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From Great Britain and Worldwide Stamps &Postal History - Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. - November 30 - December 1 2020

Lot 410 - USED COLLECTION on mounted & annotated leaves in binders (2) inc. 1849/52 20c Black (5 - three with four margins), 1853 10c Yellow-Bistre cut close (SG £750), 1853/61 1c - 80c group of shades, 1862 Perf 14 x 13½ 1c - 80c group of shades, 1869 5F (2 - one with Paris star cancel, other slightly faded), 1870/71 Ceres Head Bordeaux printings used to 40c, 1877/90 1c - 5F complete with shades (both 5F), 1881/92 p.dues to 2F, 1922 War Orphans opt set used (SG £275), 1923 Bordeaux Philatelic Congress opt on 1F (2 - one tied to piece by Exhibition cancel SG £1500), 1925 5F Carmine used (2 - one CTO and other on 1933 Express env. to Milan and tied by Paris cds) (SG £260), 1925/31 20F mint (misperforated) (SG £275), 1926/27 War Orphans set (SG £190), 1927 Airmail opts on 2F & 5F (SG £700), 1928 1F50c + 8F50c Sinking Fund all three types (SG £675), 1929 Le Have Exhibition opt on 2F tied to piece by Exhibition cancel (SG £1000), 1930 20F Bright Red-Brown Perf 11 (SG £500), 1931 Sinking Fund set (SG £275), 1936 85c - 50F airmails complete set (SG £500), 1936 50F Ultramarine Airmail (2 - different shades) (SG £950), 1936 10F Airmail (SG £180) and many others to c1946, few telephone stamps, parcel stamps, few covers etc. Fine opportunity with substantial cat. value. (few thousand) Cross Reference: AIR STAMPS, AIR STAMPS, EXPRESS MAIL, EXHIBITIONS.... Currently GBP 500

Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. A long-established auction house with an international reputation for serving collectors since 1952. We specialise in line-engraved and early GB stamps and our auctions always include a wide variety of British Empire & Commonwealth stamps, all world postal history, and postcards.