Bid 170

Currently...$ 170.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
535 nh imageIran. Scott 1488-1490, VF NH, 1968 Coronation, 1st Anniversary CV $30.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Iran 1488-1490]

Starting Bid 13

Currently...$ 13.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
536 nh imageIran. Scott 1589-1596, VF NH, 1971 Antiquities, set of 8 CV $25.75 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Iran 1589-1596]

Starting Bid 11

Currently...$ 11.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
537 nh imageIran. Scott 2421-2436, VF NH, 1990 Ferdowski conference, set of 16 CV $58.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Iran 2421-2436]

Starting Bid 28

Currently...$ 28.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
538 nh imageIran. Scott 2858-2869, VF NH, 2003-2005 Butterflies, set of 13 CV $26.40 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Iran 2858-2869]

Starting Bid 11

Currently...$ 11.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
539 og imageIran. Scott C34-C50, VF VLH, 1930 1ch-3t Airmails, set of 17 CV $415.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Iran C34-C50]

Starting Bid 180

Currently...$ 180.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
540 nh imageIran. Scott O58-O71, Scarce NH CV $4505.H, EST 4000-5000 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Iran O58-O71]

Starting Bid 2,900

Currently...$ 2,900.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)

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