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GB-AreasandBritish Coloni continued...

Great Britain and Areas continued...
Lot Symbol Descrip Starting Bid
361 O imageGreat Britain. Scott 5, CHOICE margins, scarce well-centered & sound, cancelled 86 in Grid & Auckland (N.Z.) transit! 1847 1shilling green, embossed CV $1000.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain 5]

Starting Bid 425

Currently...$ 425.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
362 og imageGreat Britain. Scott 21 VAR (SG 46) with SPECIMEN Overprint, perfs in at top and left, bends, 1857 2p blue, P14, thin lines CV $SG £200 (Image)

Starting Bid 70

Currently...$ 70.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
363 og imageGreat Britain. Scott 32 VAR (SG51) F-VF H, with usual crinkled gum, SPECIMEN Overprint, 1870 1½p Lake Red CV $300.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain 32 VAR (SG51) F-VF H]

Starting Bid 115

Currently...$ 115.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
364 og imageGreat Britain. Scott 57a, F-VF Part OG, Very Scarce Mint, 1867 5sh Pale Rose, Brandon Cert states "soiled" which is a stretch in our opinion CV $11000.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain 57a]

Starting Bid 2,400

Currently...$ 2,400.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
365 og imageGreat Britain. Scott 96,VF-XF H, 1883 2sh6p lilac CV $625.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain 96]

Starting Bid 280

Currently...$ 280.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
366 O imageGreat Britain. Scott 141, VF, 1902 10sh Ultramarine, wtmk 31 (Anchor) CV $525.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain 141]

Starting Bid 160

Currently...$ 160.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
367 nh imageGreat Britain. Scott 142, VF NH, a condition rarity, 1902 £1 Blue Green, KEVII, wtmk 3 Imperial Crowns CV $3250.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain 142]

Starting Bid 1,600

Currently...$ 1,600.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
368 og imageGreat Britain. Scott 175c, VF with a small HR, 10sh Blue KGV CV $3150.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain 175c]

Starting Bid 1,500

Currently...$ 1,500.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
369 og imageGreat Britain. Scott 209,F-VF VVVLH, £1 Black, UPU 9th Congress CV $750.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain 209]

Starting Bid 500

Currently...$ 500.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
370 nh imageGreat Britain. Scott 309-312var, VF NH, SG 166a-169a, 1957 DeLa Rue Printing (Fine Lines) CV $600.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain 309-312var]

Starting Bid 250

Currently...$ 250.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
371 O imageGreat Britain. Scott O43, VF, cancel on top of overprint, 1902 1sh car rose & grn CV $300.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Great Britain O43]

Starting Bid 130

Currently...$ 130.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
British Africa
Lot Symbol Descrip Starting Bid
372 og imageBechuanaland Protectorate. Scott 91a, F-VF H, bister brown shade 1913-24 CV $30.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [British Bechuanaland 91a]

Starting Bid 13

Currently...$ 13.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
373 nh imageBotswana. Scott 303-320, VF NH, 1982 set of 18 CV $69.75 (Image)

Starting Bid 30

Currently...$ 30.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
374 O imageCape of Good Hope. Scott 178, F-VF, Mafeking, UR Corner rounded, Scarce Item, 1900 3p blue on blue, Bicycle CV $425.00 (Image)

Starting Bid 150

Currently...$ 150.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
375 O imageEast Africa and Uganda Protectorates. Scott 55, F-VF, Revenue Cancel, 1918 20r vio & blk, red CV $475.00 (Image)

Starting Bid 24

Currently...$ 24.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
376 O imageKenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Scott 36, VF, Court Cancel, 1922-27 10sh CV $77.50 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania 36]

Starting Bid 6

Currently...$ 6.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
377 nh/og imageNorthern Rhodesia. Scott 61-74, F-VF NH/VLH, 10sh & 20sh are NH (cv $42, ½ the set!) 1953 set of 14 CV $84.10 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Northern Rhodesia 61-74]

Starting Bid 28

Currently...$ 28.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
378 O imageTanganyika. Scott 3, F-VF, light cancel around the over print, 1921 50c dull violet & blk CV $122.50 (Image)

Starting Bid 44

Currently...$ 70.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
379 O imageTanganyika. Scott 24a, F-VF , wmtk sideways, Revenue usage, 1922-25 CV $35 postally used (Image)

Starting Bid 6

Currently...$ 6.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)
British America
Lot Symbol Descrip Starting Bid
380 og imageAntigua. Scott 8, VF HR, very nice for this, 1873 1p lake rose CV $250.00 (Image)

Get Market Data for [Antigua 8]

Starting Bid 120

Currently...$ 145.00
Closing..Aug-18, 08:00 PM (EST)

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